Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Comments About This Blog

I am an ordinary person, ie: there is no money for proofreaders and unlike the known bible teachers, I do not have a staff to go over each and every article.  I am not here to please man, and if I made every article English teacher perfect, I probably would have the output reduced to maybe one article every two months. I try my best, that is all I will say.

This society is too focused on everything being "perfect" to the point of obsession. Research is my stronger suit, writing does not come easy, but if you are going to play Mrs. or Mr. Nit Picker, there are plenty of blogs with perfect grammar and spelling out there and ones written by professional journalists to please you. People know their limitations, perhaps I will never publish a best selling book, they wouldn't allow anything I write about through the door anyhow. In fact when feeling led to start this blog, there were worries about my abilities and limitations expressed in prayer to God.

That said if you find a mistake, and it is glaring and it doesn't regard comma placement, but switched words or a broken link or something, I do not mind being told. 

To others, do not write me if you are going to just play games, I can tell if you are a sincere person or not. Sincere people operate in a different fashion. They do not try to manipulate, or ask me strange questions or send weird links they insist I click on. I probably should screen the emails to this blog more and refuse to answer more of them. 

Lately I want to ask my readers, what do you think of this blog? This is the time for feedback. If you appreciate it, want it to continue, have found it's information informative or biblically educational or enlightening,  I am considering it's future at this present time. Of course God's answer regarding that matter will be the one that comes first. 


Anonymous said...

The fact that you posted this in the wee hours of the morning suggests that you, like many discerners who have blogs have to stretch yourself to do this work. Oftentimes we don't do our best work in the middle of the night, but the obligations of life often dictate that in order to accomplish our calling it requires burning the midnight oil. If the gist of the article comes in loud and clear, then a few grammatical errors or mispelled words are not significant. But if the meaning is muddled for some reason, correction is helpful and needful.

I have appreciated this blog and check in frequently. It is one of the few voices that tells it like it is. I look past the differences in eschatology and the bashing of pretrib and the discounting of the prophetic significance of Israel to the nuggets of truth and information that are to be found here. There are so few places the remnant can go as many have been given the left foot of fellowship or have had to come out of their churches when the leaven overtakes truth.

So please be encouraged to press on. This task requires a tough skin, tender heart and a tenacity for the truth.
Expect to be challenged and encourage civil discourse on eschatology and perhaps extend more grace. That would be an exhortation spoken in love.

Leah said...

I love your blog. I read it and share it every chance I get, it is very imformative. Sometimes you only post a video, and from my phone I cant see it and hope u put up a sentence or 2 up to explain what I am missing. I dont mean to nit pick if I have, God bless you and thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog.

Jeremy W. said...

I have been a long time lurker and frequently check this blog. I have not commented much here and when I have it has been under a pseudonym name. Mainly because I was attending a Calvary Chapel. When I first started coming around it would be from searching a topic and the search engine would have this site listed. The more I delved into topics many in the church were avoiding I ended up here again. Topics like Christian Zionism, Billy Graham, seven mountains, symbols, Calvary Chapel and Jacob Prasch

One thing I have noticed on internet forums and boards is this. Many times someones message that speaks the truth can not be refuted. So the opposition goes after what they are left with which is grammar and spelling. In the real world this is where you will see someone attack the other persons physical characteristics since they can't defend their position.

Just my 2 cents
Jeremy W.

Abbey said...

Bible Believer, I appreciate you and your blog. I try to stay informed by reading as much as I can from many sources. I think you express yourself extremely well. The message is the most important thing. If some people are nit picking because of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, my advice is to just ignore them. Even major newspapers have errors and they HAVE proofreaders. Everyone makes mistakes.

Don't even waste your time answering anyone that just wants to argue with you or is asking weird questions. You have more important things to focus on. There will always be trolls and mean spirited people on the internet. Ignore them. The rest of us are thankful and appreciative. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader to your blog, and find the information helpful. I haven't read everything you've got yet, and am working my way through it. But I can say this, Keep up the good work! I may not agree with everything here, or the conclusions of the author/s, but the information being disclosed is important, and I do pass along articles to others. However, I never endorse any site or person, since as we know, what is reliable today, may not be tomorrow...those falling into apostasy and error are falling like dominoes. It can happen to any of us - even if we are careful. Our pride and certainly our enemy deceives us. This is an appropriate place for the reminder of Proverbs 3:5-6. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path." We must be about the business of watching and praying.

Jane said...

I originally came to this blog because you were one of the very few who were speaking the truth about Marian apparitions. I had been personally involved with them and knew they were demonic but was getting very little corroboration on that fact. So know you are providing a service that helps people. Also some people feel free to say things to a stranger over the internet that they would never say in person. I have had a blog for 3 months now and get no comments at all. Not sure which is worse. For every positive comment though, I am sure there are many others who feel the same, but haven't told you so. Keep your chin up and don't let the haters get to you. We live in a time where the love of most has gone cold. Matthew 24: 9-13.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this discernment blog. I have made mistakes when commenting many times. I edited my children's college papers, home educated our children, was a good student when I was in school and I always liked grammar and spelling. Most of the time I comment when I am in a hurry. I have one son that was in gifted classes when he was in school and I constantly had to correct the same mistakes-its(the cat chased its tail) instead of it's, Jesus'(correct) instead of Jesus's,etc. In his second year of college it all clicked and he started editing his own papers(using our spelling/grammar resource books from home education curriculums). I know of one homeschool mom with many children, a teacher's degree and a blog who has her husband edit her posts. I refuse to use semicolons,use "whom",etc. in my informal writing comments. I have seen many people who correct other people's spelling and grammar make their own spelling and grammar mistakes but I don't correct them. -Taryn

Bible Believer said...


Yes I post at all different hours. It is true I do have to stretch myself, think this is true of all bloggers. Even one article took me a few weeks to get it 'right' enough to post, that was the Chan article.
The writing isn't easy for me, it does take effort, especially in the organization department if a topic is complex. So yes sometimes it can difficult, thanks for understanding that. I do try to make things easy for readers to understand. I do not want articles written in a way where people get lost, I read some out there and get lost. LOL Yes I want corrections on bad links if the meaning is muddled or the obvious mistakes. I think the person who wrote me may have meant well [well in this case, Ive had the times they HAVE NOT, but hopefully they can understand I am doing this under some limitations. God can put even those of us, who do not have fancy Ivy League educations or extreme skills to use.
Thank you for telling me you appreciate this blog. Even if we disagree on a few things, I am glad you still read and take away from this blog the good things you see. You are right there are very few places the remnant can go and then as we have talked about on this blog, there are the endless false discernment ministries and *controlled opposition* to trip folks up. At least here you can be assured a real person is talking and not someone with an agenda. With Israel, I may do a new article describing more. Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate it very much. With grace, I know I have to remember to be loving, it is a balance we all must face.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Leah for your comments and support. I think the videos won't play on the phones of anyone, probably too much "bandwidth", if I am guessing the tech stuff right.

Bible Believer said...

Jeremy thanks for your support too. I am glad you have commented as well. I hope the articles on Calvary Chapel helped you. I know it was difficult for me facing those things when I attended a Calvary Chapel for a short time after moving. Yes I am familiar with trying to talk about and warn about certain topics. The Dominionism that was a very difficult one. Those were all the topics, I wrote about but I had faced and questioned even months before this blog was started.

Yes you are right on the message boards, if they do not like the message, they go after the messager, whether it be their personality, spelling, or something else they can drum up. I've seen that in action too.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I am glad to see a new reader and that you find the info helpful, thanks for your support as well. With the endorsement of sites and authors, I agree with you. Even I want to warn people, even the links I list or the rest, that is not 100% blanket endorsement, even with some it is simply a place to get information. There are so many ministries falling into apostasy or found out to be deceivers, I tell people too, TEST EVERYTHING [on my blog too] and trust only in God 100%. I know I have to be cautious as well of my own sin and pride. I am only human and can make mistakes too. We all must lean on God to show us what we need to know.

Jane thanks to you too. I am glad I was able to help you find the truth about marian apparitions, I still thank God that while I was still caught up in the RCC, that He showed me the Marian apparitions were denomic, in fact reading about Fatima, etc, from the Catholic church library was one of the first things that nudged the door to get out. Why? I was reading the Bible [even a bad Catholic one] at the same time, and things WERE NOT ADDING UP. I have done more research on marian apparitions, I have not even had time to post on the blog yet, but should post more of that information soon. So many are sadly being deceived by them. The ones who get deep into it, and with the seeking after familiar spirits, they do end up with occult involvements some even dealing with physical manifestations. Please send me your blog link again, I did go read there, and was thinking of it the other day and wanted to post and wondering if you were still blogging. Thanks for telling me chin up. :) Yes we are in the time where love has grown cold. I may even do an article soon called "Do You Love People?" Talking about love, have been thinking on that one, and people I encounter out in the world.

Last Anon, I am grateful for your comments about homeschooling and more. I have appreciated your point of view. I know I understand commenting in a hurry. Often doing this blog, my time is shorter then I would like, time flies by writing on here, it's like the clock speeds ahead. Yes with the grammar and rest, it comes easier to some. I am dealing with the fact they removed the spellchecker from blogger as well, I keep changing the spelling of words until the red line under them disappears but not always easy. I need to go dig out this spellchecker calculator I own. I would have someone edit, but the time it would take would be probably too much of a burden. Some may have those who can edit and more time available. If I can read something [too many like to ignore paragraphs on message boards] I am usually happy enough.

Well thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement, I appreciated it.

mijadedios said...

You rock. Enough said!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Mijadedios :)

onesimus said...

I check out and read your blog couple times a week along with about a half dozen others. Thanks for your writing and posting the info. This type of internet stuff is new to me but not too hard to get. I think the main thing is trusting in the LORD and His WORD alone, test the spirits etc. The few sites that I go to, like this one will stress this clearly. Glory belongs to God alone. Thanks again for your service to the called out ones.

Kayfabe said...

I appreciate this blog a lot, it is my go to site for information on the apostasy of the Church. I have been railed against on other blogs/message boards for misspelling a word and then told because of that my credibility on the subject is null and void. These people that focus so much on grammer/spelling are putting themselves out there as elitist and arrogant. We are to be like dear children in the Lord willing to humble ourselves and not be high minded. What about all the sheep in countries that don't have stellar educational systems? Are there veiwpoints less valuable because they don't spell correctly or they may have trouble reading and writing. I also raise an eyebrow when some belivers always try to use fancy words to try and explain something that could have been conveyed much easier by using a more common word. I don't what a lot of the words that are used in the Christian Lexicon mean like exigesis and stuff like that and people have tried to make me feel inferior because of that. The danger in taking pride in your educational aptitude is that there will always be someone that will have more wordly accomplishments. I use a relaxed grammer on the internet and it really has never been my strong suit to begin with. Keep doing what your doing as your site is the first thing I check when going on line. Most of your veiwpoints are right in step with mine. You articulate yourself very well and you don't try and talk over anyones head. Sometimes when a few days go by and I don't see a new post I start craving it. I came across this blog when I was on a message board and you had it as a link in your postings. I stopped posting on that board because it was argumentative all the time without sincere discussion on disagreeable issues. May Jesus give you strength to continue this blog as it is needed. There are few and far between brothers/sisters that are contending for the faith and I want to say thank you for being one of them.

Labby said...

Happy New Year to you BB!!

Thank you for this blog. It is a blessing to me, although reading it is often difficult because of the subject matter and the sadness it brings, but...I would never want to go back to not knowing.

This is the first blog I go to and then I frequently check about 5-6 others as well. But, yours is the first. Why? Well, because I like your spirit, I think. You are always humble and you don't lose your temper when corresponding with others. It shows that you genuinely have the love of Jesus. That goes a long way with me.

I would have to say that I don't comment as much as I should, but I AM reading. I would feel the loss if you were not a presence anymore because even though I've never met you, I consider you a person that I want to give a hug to when we do meet, wherever that may be. I feel that kinship with you, sister! : ) I know when tough times come, I can look back and know without a doubt that there are others out there that didn't get duped, and know what's going on.

Lisa Ruby said...

Jane wrote: "For every positive comment though, I am sure there are many others who feel the same, but haven't told you so."

That's exactly the case. Most people won't post to tell you they are reading. They simply read . . and reflect! Your place in the Google search engine lets you know that lots of people are reading your blog.

Whether they like what you write or not is immaterial in my view. I don't believe you are writing your blog for the praise of men; rather, you are being a good steward of what you know. Press on and ignore those who can't refute what you write so they try to discourage you so you won't write.

Bible Believer said...

Onesimus, I am glad you regularly read the blog. I agree about trusting in God and His Word. I tell people test what you see even on this blog and trust only God 100% especially in these days. Amen, Glory belongs to God alone. Thanks for your support.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Kayfabe for your supportive remarks. Yes on message boards, you will have those who will rail against misspellings or even other personal attributes to try and steer people away from a true and warning message. I have been given the your credibility is null and void, even those in mainstream and liturgical churches have been trained to only listen to the over-educated theologians and "experts" so that can definitely be a weapon they wield . I am not participating on any Christian message boards recently, perhaps there is a good one I have not found yet but most seem over-taken by deceivers even the so called "bible-believing ones".

I agree there is elitism to that sort of stuff. I think this particular person meant well, and they did apologize in a Christian manner, but many have used it to abuse, and to put themselves at a higher level. Yes there are many sheep without educations who may even not be literate dependent on people reading the Bible to them.

I saw enough of the fancy word stuff used on religious message boards and website, when you see words used like orthopraxy or fancy 50 dollar words instead of simpler ones they could use, or even new vocabularies developed for change agent stuff-like in the Emergent movement, missional etc, that is the time to RUN. Exegesis is just their fancy shmancy way to say "interpretation of the Bible" but is probably one of the most abused words out there. I learned some of the lingo but some of these people are worse then lawyers, using a religousese instead of legalese and indirect, deceiving language. I guess I had my fill of that with the academics in the UU, who could actually fill your brain with 20 different interpretations of Bill Clinton's "whatever is is" mantras. In other words, if someone is trying hard to NOT be understood and can't be direct about anything, that is a problem and a marker.

Rom 16:18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

I agree if someone takes pride in their education, there is always someone smarter out there. I had online Jesuit types too who were always extremely arrogant in their endless list of degrees and used that to brag about their "knowledge". One would actually come on an old message board I was on, and inform of us of his five degrees with a straight face and tell Christians there they were intellectually inferior, I have been down that path before. When I was UU, I also had my contact with extremely wealthy academics. That is quite a bit of the membership of the UU, the university crowd. There is a lot of pride there and only a few think out the box and pathways that have been laid out before them.

Thanks for your support, I plan to continue though I have been in a semi-rest mode this week but already thinking and pondering on next few articles.

I am glad you saw my link on another message board. Probably one I left due to it's disagreeableness and infusion of deceivers.

Thank you for your prayer :) Kayfabe.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks everyone else for your kind remarks too. I really appreciate it. :)

Linda said...

Just as Lisa ruby stated their are those of us who read your aricles and reflect but don't always place comments. I visit your blog daily and have pondered the things written. It has been a blessing to me. Please continue.