Friday, January 6, 2012

Beth Moore Considers the Roman Catholic Church Another Christian Denomination

Beth Moore, is popular all over the place, especially among women in evangelical churches with her books used for study groups. Sad to say she is yet another deceiver leading people on the road to Rome:

From apprising ministries:


One thing to remember, we are seeing this joining together of churches via these type of teachers. Around here, the ladies of many churches [Catholic too] join together for Beth Moore bible studies, some of the evangelical ones, have ladies bible classes where women from all around the community are invited.

Beth Moore's name pops up in interesting places all over, as shown here doing a conference with Francis Chan and John Piper.


news4themasses said...

At the start of this video she used the term: "Inter" denominational. I think this term is an important key. It's code for Ecumenical without the stigma because it still sounds a little like 'non-denominationl' however "inter" means; across the board, inclusive. Here's the formal definition:
As a prefix, 'inter-' means amid, among, between, mutually, reciprocally, together, within.
occurring between, involving, or common to different religious denominations.
I've started to see this term, Interdenominational to describe certain Calvary Chapels lately instead of traditional, "Non-Denominational." This is not a mistake the churches are doing this on purpose. Great post I may just link to it or do my own thing.. we'll see.

Bible Believer said...

Yes that seems to be a new term. Always watch out when they change the language. It is basically the "unity in diversity" scheme applied to different churches instead of religions.

The churches are becoming more alike, while a few trappings remain different the Lutherans are reading Beth Moore along with the Southern Baptists. Those people she has on her stage, well, it's really working that way.

Anonymous said...

The whole point is to bring everyone together, to all "study" together, and make everyone afraid to speak against anything. It is a tactic of the Roman Catholic establishment, and Beth Moore is working for Rome, to do her part in the ecumenical movement, to destroy Bible believers.

Anonymous said...

Roman Catholics ARE Bible believers. Where did Protestants get the Bible? Duh. From the Catholic Church. That's where. The entire liturgy if the Roman Catholic Church is straight from the Bible.

Bible Believer said...

I am ex-Roman Catholic [was well as ex-UU] now born again Christian, no they are not. The Catholic catechism puts scripture on the same level as their tradition and Catholic Magesterium. The Mass is NOT biblical whatsoever.

Laura said...

I find it very disturbing how every denomination feels THEY are the superior one. Each one thinks they have the supreme knowledge of God and his Word. They are right and others are wrong. Seems to me that is ignoring one of God's teachings, "to humble yourself". Also Jesus's teaching of " your neighbor as yourself". You're all like children fighting about who Mommy and Daddy love more! "For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His one and only Son, that WHOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Anonymous said...

Amen to being Born Again by Spirit!
I am currently taking a Beth Moore class. We are studying 2Timothy. The Book is called Entrusting.
On page 22 I was very disturbed by what was written, "By no means to we Worship the Bible...".it goes on. But my "False Doctrine antennas went way up.
Also she stands in front od a circle/triangle window to preach. Those are cultism signs.
I didn't really know who she was until the day before the class series started. I am so thankful that I know Scripture well enough to discern the truth.
Jesus is the Living Word. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. In the beginning was the Word was with God and the Word was God.
I do worship the Word. Therefore I do worship the Holy Bible.