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From News4themasses: "Converging Church"

From News4themasses:

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"Converging Church"

The Converging Church.

What is the “Converging Church?” The Emerging church although dangerous is an effect of a particular causality that goes unreported by those great Discernment groups that the Evangelical “Non-Denomination” church bodies have come to rely upon for revelation. The Converging Church is the culmination of the false church and it’s pseudo-discernment groups that started the most dangerous movement of all. The groups that warn about the Emerging Church fail blatantly and I suppose purposely to tell you that those in the Emerging Church came from the non-denomination seeker-driven first church, Calvary Chapel. The wolves that the long standing Discernment groups have been warning you of wouldn’t have their place in the apostasy if it weren’t for the original doves of the counter culture neo-evangelical movement known as Calvary Chapel.

These groups will tell you about Bill Hybels and Doug Pagitt and Tony Campolo, yet they will not tell you that these guys got their “opportunity” via an original Emerging church known to many as Calvary Chapel. Chuck Smith and his band of men in the “early days” of the “Jesus People Movement” laid the foundation of which the Emergent and Seeker church has blossomed.

I notice some time ago, how Calvary Chapel would warn about *safe* things like Rick Warren and the Emergent church leaving more important things out in it's variety of bible conference and related pseudo-discernment ministries. Debating with two people I ended up separating from as we disagreed whole-heartedly about Calvary Chapel saying "Look they are warning about some things but they are hiding many others", they refused to listen. These preachers could do not wrong to those folks, and they would not check them out.  That is often how deception works, warn about some "safe" things and then introduce lies and cover ups regarding others. This is why I heard Jacob Prasch [not officially Calvary Chapel himself but a popular teacher in those circles] at one of those Red River Bible Conferences online, warn about Rick Warren, but then praise Billy Graham all in the same lecture. What's the use of that? The P.E.A.C.E crowd is going the same place the Lausanne one is!

It is interesting always to me how they decried the Emergent church as another road to Rome, but Calvary Chapel was always on the road to Rome with the help of Billy Graham and his minions. Later on of course, the stuff about Calvary Chapel's involvement with the Knights of Malta Boykin and others would be exposed. This hides the error of Calvary Chapel and it's origins itself, news4themasses has that exactly correct.

News4themasses then displays this video:

And yes that is one of those moments where Calvary Chapel does more of that FALSE WARNING, to keep many people confused as if they are against the new world order, and the new global order? Wow....That is how deep and insidious the deception goes.

Remember what I wrote some time ago about there being layers of deception? Well it's not just the OVERT NEW AGERS doing this to you, but many of the false hirelings in the pulpit. Why do they do it? Because they know it works. They can mix truth and lies into one giant stinking bubbling stew and know many will drink it unquestioningly, because they hear some nicely appointed guy in a casual Hawaiian shirt, who knows a bit of Bible and buy everything he is selling because he says he is a born again Christian like them. These are not ordinary people who are trying to just share their sincere insights or ideas but those connected into a spiderweb that has many agendas laid out, that have been exposed in a variety of places. Like the Calvary Chapel bunch really care about the "global police state" or people losing their privacy? Any of you hear of any of them lately speaking out against TSA or the recent new possible law wanting to turn America into a "battlefield" while they hobnob with high level Christian Zionists? Because I sure haven't. Why warn about Iphones that track people when some of your "co-workers" and top preachers are hanging out with Knights of Malta folks who are helping implement the global antichrist surveillance system?

News4themasses writes the following regarding the video, again they use the deception of focus on Rick Warren to claim they are the "good guys" and to claim they are against the globalism and the new world order. Notice their friend Koenig,  just happened to be invited to a CFR meeting like anyone can just show up...Oh really?

David Hocking (Restored by Chuck Smith following an affair and ever since loyal to the Calvary Chapel Deception) begins to state that Bill Koenig (“journalist” for the White House and “Discerner” who gets into CFR meetings, Neocon, false prophet) gained entry to a CFR meeting where Bill Clinton is discussing global events and so happens to bring up Rick Warren (Emergent/Seeker Sensitive Heretic Globalist Extraordinare). Apparantly “Rick” according to Bill via Hocking, is Dangerous! Oh me oh my! Rick is an “Interfaith” demon let loose on the UN and Davos as if we didn’t already know. This video was posted in April 2009. Notice the three men in the video: David Hocking (Hope For Today, Compass Speaker) Jack Hibbs (Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Watchman on the Wall, AFA) and John Higgins (Calvary Chapel Tri-City, Shiloh Commune Centers (past and present), In The Days, Godly Conferences, Compass Speaker). Not one of these ‘godly men’ who have the ability to warn many made any objection to Rick Warren appearing only months later at Harvest 2009 with Greg Laurie. The discernment crowd that had held Rick Warren’s feet to the fire for his Ecumenical ties, made no mention of Chuck’s embrace of ‘his brother-in-Christ’ on that bright sunny day in Anaheim. The multitudes remained quiet. Why?

I never saw any of them peep a word either when just months later, Greg Laurie and Chuck Smith were with Rick Warren as News4themasses mentions.

Odd they tell us in the video to be "very discerning", well some of us have taken that advice and their actions and words ARE NOT ADDING UP.

When there are so many things that do not add up like that, you know you are being duped. News4themasses is very correct about that.


clothedandinmyrightmind said...

I understand the desire to discern and to stay away from the badguys; however, I've learned over the years not to depend on groups, movements, individuals or "ministries" to do the work the Holy Spirit is supposed to do in my life.

It sounds, from what the article describes, that most people are stuck in the "not as bad as ____________" rut and if that's the case then they have bigger things to worry about. That said, it seems that the larger part of American Christianity can't survive outside of their particular spiritual element, be it good or bad. In the OT, God seemed to be always judging Israel and Judah except for a remnant and that's the mindset serious modern Christians have to get themselves into as deception grows and the days grow darker.

Bible Believer said...

There are many now what I called "scattered sheep" realizing that it is them and following the Holy Spirit. The numbers of hirelings and false "ministries" out there is so high, it can be a very lonely feeling. I know I warn about the "bad guys" here, but yes, especially in these days, one needs to follow God first and not let some Bible teacher or "ministry" direct their life. There are tons stuck in the "not as bad as" rut, only thing that is sad is many of the "not so bad" crowd are behind the scenes working with the "really bad" crowd.

I agree about the remnant and that being the mindset Christians need to get themselves into.

John Chingford said...

Please check out this following article:

"New Calvinism. Explaining And Exposing This Latest Ecumenical and Apostate Movement Which Is Taking The Church By Storm" on
which nicely lines up with your article.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for sharing your article, I see Calvinism honestly as a branch of Rome and another harlot. While there are a few Calvinists [White Horse Publications] who expose Rome as the harlot, most are involved in the ecumenical movement and look to the same false councils and 'church history" that Roman Catholicism does. So even in the case of James White, who 'exposes Rome", his praise for Augustine and other false church fathers would be an example of what I am talking about. [or even taking what any of the early deceivers had to take seriously]

Some may be shocked to hear that but Calvin was a massive deceiver.

I wrote this against Calvinism a long time ago on the blog.
I believe Calvinism is VERY influenced by the Jesuits too, and part of the Dominionist movement though not every Dominionist is a Calvinist and vice versa.

Calvinism is definitely invested in the earthly church system, and history of the "christian church" looking to early church fathers and worldly attributes. It does seem to have grown massively as an influence in evangelical seminaries.

You asked this question in your article...
"In fact, could it be
that this new movement is actually another work of Jesuits or some other Catholic counter-reformation influence, to weaken the position of protestant Christianity and therefore bring them back into the submission to Rome?"

Oh definitely.

I even suspect Calvin himself was in with them somehow though it's not an area I've had time to study, he bears the marks. Even replicating putting people to the stake, shows his influences.

Yeah Piper is not only in with the Lausanne Movement but the Patriarchy movement as well especially via the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

I noticed you mentioned Augustine too as I read through the article. Now I never went to a seminary, but acouple years after I was saved, I did read some snippets of those early church fathers, Augustine, Origen and the rest, and decided they were all false. I remember online debates and the rest. They are used endless to defend Rome's false doctrines such as the Eucharist. So many use them to deceive and mislead.

Thanks for the article very interesting. Yes the Calvinists are part of the Converging church as coined by news4themasses too, another road to Rome. The majority are full blown ecumenical.

John Chingford said...

Thanks for replying. I intend to read through those articles. Looks like we are on the same page.

Just as a matter of interest, how can I get youtube videos to appear as a screen (rather than just a url)within the body of my articles on blogger? I notice that you have found a way.

I started my blog in Jan 2010. I notice you started yours JUST 3 months later: interesting!

Out of interest, I am wondering how your viewing and contributory figures compare to mine - seeings we have been in operation a similar length of time. Maybe we can learn from each other? I have kept records since May 2010. If you look at my blog you will see the pages viewed and the number of visits. I have had quite a number of different contributors - maybe 30 or so, but only about 6 who regularly write.

Are you more successful? If so, how so? Your blog is much more simplified than mine.

Also I notice that you have nothing on your profile page (which would therefore appear in search engines) so has nothing in the profile to to attract people to your site yet you have had more profile views than me. Why do you think that is?

What is your secret? Maybe I haven't properly set up for connecting with search engines effectively?

I ask because those who find my site feel my message should be made available to the masses, but few seem to find it.

Thanks and God bless

Bible Believer said...

To post videos, you have to press the share button on Youtube or wherever it's at and get the "embed code" and make sure you have pressed the html tab and then copy and paste it into the text. You have to do it at least on blogspot on the html tab and then you can swtich back to compose.

With pictures, you have to save them to your computer, and then have to download it via blogster. There you press on the little image square at the top, and you can download an image.

It does look like you have more followers. One way to check your blogs traffic, is I was told that if you show up more immediately in searches that means higher traffic, but not sure about that. One thing you can promote your website on different message boards and pass out the links on different websites/other blogs. That sometimes will help, though I am kind of lax in that myself. I really like what you had to say here on your profile...

". I continuously modify and re evaluate my overall theological position as I go along, whenever I am proved right or wrong by scripture. I do NOT rigidly hold on to any specific theological position if the Bible contradicts it"

I believe we should always be testing ourselves with scripture.

One thing doing this we do not want to get caught up in numbers. I was convicted to try and ignore that, and do not quote the traffic here, though I have admitted before I do get foreign visitors. You want to keep working on your blog even if it only has a few visitors if you are warning and following what God wants you to do. I would continue this blog even if barely anyone read it. In today's Christian world, those who have seperated from the church system and who warn about things we do, definitely are in the minority.

It does seem you get a good amount of comments on your articles so definitely someone is reading.

John Chingford said...


I followed your instructions. I have my first videos inserted successfully now. Thanks for all your help.