Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Variety of Links #3

From Another Voice blog:

"12-7-11 Canada-USA NWO "Beyond The Border" Deal Done, Will Merge Regulatory, Security, Police"

"* There will be enhanced tracking of travellers in both countries, and both nations will try to identify threatening people who seek to ``enter the perimeter'' of both countries so they can be stopped.

* An entry-exit system will be established in which both countries share information on when their citizens have crossed the border."

More developments in the global government. Few even know about this one and how deals are being made across the northern border too. Say goodbye to Canada being an escape, the whole world is being taken over by the legions of the antichrist and his workers.

"Preppers Are Now Considered to Be Potential Terrorists?"
More warnings there that are important. They are seeking more control of the food and reports of bulk food companies having to give up name lists have been reported.

Missed this one from earlier, "Bankrupt Crystal Cathedral Sold to Catholics for 57 Million." When you think about it, the New Age looking crystal Cathedral doesn't look that much different from modern Catholic Cathedrals being built. They probably just saved them building another one.

"What To Say To Church Members Leaving for Poor Reasons"  I don't agree with this article but wish they had one that was what to say to church members who leave for good reasons. Notice how the onus is always put on the people leaving rather then the false pastors and hirelings that are forcing so many to leave in obedience to God.

They never quit adulterating the Bible. I still remember seeing a NKJV 2001, they had twisted the verses even more. Read this website and notice how everything is changed. I'm sticking with the KJV. No that does not mean I am KJV only, like Ruckman etc, but one can see the subtle delusions being forwarded by Bible versions and their new versions. NIV is the worse.

Alex Greiner Confronts Chuck Smith on the Phone.

"I will be joined by a very special guest Alex Grenier of the website Calvary Chapel Abuse. We will sit down and discuss the CC movement and the patterns of abuse that are growing at an alarming matter. We will discuss his meeting with Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel laywer Janet Carter. Just a warning, this will not be for the weak of stomach or those who freely drink down the Calvary Chapel Kool-Aid! Please plan to join us as we deal with Devils!

This just in! We were able to get Chuck Smith on the phone and he was open and honest about his feelings toward Alex and the problems concerning the "movement". I was shocked at his willingness to talk .This is a must listen you will get a truley unique look behind the Calvary Chapel curtain"

Here is a shorter video outlining what was said:

I believe Alex is wasting his time, not in speaking out but in his approaches to Chuck Smith, and needs to depart from the wicked but this call is quite interesting.

"Strength Out of Weakness"
-an interesting sermon outline, I was reading 2 Cor. 12:10 “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.” the other day. When not in a church, one can still find good sermons and other websites online.

Joel Osteen, is planning a Reality Show

"Osteen, the pastor of Lakewood Church whose television broadcast is watched by seven million Americans per week, and Burnett, who has worked as a producer on shows like “Survivor,” “The Voice” and “The Apprentice,” announced last week that they had reached an agreement to create a reality show together."

Please spare us! Well we know they wouldn't put the real deal on TV.


Kayfabe said...

Hello Bible Believer,

I actually posted a response last week on when people leave church for poor reasons. I did so under my real name Solomon Rodriguez. I also posted on his church membership article, this guy is really off concerning those issues and it just goes to show how the institution is all about putting people in nice cute boxes and any individuality is frowned upon.

Kayfabe said...

I believe Alex isn't seeing the forest from the trees. He now knows more than ever that Calvary is an apostate institution so I think he should broaden his approach and stop expecting his situation to get resolved. I have tried to tell him on his blog but he won't here of it. There's nothing he can other than warn others as everything he has tried in terms of resolving this issue has hit a brick wall. Chuck is for Chuck so this whole thing has just showed his true colors.

Bible Believer said...

HI Kayfabe, was it on that same article? I agree the institution just wants to put people in nice cute boxes and individuality is frowned upon. Ah now I see your responses. I have told a few of the false pastors why I am leaving [well around here, the visits have been pretty short with a longer time in one other church, or won't attend their church, it is like talking to brick walls. They are so intent on their own authority, that it seems nothing else counts. I am thinking of those church "contracts" that are so popular now where you are to sign your rights away especially the right to think and not drink the Kool-Aid. Their focus on the word Leadership instead of being servants shows what they are about.

Bible Believer said...

I agree why does Alex think Chuck Smith is going to actually "do" anything? This is like the Pope. Is a sex abuse victim going to get justice from the Vatican or a real listen to? Someone even posted a link to my blog on his website in response to something, he had the chance to come here and read the truth about Calvary Chapel. Does he really expect Chuck Smith is going to say "I am so sorry" and try to make things right? When dealing with the wicked, arguing with them, you are just playing into their hands. I noticed how Chuck kept repeating "He is a loose cannon" and just made more excuses. Alex does need to broaden his approach and realize that these church leaders only have their own best interests at heart and to stop approaching them like they are going to "do" anything. He is brave to speak out, but he is wasting his time to expect any more from that camp.

Anonymous said...

Alex does make himself sound like a loose cannon. He lost his argument. I left the CC movement in 2006. Alex has displayed himself as a loose cannon, and this radio show kind of blew it. I wasted 30 minutes listening to it.

Bible Believer said...

I think Alex is wasting time arguing with the guy. His best bet is to run for the hills, and while he can still speak out not engage the wicked. He is throwing pearls before swine and is only going to allow himself to be rend by them.

I do not see him as a loose cannon, just someone who is young and was severely abused, and while outspoken, misdirecting his energies to expecting recourse from Chuck Smith. When he told him to "get a life", that said it all to me as to what Chuck Smith was about. How cruel can you get?

It seems that a godly man at least try and have some empathy for a young abused man. I saw Catholic bishops in articles and the rest having that 'get a life' attitude towards abuse victims.

I do not mind Alex speaking out against the abuse, I think that should continue, but expecting recourse from the abusers or their enablers, is a waste of time. He needs to realize even spiritually what he is dealing with. I am going to pray for him.

We are seeing that abuse issues are coming out in that church. I am glad you left the CC movement.

news4themasses said...

Chuck Smith sounded very cold and disconnected in the first portion of the interview that you've posted. Once Alex comes on the line and interacts you hear Chuck's tone change to agitation and someone who is in strong denial. Chuck knows what's happened and he chooses to not hold anyone accountable and this is clearly because he is accountable for putting Bob in the position to "get off" without disciplinary action. When Chuck speaks he sounds to have soundness of mind enough to deny all wrong doing, he recounts actions in the past and raises his voice in frustration. All this points to a man who KNOWS what he's saying and doing and this is clearly a man who continues to "Cover" for his minions. I agree with others who have stated Alex should move on; he should move on by accepting that Chuck Smith is not going to do what is right and just and he's not going to confess anything. Continue to expose the darkness to the light Alex, that's all you can do, whoever receives it will and those who don't won't.

Kayfabe said...

What's sad is that its not just Alex that is not seeing the big picture but many other bloggers. I was checking out that Phenix Preacher blog and he knows about the Calvary abuses but yet blasts On Line Disernment Ministries as being conspiratorial and mocking the road to rome theories. I commented my thanks for these ministries on there and the responses I got back were jokes about the Trilateral commision. Don't these guys get it? Satan is not going to be obvious, he is going to disguise himself as an angel of light. Its like these guys are waiting for the Antichrist to say "look here I am guys". I mean don't they realize that he will be very crafty and devious? That's why it is called the grand delusion because if it were possible even the elect would be decieved. It seems like more than ever the institutional church is apathetic about the last days and the return of Christ. I am not pre trib btw as I believe that is another ploy the enemy to get christians comfortable so when persecution hits they will be besides themselves. Once the antichrist appears many of the pretribbers won't believe its him because they are still waiting for the rapture. What's scarier is that they may take the mark if they don't believe its the mark because the rapture hasn't happened.

Bible Believer said...

News4themasses, I agree Chuck Smith sounded very cold and disconnected and then you hear the anger. I found him rather pompous and unable to empathize with a young man no matter his faults, who was severely abused. All the stuff about him having no control is nonsense, imagine if a 'Rebel" Calvary Chapel started posting warnings about Jesuits and some of the other stuff discussed on our blogs, they'd lose their dove so fast heads would spin. So I don't buy it. To me this is just a smaller re-run of the Catholic sex scandals where they played blame the victim and treated the victims the same way. I had people THREE YEARS ago told me Chuck is going senile, no he is in the right mind, and he doesn't slip up in his denials and his ability to MANIPULATE. I mean noticed he made it all about protecting the franchise. I agree Alex should just move on. One is not going to win with the wicked, and these are people who will not budge or give in. The best thing to do is expose what evils you can but stay away from those types! Yep whoever will listen will listen the rest, leave the dust of your sandals.

I agree with you too Kayfabe. I do not like the name of Phoenix, kind of New Agey, and the trapezoid on his banner was bothersome. Whether he chose this stuff unknowingly, well we do not know but yeah that is a guy who knows about the Calvary Chapel abuses but then goes after online discernment ministries. I see him as someone who is fully entrenched in the modern Emergent church system. Oh they will joke and shout "conspiracy theory" at everything, to divert and deny. Some get it and KNOW what they are doing, but a lot simply do not get it and have no discernment. I used to write concerning the antichrist, these people expect the antichrist to show up wearing devil horn's in a red outfit carrying a pitch fork, they do not get that most of the world is going to embrace the antichrist as being 'jesus' returned...[will all religions embracing him as their "avatar" or Messiah] If you think about it some of them are knowing deceivers denying the grand delusion and others, are the types who are already deluded themselves. The institutional church is apathetic about the last days, even some of the ones who are in the Pre-Trib camp. I've warned about the one world religion even with baptist Pre-Tribbers and they simply did not get it. One mainstream church member told me the other day, a 'one world religion" is impossible even after I explained it would be religions joined together not as one big mega religion but the unity in diversity. Yeah you know I am not Pre-Trib, Christians in America are being set up. We see even the growing tyranny in America, and what are we getting from the churches and the preachers out there nothing but one big yawn and promotion of the NWO agenda with many of them. Sure, many will take the mark, saying the rapture hasn't happened once. I had a retired American Baptist preacher say to me that is impossible, we will be raptured out of here. None of those chips could be the mark of the beast. What concerns me lately is I meet very nice people who are confessing Christians but they just do not know anything and no I do not expect everyone to study everything I have, but they do not even know the basics, I see absolutely no discernment. The churches they are in, are massively setting them up for delusion.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer, the name "Phoenix Preacher" is because the blogmaster is from Phoenix, Oregon. So nothing sinister there.

I agree with those who are saying Alex needs to move on. He is going to "broken cisterns" to get his message out. Remnant Radio who did the last interview is a mishmash of all kinds of weird stuff. Phoenix Preacher has a bias against Calvary Chapels and obviously has a disdain for ODMs as discernment ministries are called on the site. It is not helpful for him to seek assistance from the likes of Remnant Radio and those in the Reformed Community who have an axe to grind because CCs do not subscribe to Calvinism. He would be wise to broaden his horizons and focus on preventing abuse to others, especially from pastor's and other trusted authority figures. God allows us to suffer certain things and He can use them for His purposes and it is not always to seek personal vindication and justice.

I am no defender of Chuck Smith, but I will have to say that he was ambushed on that radio show. I am surprised that he stayed on the call and engaged them in conversation. He could have hung up and no one could blame him for doing so under the circumstances.

Chuck Smith is going to continue to maintain that he has no control over the Calvary Chapels because of pending litigation.

It is hurtful to Alex that Alex's mother has rejected him and his children, but he has to resign himself to the fact that he cannot force the issue. He has to leave it in the Lord's hands. We do need to pray for Alex and his family.

My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered abuse of any kind at the hands of those who should be protecters of children. I speak from personal experience and it has been best to leave it to God and let Him sort it out, but the hurt runs deep. There are some things that are never resolved in this life, but we can be sure there will be justice in eternity. It is important to allow God to work in our hearts and forgive even if the perpetrator does not acknowledge their sin.

mijadedios said...

No excuses for Smith. No passes for Smith. Alex isn't the first victim of a "Pastor" covered by Smith and he won't be the last.

Bible Believer said...

I agree with mijadedios, no excuses for Smith, even if I think Alex's best bet is to move on. I wondered for a minute if Remnant radio was Calvinist but misread something on there thinking it was a "new" group. Yeah the Calvinists are getting involved for their own agendas. I am not a Calvinist, just to make that clear. I am not so sure I saw Smith as ambushed, I certainly do not see him as some 'weak" elderly man but one who "knows" what he is doing and a world class manipulator. Alex, I hope can heal and realize some of that healing may be separation and 'fleeing' that wicked. I agree about the eternal aspects of abuse. I do not mind his speaking out about and he should, but engagement of the abusers and the unrepentant is a waste of time. The Bible tells us to leave reprobates behind.

Anonymous said...

The guy who did the first interview w/Alex is Calvinist and is an associate of Phoenix Preacher. To be fair to Alex, the ways to get his message out are very limited. But in the end he should trust the Lord and rise above rather than brawl in the mud. But if one has not experienced child abuse one cannot know the depths of the damage and hurt that it causes. And it appears that Alex is concerned for others who might be suffering as he did and still does from the aftermath.

My comment in no way was intended to give Smith a pass. I agree with the previous statements. I just think we have to be circumspect in our methods and not resort to ambushing even if the other person may deserve it.