Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Variety of Links #3

"Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices That Governments, Police, Big Corporations And Stalkers Can Use To Easily Track Your Movements" I guess this would apply to all the I-pads and other devices too. Something to think about. One thing they can trace it down, even if it is turned OFF and some have written they can pick up conversations too. The article describes even the "marketing researchers" keeping track of what stores people go into.

"Who is the Most Influential Christian Leader in the US: Survey" Billy Graham and the Pope are mentioned, no surprises there. Avoid religious celebrities and those that the world "loves".

"Entering The Realm of the Antichrist" Jesus is Savior website [I do not agree with him on Pretrib and a few other things but the site has many good things to offer] warns about the new chipping of driver's licenses and other developments.

"QuiverMeTimbers" [language warning] This young man seems to be someone who was hurt, by falling in love with a young lady in an extreme Quiverful Patriarchy family. These movements don't just enslave and hurt young girls, but men too. He is a Christian but now exposing the horrible things in that movement.

"And to those of you who practice QF who "mean well", you've been duped. Your belief is nothing but a stool pigeon of the dominionist movement. It has nothing to do with God. It has everything to do with numbers. Like I wrote here...

"Hmmm. So how do we get the numbers we need? I've got it! Breeding! But if we tell our people to just start outbreeding everyone, that'll never really sell. Sounds kinda kooky and cultic. Hmmm. So how do we do this? Hmmm. I've got it! We'll make it biblical! We'll tie it into their faith and godliness and stuff! We'll give 'em the Kool-aid under the guise of homeschooling and "family values" and stuff! They'll never even notice! Someone get Mary Pride in here ASAP!"

Also see the article on "Courtship"

There is a lot of interesting comments there...

A core problem with the courtship model is the question of whether or not a person is capable and adult enough to make decisions on their own.

Courtship removes responsibility and judgment from the people who should have already learned that responsibility and judgment and should be exercising it for themselves.

The Bible states that through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, we have direct access to the throne room of God. On that terrible and wonderful day, the VEIL WAS TORN. Our High Priest is Christ and our comforter is the Holy Spirit. Our personal relationship has no one in between us. Not parents, not spouses, not siblings, not godparents, not pastors, not elders, not deacons.

Either we can hear for ourselves WITHOUT outside influence, or we cannot.

Courtship defies the personhood of those subject to it and also questions whether or not that person is capable of living life.

Without answers to these core issues, courtship is in defiance of life

"The Victorian Era Fantasy"
I've brought up that issue before in these Vision Forum/Quiverful circles how the past is glorified.


Bible Believer said...

To the poster that wrote me about David J. Stewart. I do put up links where I do not agree with everything that person does or believes, ie, I know he is Pre-Trib and seems to have odd complaints about Jack Chick. That link was for info regarding RFID. There are so many wolves out there, that even finding websites free of them is getting harder and harder, so sometimes I will post links FOR INFORMATION. That is what I did in that case and wrote that I did not agree with him on everything.

I will look at the links you gave me. If those things are true, it is a disappointment and I hope he has fully repented. I had serious concerns with David J. Meyers, where I even listened to his sermons and heard ENDLESS numerology and other occult markers. I also remembered on another thread asking you to SHOW me false teachings or connections on Scott Johnson and have NOT heard anything back yet.

Bible Believer said...

By the way, I can tell YOU have an agenda, which is why your posts are NOT going up. You seem intent on proving me false claiming I am selling people "poisoned wells of information", I tell everyone here to check out people for themselves including everything written on this blog. If you were sincere, you have written me with a much different attitude, of telling me new information instead of what I am seeing. With David J. Stewart, I DO NOT AGREE with him on everything, PreTrib etc, but it is a website that actually warns about things pertaining to the new world order, which is RARE out there. I hope he is legit and not disinformation, but then there is the possibility there are many would be unhappy with that aspect of his website alone if you get my drift.

Bible Believer said...

If anyone sees a teacher on here or website, they want to warn me about, go ahead, I'd rather know the information but I can tell when this is done in sincerity and when it is NOT.

Anonymous said...

The original person that first put up the accusations on the internet about David J. Steward actually discredited themselves and said they aren't sure it is the same guy.

Bible Believer said...

Its a very common name even with the middle initial....I just didn't see the *PROOF*. I wasn't sure it was the same guy even reading what they had. Where did they say they weren't sure?

I don't know the facts here, if its him or not...thats why I left his links and response down.

I know that people who do any watchmen activities, have the danger of having lies told about them. It happens even on message boards where you think no one would care but trust me Satan's workers do, and if you are stirring up too much trouble like talking too openly about Rome's interfaith plans, they will make up anything.

So God knows the truth about this one. As I said check everyone and everything out let God lead.

Anonymous said...

Here is the thing: Let's argue for a moment that the accusations are true. That David J. Stewart is really fully guilty of all the things accused of.

Would that change the truth of words that he put up on the internet?

This whole idea of "discrediting the person's words because of the person's actions" is FALSE.


David committed murder and adultery.

After that...

The Lord used David to write Scripture (Psalm 51, which is about the whole issue of murder and adultery).

Now, would anyone of any persuasion like to take Psalm 51 out of the Bible?

Therefore if what David J. Stewart says is true on his site, then, in terms of proclaiming truth at least, it doesn't matter whether he is guilty of the crimes or not.

But having said that, I don't agree with at least one thing on his site. That one thing being, he is very anti-semitic, and that is a terrible sin and false doctrine.

Bible Believer said...

I agree with you, it would not change the truth of the words he put on the internet.

I did not put up that person's posts, because it had links to all those websites, and to me they didn't prove their case, and also while many people would have clean legal records [who even knows if that is the same Stewart?], they can dig up dirt on anyone.

Someone could write "Biblebeliever was a witch!" and be accurate in that I did dabble in Wicca/Theosophy as a UU and have admitted that multiple times on here.

Very few human beings are perfect, they could dig up all sorts of stuff but to be frank if they can't find anything "juicy" enough there are many who have no problems just making something up. Once on a message board, I had some Jesuit type, [I was warning about Catholic church and interfaith things back them] tell everyone, ---- "is a drug addict!" They will use whatever their imaginations can come up with.

One thing about the NWO, and I am not automatically applying this to Stewart or that website, I could see them trumping up charges on anyone they deem "problematic" enough.

There are many who do love trying to discredit people's words via their actions.

I agree about David in the Bible and the rest. Thanks for pointing that out.I do not agree with you that he is anti-semitic, but have to admit I have not read every page on the website. I know he stands against Christian Zionism like I do. But remember I see Christian Zionism as a set up betrayal of Jewish people as well. I disagree with David on Pre-Trib, which is not a salvation issue and some things that borderline patriarchy--[not sure he really has investigated those fully] and his view of Hyles.