Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Chuck Smith: Jesus Movement Founder Not Afraid of Anything"

"Chuck Smith: Jesus Movement Founder Not Afraid of Anything"

IRVINE, Calif. – Calvary Chapel movement founder Chuck Smith, who also was a key figure during the nation’s “Jesus people” era that began more than 40 years ago, shared much of his life’s story in a rare interview with evangelist Greg Laurie Thursday evening.

Smith, 84, who told his congregation at church last Sunday that he had lung cancer, was asked by Laurie toward the end of the interview if he was afraid of anything. The two were seated at a desk facing the crowd of nearly 2,000 in attendance at the Irvine church’s main sanctuary and overflow.

As he stared back at Laurie with his well-known grin, pausing briefly, Smith answered, “Not really.”

To which Laurie replied, “You are unlike any man I know.”

Laurie, whose ministry of delivering messages at large outdoor evangelistic events began as part of Smith’s vision, started the evening by talking about what was known as the Jesus movement. The movement began in the late 60s as part of Smith’s, and his wife, Kay’s, desire to minister to hippies.

“Chuck is known globally as the father of the Jesus movement. You can also make a case for contemporary Christian music and even contemporary praise and worship, which began in the early 70s at Calvary Chapel,” Laurie said during the interview, which was broadcast from Harvest Orange County. “If that was all Chuck ever had a hand in that would be more than enough for one guy in one lifetime, but Chuck was just getting started.”

The videos are up on Youtube, I was not able to embed them. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Jeremy W. said...

I am in the first nine minutes and two word come to my mind. Hero Worship

I am little concerned if I keep watching all the parts it may become the deification of man.

It wouldn't surprise me from a movement that always says "Chuck said...." instead of "Jesus said...."

Bible Believer said...

I'll make an admission I haven't watched all of the videos yet, I watched the first 7 minutes or so, of Part 1. I plan to watch more, and then add comments here. It definitely is more of the HERO worship and WORSHIP of MAN. How many books and videos already have told the Calvary Chapel story? They all elevate themselves. One thing I plan to post on soon and this may be an odd topic but it is something I discussed with Catholics years ago, is the real saints, died unknown as far as their world went. Ordinary people, with faults, not elevated and with PR men to write expansive books, videos or interviews. We see the "cult of personality" in the churches. People cheering and elevating one person. The real church was not supposed to operate like that. God is no respecter of persons. It appears narcissistic to me, the whole thing, where it's all about "LOOK HOW GREAT I AM". LOL I got that out of the first 7 minutes.

Where is Jesus when they go on these pastor-celebration-thons?

The celebrity world in general is wrapped up in the "worship" of man. I am not impressed by celebrities and consider them human like everyone else, but sadly in many cases already "owned" and "given over".

Bible Believer said...

oops; Correction.

"died unknown as far as THIS world went"

news4themasses said...

Kay Smith had a "Vision" and began prophesying. She was the one who encouraged Smith to take on hippies. An unknown magical hand delivered Lonnie Frisbee, a charismatic false convert, who really launched the "Jesus People Movement," along with Ecumenical prophetess Kathryn Khulman and her show. Hal Lindsay and Chuck Missler also helped launch it into a "last days" cult and systematically have deceived millions (worldwide). I'd say Laurie is correct that Smith has done; "If that was all Chuck ever had a hand in that would be more than enough for one guy in a lifetime..." true dat, he did much more than start a false church.

news4themasses said...

They already do say "Chuck said." There's a whole site of Chuckisms--gag. CC pastors already deify the man. Even the last "good" CC pastors refuse to leave CC's based on their loyalty to Chuck. I've heard it from horses mouths, they are waiting for Chuck to die to see which way CC is going to go before they leave! As if anyone need wait to see which way CC 'IS' going. Idolatry is rampant in CC's and yes, I have repented of my own sin in this area once I came out of CC. Including "speakers, researchers, apologetic types, "watchman,"" who I once held in regard.

Anonymous said...

And apparently Lonnie Frisbee "led" Greg Laurie to "the lord"...obviously...not the "real" Jesus!

Bible Believer said...

I agree.

Did you see this post on Lonnie Frisbee?

I feel sorry for the man but he did not know the "real" Jesus, not at all.

Bible Believer said...

Wow I went to go watch the videos and they have been taken down from Youtube.

That was quick.

I *think* it will play here.

Jeremy W. said...

"You know rarely does a man come along that literally changes a generation, but such a man came and he is here tonight"

What an introduction. If you think that quote is about Jesus you would be sadly mistaken. This was about Chuck changing a generation, NOT Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit but CHUCK. Chuck did it. I was going to try and listen again but I just cant do it.

I most definitely want to be and stay a part of this group "Come out from among her MY PEOPLE that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues" Since I have left the Calvary Cult the scales continue to fall from eyes.

Is it really any wonder the LORD says he will vomit the Laodecian church out of his mouth after listening to a little bit of this? The LORD want them to buy eye salve from HIM and him alone.

News4themasses I was not aware of all the chuckisms. I wanted to upchuck after seeing these chuckisms being numbered and kept track of.

Having been to numerous Calvary Cults from coast to coast a few terms that always pop up. "Churchianity not Christianity.." this appears to have originated with Moses Berg of the Children of God cult from what I have read. While smirking they will say "Oh he was schooled at cemetery heeheehee" mocking those who wet to seminary and the famous "Chuck said.." all the while ignoring the Bible in their hand.

Kayfabe said...

Having to a Calvary for years, I can attest to the hero worship lavished on Chuck. Its never sat well with me even when I thought Calvary was okay. I never even listened to his radio show or read any of his books when I was there. I still fellowship with some guys that go to Calvary and they ask me point blank what I think of Chuck and I have to be honest with them. Chuck's grandfatherly public persona seems to fool many while I have heard that he is actually very shrewd behind the scenes. I wonder if Jude 3-4 applies here.

Bible Believer said...

Looks like I accidentally left a paste in, I will copy some posts to answer them point by point below. I do not like the hero worship I see in any of these churches and definitely this interview was about advancing the man, maybe to counteract some of the bad publicity as of late? Yes even when I was in the CC for a short time, I had those thoughts as well, but sadly it is epidemic for the churches as a whole who all promote their celebrities. I think the grandfatherly persona is just that a persona, and the real Chuck Smith is something else.

Abbey said...

Like you, I went to watch the videos the other day and they were taken down. I found a very condensed part of the interview and watched that. Greg asked Chuck what his favorite color was. (Relevance?) I thought it was a very shallow conversation and a waste of time. Pastors of mega-churches are now super stars because their church membership is large. How pathetic and worldly the Church has become. If only they'd knock some sense into themselves while patting themselves on the back. :P

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I found it weird how quickly they were taken down. Wish I had watched them all but was short on time the other day. Sounds like they put up a very superficial part of the conversation. I agree their "super-stardom" comes from the numbers in the pews. It is very sad isn't it? You ever wonder what the "star" is thinking as he sits there, having all these people unload the compliments. It seems a humble man would not allow such a thing. They would say Lets speak of Jesus Christ instead.