Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are Catholics Christians? The Answer is No

I have many tell me people are born again and still in the RCC. If that ever happens then those individuals are NOT in Obedience to God. I met someone like that and she was heartsick over it and her disobedience. There is no way, that a born again believer who has the Holy Spirit will still see Rome as a valid Christian church or still be able to bow before the Eucharist wafer and say AMEN [YES] to it being "the body of christ"...

I got this graphic from someone who emailed me and given permission to use it.


Anonymous said...

From the little studying I've done I found that the RCC was more or less founded by Constantine in the 4th Century, but there were two legs to the proto RCC.

1. Simon the Sorcerer/Simon Magus went to Rome after his encounter with the Apostles in Acts 8 and enjoyed the title of Petr (man/god).
Some call him the first Gnostic.
In Rome, Simon became even more powerful in the occult arts, was a favorite of Nero, and inspired what some call the Pauline Gnostic cults.

2. Around 200 BC the Romans built the Vatican for Cybele/Magna mater.The Cybele temple on Vatican hill was used 'till around the 15th Century when it was replaced by St Peter's Basillica.
This perverse goddess cult was united with the Pauline Gnostic cults around 200 AD, at which time they reinstated child sacrifice with EVERY mass.

Constantine was a Goddess worshiper if I remember right, so it was not a huge leap to incorporate himself with the gnostic/goddess religion CALLED Christianity..

Simon Magus was a Samaritan... Samaria was known for it's magicians and Babylonian occult arts... THAT is the reason they were made to stay East of the Jordan when the Children of Israel returned from BABYLON.
They practice the Babylonian Grove Religion!

THAT is what the RCC is..... Babylonian Grove Religion.

Are there SAVED people in the RCC?
But they are saved IN SPITE OF THE RCC.
The saved in the RCC found Christ in Protestant churches or they found Christ by reading their Bibles.
Before Vatican II the RCC discouraged Bible reading.... some still do.
Their stand is/was that the "Church" is final authority, laity is not qualified to read the Bible; therefore Bible reading only confuses the laity.

Bible Believer said...


Bible Believer said...

Good post above Anon, yes, all those pagan roots. Rome worked for centuries to keep God's Word out of the hands for Christian believers.