Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mother Teresa Nun Arrested for Selling Children

"Colombo: sister of Mother Teresa arrested for “selling” children"

Colombo (AsiaNews) – Sister Mary Eliza, from the Missionaries of Charity, has been in prison since Fraiday night accused of selling children. Since the congregation was founded, she is the first nun of Mother Teresa to be arrested. An anonymous tipoff informed police, which then burst into the Prem Nivesa of Moratuwa, a hostel for young unwed mothers run by the Sisters of Mother Teresa and arrested the nun. The hostel is now impounded. Sister Eliza, superior of Prem Nivesa, is now in jail at the Women’s Prison of Welikada, and has not been able to see a lawyer yet. Today, a judge is set to charge her formally with illegal trafficking in children.

I posted recently on the selling of children by Catholic church nuns in Spain.

"New Catholic Scandal: Stealing Babies in Spain"


Anonymous said...

Semiramis was a prostitute so I suppose the Mother Theresa Nun was just keeping with tradition.
Of course the OTHER tradition to keep would be burning the unwed mother's baby in the fire........

Bible Believer said...

When I get time, I may be doing a Mother Teresa blog entry based on past research. The picture is far darker then people would dream and I even read a book that was friendly to Mother Teresa recently but if you read it between the lines, you could pick up a lot of interesting tidbits. Yes that is what the pagans did. Know that people who can sell children like this definitely are seared and care nothing for human beings. They often tell the mothers the baby died as they turn around and sell the infant and these are often helpless and impoverished people who are desperate which makes it even far far worse.