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"Roger Oakland Exposes Not Chuck Missler"

I post this with the caveat that this is not an endorsement of this blog which I had expressed concerns about it's earlier version. So I am posting for the information, use discernment, and check everything you see for yourself online that includes everything posted anywhere.

"Roger Oakland Exposes Not Chuck Missler"


"A Time To Speak"

I had asked that question myself why expose the Emergent movement and other deceptions but then still work with the likes of Chuck Missler? Now remember what I discussed on the controlled opposition thread? Where some truths are taught and lies brought in?

On the comments of my article "Will Any Calvary Chapel Pastors or Leaders Ever Truly Repent" I said this:
Had someone tell me about this conference...[this is in 2012, in upcoming months]

To me it is disturbing that Roger Oakland is STILL working with those who still are involved with Calvary Chapel- and top of that list is Chuck Missler. Chuck Missler has taught false doctrine and still admits his strong connections to CC right on his website...

The "networks" are in place and far more close-knit then I ever dreamed even when I started this blog acouple years ago and by the way, it's not just Calvary Chapel, that is just one church that among the many. However then I knew everything traced back to Rome and the "mother of all abominations".

That Father Justo Lacunzo-Balda name does appear on the Swansat list along with others pointed out at the other blog link.


Kayfabe said...

Hello Bible Believer, I read this when it first posted a couple of days ago and I still have my attenae up in regards to his blog however it is disturbing knowing that the web is tangled the way it is. To many people the Calvary movement can do no wrong and when you bring this type of information to the light you get labled divisive and bitter. It seems as tho men in high places in Calvary have their hands in many cookie jars, Greg Laurie with the RCC and Rick Warren, Skip Heitzig with Leonard Sweet, Missler along with the Pastor from New Zealand with this Swansat idea and the RCC, Chuck Smith with TBN and much of Calvary with the Billy Graham crew, Raul Ries with his idol worship of the military. The Calvary I was going to has shifted ever so slightly to a type of relativism in their teachings on sin. I ran in to one guy from my former Calvary the other day and he asked me why I left Calvary and he heard that I was bitter, I told him on the contrary I feel close to The Lord and that the reason I left is because. In these last days God is calling the bride of Christ out of the apostate churches.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Kayfabe,

Yes I have my attenae up to when it comes to his blog, but wanted my readers to know this information being shown. By the way, I believe many of those Calvary Chapel pastors are connected in and strongly so and if one went down the list they couldn't find even more dubious hook-ups. We are all limited in time but I bet if the same research was applied to the SBC or Assembly of God, it would probably go down the same road. You are right with many in the Calvary movement they will use the "you are a hater" and "bitter and divisive" scripts. I wrote a blog entry on the scripts before used to silence dissenters and those who are figuring out what is going on.

One can tell that the high level Calvary Chapelists definitely have their hands in a wide array of cookie jars. All high level connections to NWO and as exposed to the Roman Catholic church itself. Well after all who is running the NWO program but Rome itself? Of course the Pope would have one of his minions supervising the Swansat project. Hey I have seen everything from a picture in one of the front pages of a Calvary Chapel pastor's book doing an OBVIOUS masonic handshake with Billy Graham to reading and wondering why so many seem to know each other back 30 years ago? I am not surprised about the relativism in teachings on sin, I have picked on up that in the churches as a whole. I am glad you told the old church member you felt close to the Lord. I am more coming to the conclusion that believers as a whole are being called out of the false church system as well. The Bride is being called out and the obedient are following the directions in Revelation 18

Rev 18:4

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Bible Believer said...

I have grown more close to the Lord too, even dealing with finding out what I have studied and exposed on this blog and realizing my utter dependence on Him.

Anonymous said...

Many of us who are now aware of the facts are sad and grieving right now, stinging from the slings and arrows of betrayal. Not that we put our faith in any man, but the deception was so cleverly cloaked that it took someone called of God to expose the ugly underbelly and open our eyes. These are brave people to do this and need ouro prayers for protection and peace in the midst of all of these shocking revelations. They have no vendetta or agenda against anyone, but rather a God-given desire for the truth and nothing but no matter whose toes it steps on. This will bring down the wrath of the enemy, but our God is greater.

May those in the "lower tiers" repent and renounce and be restored.

news4themasses said...

I appreciate you posting my link. I did not speak from a personal point of view on that post and disclose the information I have on this whole nasty story. I do plan to, as I needed more time to formulate my message, I still spoke. My point with Roger, he has had time to address his relationship with Missler even if it's "Hey I know now that he's involved in shady stuff and I plan to disconnect just know that things are moving." No mention however for months. That's what the people don't know. There's a back story to all this. People have tried to confront Roger on all of this and gave him many opportunities to take in the information and formulate a response. His response has been NO Response. The evidence is there. As always with my site as well a link isn't an endorsement, it's information, it's hard fact, and it's for the masses. We are not pandering to a select sub-sect of "think tank" Christians we are trying to alert the Whole Body of Christ to beware of false teachers and now false discernment sites. A true Discernment Calling answers to God and isn't worried about selling merchandise or lining up speaking engagements. It's sad, but a truth nonetheless. Mammon--gets them every time.

Bible Believer said...

news4themasses, I figured you were putting it up for information too and not a blanket endorsement. As you know I put up all sorts of links for information too. We know even finding 100% 'clean' sources out there is getting tougher and tougher.

I will look forward to your new post. I agree Roger Oakland had plenty of time to face facts about Missler, surely he has seen what has been exposed and written. Guess I am not surprised there has been NO RESPONSE. I agree there is no pandering to the sub-sect of think tank Christians here either. It seems these folks are definitely more concerned about their acceptance in the world, popularity and endless speaking engagements where they meet up with members of the "network". Roger Oakland's doing even bible conferences with Caryl Martisciana bothers me as well.

One starts to wonder are any of them independent? or is the price of a 'known' name always selling out? What is worse is doing the whole game of the "I left Calvary Chapel and am now exposing them" while being involved with heavy-hitters still in the New World Order with deep Calvary Chapel and other connections.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your posts too. Yes there has to be others out there feeling the way I do, who are sad and grieving about all of this. While man will disappoint and sometimes severely so we always have God to sustain us. Even with this post, I wrote some time ago I wanted Roger Oakland to be the real deal, finding these things out, is not always easy. This is why we are in the days where dependence better totally be on God. I believe the "network" as I call it is in lots of other churches as well and even has infiltrated many of the fundamentalist ones. The feelings of betrayal can be tough. I still recall the one "friend" who did a 180 denying the existence of the new world order, to defend the "system' and the false churches, when this particular person posted against the NWO for years on a message board.Those type of things will happen. There are plenty of liars out there, and they have no compunction about who they lie to. What is sad, is many others were deceived by this person who told them there was nothing wrong with Calvary Chapel and managed to successfully silence the folks on message boards trying to warn.

Keep praying for everyone who exposes what is going on. There are the "controlled opposition" types but there are sincere people out there sounding the warning cry. As I have written on here, I am an ordinary person and believe there are others like me too trying to get the truth out there. This is not easy stuff to deal with.

Finding these things out is not easy, you want someone to be the real deal, you want them to be a fellow worker in Jesus Christ who is there to help, but it's the way of the world we are in today. Thank God, that we were warned in His Word how bad things would get.

Bible Believer said...

Note about this entry:

News4themasses has updated her link, and added more commentary.

Good stuff, and all questions and points that needed to be said!

Bible Believer said...

Update on this blog article...

Roger Oakland, an Enigma Revealed in These Last Days