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Saw this on the internet, sorry for the line about Christians being "silly", but hey they are right. Why don't people examine these holidays closer?

ALL those holidays have their pagan origins.

They are sadly right about the names of the days of week, I use them myself, to communicate but realize WHO they are named after in the English language. With the rest of the holidays, Christmas is basically recycled Saturnalia and the winter solistice:

Check this video out regarding the history of Christmas, I do not agree with everything, [I do believe in the trinity] but the history is interesting especially that of the evergreen trees.

Here is another one, maybe turn down the music on this one...[I do not agree with everything regarding the ministry it does lead to at the end especially about the book of Enoch, but the warnings against Christmas are true]

It's tough, with Christmas, I try not to battle people on that one, they need to be born again, to even understand the biblical edicts warnings about Christmas. At times I have worried even going to community events that I have sinned being surrounded by some trappings of Christmas.  I think a Christmas tree even got caught in the background of a group picture at a dinner I went to with a family member. People's homes are plastered in this stuff too.  The other day, I had some folks ask "Why aren't there any Christmas decorations at your place?" There are people I have warned with brochures warning about Christmas, who threw them aside.

Well I am praying.  This time of year being literally surrounded by this stuff, it can be very difficult,  and most of the people when it comes to these holidays simply do not know.  Lately I am praying about "how do I tell people"? This definitely is an issue, that is even tough to share among seasoned "Christians".  Want to make someone angry? Question the sacred cow of Christmas. Oh, this is not an easy one. Those who reject Christmas are few and far between.  A church even in the fundamentalist baptist world that is not plastered with Christmas trees around Dec 25, even if they do not have a special service on that day is extremely rare. Why do so few churches or preachers even deal with this subject?

I have warned against Christmas on my blog before:

"The Truth About Christmas"

The pagans out there DO claim it for their OWN.


Anonymous said...

John R. Rice was a hero of the faith, strong fundamentalist and preacher of the Gospel who has gone to his reward. Whenever I see Christians get all bent out of shape and put themselves under Law about celebrating Christmas I refer back to what this godly man who loved the Lord Jesus and gave his life to reach the lost had to say on the subject.

Bible Believer said...

How does rejecting a false pagan holiday put someone under the law? Look, I understand many kind people who mean well and just do not know better celebrate Christmas. We are surrounded by it in this culture. I believe one can visit with family and eat meals with people and not be in sin, even if it's on Christmas, and one can give presents-other times of the year, every Christian will have to decide where that line stands for them with God. Even the other day, I ate a meal with people where a Christmas tree was in the room as mentioned above. I didn't know it'd be put up before hand, but there it was.

But the holiday itself, is FALSE. I went to read Rice's article, that you post. He is right about the celebration of Christmas, they bring presents, bright shiny lights and many "enjoyable" things but this does not change the truth about the pagan roots of Christmas or that this is a holiday that is not truly Christian in any shape or form. I try to reach people in love myself, if I get sent a Christmas card, I am not going to shred it in front of people's faces or get angry at them. Sometimes the cards are religious, many simply do not know. This is a holiday with scads of well meaning people who follow it.

I used to think MYSELF that Col 2:16 allowed celebration of Christmas, or "it's an ok for them but not for me sort of stance", but the more I thought about it, what is *holy* about the things of Satan, and pagan festivals? This verse was meant for then Jewish holidays. It was not God saying it is ok to be joined with the things of Baal.

Col 2:16 "Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:"

I try not to judge or criticize anyone about Christmas though I warn who I am led too, after all I celebrated it YEARS myself not knowing better and reading that verse in JEr 10 against trees being taken indoors and decorated with silver and gold is what woke me up.

Bible Believer said...

Rice goes on to write...

"1. “December 25 Is Not Really Christ’s Birthday”

The Bible does not tell us exactly when Christ was born, and there are no other trustworthy sources from which we can learn the time. Therefore, some think it wrong to observe Christmas."

Even here Rice gets it wrong, one question I have why are we celebrating the birthday of an *ETERNAL BEING*. JEsus CHRIST is ETERNAL, ok He came as man [as a baby] to earth, but where are we in the Bible TOLD to celebrate His Birthday as if He has a *finite* beginning like us?

Yes think about that one. Even that is blasphemy!

Even the timing is all off, regarding the Shepherds etc. Do you not think it would offend God for the "birthdays" of false pagan 'gods" to be used as the day too? All I know is God makes His will clear in the Bible about what Christians are supposed to do when it comes to pagan things.

Rice goes on to write this...

"2. “Christmas Means Only ‘Christ’s Mass’—a Catholic Holiday”

We are told that the name of Christmas comes from “Christ’s Mass,” that it was instituted by Catholics and therefore good Protestants ought not to observe it.

That objection seems a little foolish. Nearly all the names we have, we inherited from the heathen. Many cities, towns, counties and rivers in America have Indian names. But when we see the Susquehanna River or read of Shawnee, Oklahoma or Comanche, Texas, we are not thinking about the Indians. And the names have no connotation of heathendom. Names mean what they mean, no matter what the origin."

Sure we are stuck with some pagan names. Even I get stuck using the name Saturday so people know what day we mean, but this holiday is not a forced lingustic item used for the sake of communication. Catholic MASS, means Christ MASS. Also Rice ignores history here, as Christmas was outlawed among Protestants in many places until the mid 1800s where it became acceptable.

Rice gets something wrong here:

"So if heathens used December 25 for idolatry, why should Christians not use it now to honor Jesus Christ and His birth? Whatever day we set aside to honor Christ, it will be a day somebody else has used for bad purposes."

It is still a day used for idolatry, think of the materialism and greed even implicit within Christmas. Also when I was Catholic I heard those same things regarding their pagan holidays, festivals and inculturation of pagan things. They would tell me "We have conquered them for christ", look at this website and what I have warned of the last acouple of years, and realize how that has led so many astray! The evangelicals have embraced that belief too!

His dismissal of Jer 10 is frankly a huge stretch. I know the pagan occult world makes massive use of the evergreen for symbols, even the Vatican itself has giant pine cone statues for a reason, even that story does not cover up that fact.

I am glad he is against lying to children about Santa Claus.

The Bible warns us over and over again we are to separate ourselves from unclean things, heathen practices. Look at how the unbelieving world loves Christmas!

I think many of these preachers, backed tracked on Christmas because the price of speaking out would be outraged congregations and lost numbers in the pews. Who wants to give up the *fun* of Christmas?

Bible Believer said...

To the poster who wrote I was showing 'my pagan roots" whatever that means, it helps the pagans for Christians to celebrate "Christmas" why because it helps with compromise and helps them embrace even more false holidays like Halloween. Oh some of you clean up the language of your posts if you expect them to be posted here.

Anonymous said...

I don't celebrate Christmas. We believe like the Messianics that Jesus was born on the Feast of Tabernacles(usually in September-it was in Sept. during those years Jesus was likely born). I believe that John the Baptist was conceived after his father's eighth course in the temple(Luke 1:5,8KJ and I Chronicles 24:10KJ) and Jesus was 6 months younger than John the Baptist. We attended a Messianic church in the eighties. We do have a turkey dinner-everyone is off of work. My husband gives gift cards for the grandchildren this time of year. Rod & Staff(Crockett,KY) has a tract on Santa-we never did Santa with our children. lasttrumpetministries has a DVD and tracts on Christmas-free/donation. may havr articles on Christmas.-Taryn

Anonymous said... has online tracts about Christmas. Today I was watching children's tv with my two-year-old granddaughter and an image of Santa was on the screen. She told me that he was getting ready. We are all brainwashed at an early age. One of the reasons that I didn't stop celebrating Christmas was because I didn't want to be like the Jehovah Witnesses. Now I don't care what other people think. My granddaughter walked into my house the other day saying that grandma doesn't like Christmas trees. I just laughed-you have to have a sense of humor. Our three daughters-in-law don't understand but I pray they all will be born again(John 3 KJ). I have an atheist uncle and I understand how he got that way. I pray for him also. I have 3 tracts(two from lasttrumpetministries and one from Rod & Staff) about Christmas on the refrigerator with KJ Scripture magnets from Rod & Staff. Everyone has been so programmed(to be good consumers,etc.) I don't know if they will read them. -Taryn

Bible Believer said...

Hey Tayrn, I believe you mean well and I even for short time visited Last Trumpet Ministries, I thought here is a guy that seems to be the real deal, and warning about NWO issues too. But then, I listened to a bunch of his sermons online and with growing horror, realizing he was using numerology, and occult numerology CONSTANTLY where I could not excuse it. It was not part of an expose such as a Christian warning about the use of 11, by the NWO as a date marker or even 666 but as an occultist using the numbers. I was very deeply disturbed. This is a ministry I wanted to be true and my disappointment was pretty immense. Now they can be good for information, but be careful over there. There are so few warning about Christmas. Some of the online tracts are good about Christmas over on Dial The Truth Ministries. This is one of the best I've seen...

I know I've had a few people ask me if I am a Jehovah Witness when they have noticed no Christmas trees where I live, and other things. Most people do not understand the Christmas thing, I try to keep a sense of humor about it, and know with this one has to tread carefully and try to give out truth as much as possible. I will pray for your daughter in laws. I haven't checked out Rod& Staff, guess I should, see how theirs are.

Yeah with Christmas people have been programmed. It is hard one. Even people who are of other religions, Jewish, atheist, Buddhists, have joined the Christmas parade in many instances.

Anonymous said...

Look at the photo of Pastor Dave Meyer at he has those strange eyebrows. That online tract at av1611 was very good. -Taryn

Bible Believer said...

Yeah you are right, he has those eyebrows too.

Perhaps they are used as a marker of a sort. I am not sure, just do not know, may be a bad fashion choice. It does seem odd when people comb their eye brows to peak in the middle like that.

Glad you liked the 1611 online tract.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer....all I can say is Amen and Amen.

You are right on..keep up the good fight!

Christian Cerna said...

Yes, this article is true, and another sad commentary on the state of modern Christianity. Christians claim to be superior to Catholics, because Catholics are ignorant, and follow traditions of men rather than the Bible. But we do the same. There are so many man made traditions in Christian Churches that we take part in, without questioning why we do them. And if someone begins to question these things, he is seen as someone who is trying to stir up division, or is being legalistic. How can people possibly think that Santa Clause and Reindeer and snowmen have anything to do with the birth of Christ? This is almost as bad as people who celebrate Easter with bunnies and eggs.

Anonymous said...

Scripture clearly gives us enough information to establish that Jesus was born on one of the Fall feast days (based upon the cycle of Zachariah's cycle in the temple duties and Elisabeth's pregnancy in relation to Mary's). Further, we can see that this was most likely the feast of tabernacles as "The word became flesh and *tabernacled* among us." Google it: Messiah born on feast of tabernacles.

Rioghann Crow said...

I can't believe how rude and disrespectful these people are regarding other peoples faiths. I'm a Pagan... I believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe in.

Anonymous said...

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