Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Michael Pearl on Anderson Cooper

Now Anderson Cooper is a mainstream news show, I do not endorse it either, just showing these videos for my readers to see, about Pearl and his teachings.

One disturbing quote from Michael Pearl on this next video...

'The techniques for training a human and an animal are the same"

If that doesn't scare you about that guy, even thinking of the deeper elements of mind control and psychological warfare being used on people, I don't know what else would.

By the way what is with the weird peaked eyebrows? Reminds me of Rowan Williams.

Why do so many Christian parents trust this guy so implicitly?

I have wandered around the Pearl's website and found the craziest stuff all over it, where even common sense is set aside for control at all costs. I found myself thinking why not just hire servants instead who are grown if you want someone under your total beck and call instead of trying to raise little robots to obey your every wish and command. Total obedience and control is the theme all over that website and even in one of the latest articles. When you read this article, why is the choice between disinterested permissiveness, and spanking the child and punishing them simply for being unaware of danger in other words for being a child? There is a third choice, of being a sane parent, and getting the child to safety.

On this blog I have discussed the Dominionist totalitarianism for youth already, the hirelings know EXACTLY what they are doing and where they are leading people. Types like this want to even do away with natural affections within families.

The sun symbol here means something just so you know.

Make sure you see these pages from Liberty to the Captives if you have not yet:

The Sun: A Symbol For Michael Pearl's God

No Greater Joy's Occult Markings

Now ask yourself why CERTAIN folks get national media attention? Think about that one, and why this man even with his purported connections to severe child abuse is even given a forum?


Anonymous said...

A father should never hit/spank/swat a daughter. I thank God I didn't have this book. I remember everyone talking about James Dobson's discipline guidelines and I thought the age to start was too young. I don't read anything of his-Cathy Burns has an interesting booklet about Focus on the Family(libertytothecaptives.net). The only book we need about disciplining our children is the Bible. Scripture teaches a man is a "child" until 20. I believe the Bible teaches father/son discipline between the ages of about 10-19("wait until your father gets home"). There is another book out there-What the Bible Really Says about Child Training by Richard Fugate that some recommend. I read it many years ago. My father never spanked me and my husband never spanked our daughters. My sons will not spank our 5 granddaughters. My daughters-in-law were raised in nonspanking homes. Good questions at the end of your post.-Taryn

Bible Believer said...

I am worried about how young all these teachers like Michael Pearl wants people to start, and Dobson's teachings, I do not agree with. I agree the father should take a role in disciplining sons, definitely once they are of a certain age. Thanks for that book suggestion. I do not think spanking is the solution for everything as some of these types do, though it may have a time and place. I do think it is meant more not for too young of children, but ones who are younger, not for teenagers who should have already been taught a degree of discipline at a younger age and also see it as a last resort punishment where it should be RARE. If a parent has to spank a child into submission all day long something has gone wrong. Also I think with many children, there are definitely other ways to discipline and teach that are far more effective. I do think the Pearls do teach abuse, emotional and physical as well, and their have been severe abuse cases tied to the use of their methods and presenting the child adult relationship as all about a struggle for control [Dobson kind of goes down that road too] is twisted as well. Children are not robots do your bidding, there are rules that should be put forth in a household for safety and other purposes o course but if parenting is all about control and having a perfect little robot, you have lost the plot early on. All the focus these types have on "breaking a child's will", leads to different levels of abuse.

song4him said...

Bible Believer, as an admirer of your work I'm getting the impression that on the subject of fathers and discipline I am picking up a tendency toward a strong aversion on your part, causing you to react uncharacteristically to these subjects, even in general. I think the following comment from over at Mr. Pear's website offers some balance to the subject:

October 31, 2011 at 1:19am
I just wanted to put my two cents worth in. I was raised in a very abbusive home but by the grace of God I now have a beautiful marriage, 4 wonderful children that we are training the best way we know how, (and lots of help from the Pearls) and we spank our children when needed, and they love us to pieces. Now on the other hand I have a sister that went to her marriage with the mentality that she will not do what my parents did, they do not spank their children, and she gets angry at her children on a very regular basis. She screams at her children all the time and her children are misserable brats that even my 7 and 5 year old children will coment on them when they have been with them that they don't want to be with them because "they're not very nice, and it's no fun being with them". What so many people fail to see is that God knew what was best for us, he knew what was best for our children and he still does! He says we should train our children, than that's what we should do! My father was angry with me and everyone-all the time! Now that is psychologically damaging, not being spanked. I would have rather been spanked 10 times a day than screamed at once. You don't beat your child, as with everything else, use your brain and commen sense! I was beaten when I was a child, so much so that I had a black and blue back and I couln't even sleep on my back, but there has been nothing easier to forgive than that, it's the anger, and many other things I won't mention that have been a lot harder, but possible. No, being angry at your children is NEVER a good thing, being grieved is one thing but not angry. God has always known best and always will, a million people doing the wrong thing does not make it right, one person doing which is right when no one else does it, is not wrong. Did you stroll through the comment section over there at all (Mr. Pearl's website)? Is there perhaps a bias on your part that could be affecting your reaction to the methods and teachings of this man? As well, I am picking up a strong almost "feminist" slant in some of your posts that has at times caused me to wonder what experiences or factors have inclined you to such a strong aversion to the subject of fathers and discipline in general (I'm speaking of the more general realms of these things, not to the extreme manifestations of these, which properly need to be called out.) I've been meaning to say something for some time about what appears as extreme aversion to subjects that in certain respects have the support of the Bible behind them. I am not attacking; these are genuine questions I have had, which I only bring up out of concern and a desire to understand what may be coloring your perception at times.//

I want to thank you for the EXCELLENT exposes you offer here for the benefit of us all. I am one who has moved away from Calvary Chapel b/c of things like abuses, blind devotion to leadership, compromises and discernment issues, and I have been happy to see someone addressing some of these serious issues. Thank you for your tireless work. You are obviously quite a capable researcher with an amazing array of subjects and a wonderful ability to churn out some substantive subject matter. (Q: How do you do it? *smile*)

To close, I ask you the above questions not to challenge you, but out of an honest desire to understand what, if anything in particular, has colored and shaped your responses in familial matters, causing the strong reaction on your part to subject of male and female roles in the family.

Lisa Ruby said...

Michael Pearl said, "'The techniques for training a human and an animal are the same"

The same techniques can indeed be successfully used if the desired result is compliance and nothing more.

God requires much more from parents than gaining compliance.

God's word says, "And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Ephesians 6:4

Children have fathers who can provoke them to wrath or bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The training of animals does not include nurturing and admonishing them in the Lord.

Bible Believer said...

Song4him, go read some of those links that show the occult markers on the Pearls website. I believe there are a lot of parents who mean well or who want help with their children going to that website, but they are going to be fed a lot of deception. I am not against spanking though I do think it should be limited to children in the right age group, and a rare punishment. What I am against is the control at all costs, domination that is presented by the Pearls, even their animal comments show what direction they are coming from. That is why there have been national cases of severe abuse or even children dying at the hands of abusive parents tied to the people who were known to use Pearl's methods. Did you read my article about Totalitarianism and Oppression of Youth? This is where this stuff is headed, breaking the will and spirit of children, not anything about loving discipline. Loving discipline where parents truly care for their children is different then the control them at all cost stuff I see coming out of SOME Dominionist "Christian" circles. I agree with Lisa, that God requires much more from parents then compliance, and she quotes Ephesians 6:4: there is supposed to be NUTURANCE there and admonishing children in the Lord. Nuturance isn't beatings and demanding strict obedience on every little thing but is about having a human relationship with a child.

I have seen the people who do the scream-a-thon thing, and do not spank, but the discipline there is failing, especially if they scream and there is never any consequences for behavior or any true relationship. One grows more deaf as they schreech at children who have already tuned out. When parents set themselves up as adversaries to their own children, that is when failures like that start up. Why else would God's word warn about provoking to wrath? The saddest thing is thought, the lady in that letter isn't going to fix anything by starting to spank her kids to accompany all the screaming, she needs to form an actual relationship with them and bring in the NURTURANCE part too with the discipline. In fact spanking in that case, the door would be wide open to abuse. Parents need to have an actual relationship with love, with their children where the child wants to please the parent, and learn from them naturally.

Bible Believer said...

I have been all over the PEARL website and why I see honestly distraught parents, I see a lot of weird advice and subtle disturbing things coming from their end. On this blog entry I talked about some of what I saw...


With the "feminist slant" you see, I am not a feminist-a movement forwarded by those who wanted to strip families apart and give more power to the state, but neither am I a supporter of patriarchy where women becoming blindly obedient chattel.

This article will help explain where I come from regarding feminism and patriarchy.

Tell me what you think after reading that article. All of us have life experiences that may color our preceptions so I know that is something we all have to face and deal with. Some have had jobs where they have seen the outcomes of very bad parenting. Others have had different upbringings where they were not brought up in a Christian household. I do think that there is an overall trend, no matter one's experiences, where something is being influenced between children and parents and it is not good. All the James Dobson, Michael Pearl, "make them submit or else stuff" has taken a major cultural influence among Christiandom and I do not think it is a good trend. It is something that replicates the authoritarianism and burgeoning police state in society and bringing it to the home.


This is an interesting article by an ex-Quiverful lady who questions the authoritarian parent, I found the chart there of interest.


I like how she points out the matters of grace and loosening the reins as children mature. The grace is missing in these extreme authoritarian "parenting methods".

Thanks for your compliments on my articles, I am glad you have moved away from Calvary Chapel.

I hope those blog articles will answer more questions. Please email me if you have any further questions.