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Caryl Matrisciana, Wide is The Gate and The Council For National Policy

I found these videos on the Fanatic for Jesus blog, they are from Caryl Matrisciana and Caryl Productions. It is interesting to me that Johanna Michelson is one of the main narrators for the second one. More on her later. These two videos warn about the Emergent movement and are trailers for a new release called "Wide is the Gate":

I agree with the information against the Emergent church and the false charismatics. I have posted against the Emergent church myself on this blog several times. However, I do not get excited anymore when I see videos or bible conferences warning about the Emergent movement. Even if the films hold some truths, and the Emergent movement is very evil, remember what I have told you that such warnings about the Emergent movement were numerous in Calvary Chapel while behind the scenes they hob-nobbed with the likes of Knights of Malta member Boykin and advanced other errors. It is one of those "safe" areas to warn about. They can warn about those introducing eastern religions to the church and the erosion of absolute truth while bringing in new errors to confuse people with or to cover up even worse deceptions. 

I have run across the name Caryl Matrisciana many times, in my research, that is a name that pops up constantly in all sorts of places.

Why warn of the Catholic church bringing in the Emergent movement if you or your family members have been involved with Council of National Policy? Now family members could be involved in something, a saved family member does not agree with but this is a different story. I am serious about that question. The Council for National Policy has many Catholic  members in it, one name [now deceased] is Paul Weyrich, [see here too] he isn't the only Catholic member.  Mormons have been members as well.

With the CNP, follow the Knights of Malta links, that is where it gets interesting.
Many of the names here are like a who's who list for the CNP. So why for goodness sakes WOULD ANY CHRISTIAN who knows about CNP, and KNIGHTS of MALTA, trust any pastor, teacher, etc. linked to either? If I find out any teacher is a member [barring those who have fully repented and warns about the group and I haven't seen that yet], that is enough to walk away.

Caryl's  husband Pat Matrisciana is definitely said to be a member of the Council of National Policy.

"Pat Matrisciana - CNP Membership Roster (1999). Owner and president, Jeremiah Films which has produced over 60 documentaries including Pagan Invasion and No Second Chance; chairman, Citizens for Honest Government which produced The Clinton Chronicles, The Death of Vince Foster: What Really Happened? and Obstruction of Justice; Academy Award nominee. Citizens for Honest Government Board Member, Carol Steinke, also sits on the board of a Scientology front, Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR). Pat Matrisciana produced a video against 60 Minutes after the latter's expose of Scientology."

Here is another membership list:

See here:

See who else is on that list?

Lest anyone think that the people claiming a connection between the Matriscianas and the CNP have got it wrong and are just "crack pot conspiracy theorists", well, members of the CNP are quoted right on the Jeremiah Films website.

Caryl has worked with Jeremiah Films, in fact her husband Pat Marisciana is owner and president of Jeremiah Films. Here is a whole page screen shot....sorry it's so small, but I enlarge the important part below.

Here is one of the films. This one may hold truths too about homosexuality as well,  actually the Nazis were anti-homosexual but had plenty of closeted homosexuals in their ranks, but they really did send homosexuals to the camps. But notice who is quoted there? Steve Baldwin executive director, Council for National Policy. 

Jeremiah Films also is connected to Tim Lahaye, Chuck Missler, and other teachers I have warned about on this blog. They also are used for quotes regarding the videos and DVDs to promote them.

I have warned about the CNP before on this blog.

This is what I am talking about where you will be warned of one thing while behind the curtain, worse deceptions are forwarded. Here Stan Monteith, another purported member of the CNP, introduces Caryl Martisciana to talk about spiritual warfare.

here is a shorter video outlining one of her talks:

If she can discern these things, about the New Age and false religions, why not about the CNP, Dominionism and what is connected to that group? It is interesting how she points out about people being indoctrinated. She does speak truth about Harry Potter and other matters, but what about the full picture? That is why I remind my readers here, the false teachers can warn about some truths but introduce other deceptions. Having anything to do with Dominionism, the Council for National Policy, and it's related organization is of total wickedness. 

Here is another interesting tidbit, Caryl Martisciana, is considered an author for LighthouseTrails? Now that I think about it, she did have a lot of articles over there.

And do you remember who did a Bible conference with her last May? The networks go deep don't they? I have been thinking and praying about this. You think about someone who has spent literally years, going to "warn" Christians, and then find out the connections they have and the teachers they support, it is pretty scary. People can make mistakes, and/or take time to be shown something by the Lord, but something is very different about these networks.


Anonymous said...

Pat Matrisciana is a confessed CIA (read: USA wing of the vatican intelligence agency) operative, who also claimed to found the Jesus people in the 60's and 70's.

Deeply connected.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I've read that too. Many believe the Jesus Movement was an "intelligence" operation. I remember reading too his claim that he invented "jesus freaks".

May I Not Clang said...
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Anonymous said...

Found this website with the info that I think you two are referencing above:

Scott Wasinski said...

It is interesting that once you go down enough rabbit holes, your discernment becomes much greater, and even though I have found many profound truths in Stan's "Brotherhood of Darkness" message, I just had a suspicion that he might be a double agent.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Constance Cumbey said...

I was appalled at what I learned were Pat Matrisciana's policies. However, in condemning Caryl (now recently deceased of cancer), you may have overlooked or not known that long before you wrote your blog articles and before she made these recent films of the production, she was rudely dumped and divorced by Pat Matrisciana for a wealthy woman who could sustain his longed for lifestyle. Caryl was my direct source of information on this. Her motives were pure. I do believe his (Pat Matrisciana's) were quantitatively and qualitatively different. He took all the assets of Jeremiah Films and she started over on her own with a different business name. If you want to talk with me about this directly you can contact me at my own blogspot or at My phone number is listed. I prefer my landline and my number is 248-253-0333.

Constance E. Cumbey