Sunday, November 27, 2011

Occult and Witchcraft Books Dominating Among Young People

Click on picture to enlarge, notice the focus on witches, occult, and the supernatural?

This is getting to be a problem, and I am noticing it as well, while I grew up on books like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and the Little House on the Prairie series, children and teens are being sold MOSTLY occult books. The other day, I noticed one of my young male relatives reading a book, I said, "Hey let me check that out." He was reading this book...

It seems that every book in the series has a different dragon on it, and I flipped through it, and one of of the front leaf pages, was a focus on one of the eyes of the dragon. In one of the books in the series, "Eragon", here is a online snapshot, the book "Inheritance" as well had a picture of ONE of the dragon eyes as well. Well as you know, I have written on what the ONE EYE symbolism represents.

I have to admit I was a bit disturbed. The plot is very Harry Potterish, young man rides dragons, fights with different "spellcasters" and other aspects of the fantasy genre. I know in the case of this relative, his Catholic school read all of the Harry Potter books aloud in class, and they were extremely popular.  Books do influence people, my own youthful interest in the occult was awaken by Madeleine L'Engel's "A Wrinkle In Time". I was precocious enough to get some of the deeper meanings of the book, but without any biblical training or salvation was ripe for the picking. The Christians protesting this book for it's occult training, some of it is actually very deep dealing with inside changes in consciousness, were correct. Even the covers are totally occult full of symbols...

From the 1970s...

and today it's even worse:

Later in the day, I was in the book store, and decided to take a look myself at the teen and young people's books, and realized MOST concerned the occult in some way. It was actually shocking. The "Twilight" series which promoted vampires was very popular for a long time, but that is just one book series, the focus on books, that dealt with magic, witchcraft, and possession  actually PREDOMINATED. The luciferian powers that be do want to get to young people and lest someone state, "oh it's only fantasy", this sort of stuff does influence children and young people to explore Wicca, reject Christianity and seek after mysticism and the occult as adults.  As I have admitted in my testimony here, I studied aspects of the occult, and was into Theosophy while in the UU church, often, when I flip through books like Harry Potter, it is not just the outward selling of magic and evil, but they include a LOT of more subtle messages in the books as well. Very few know this for example but the "muggles"  in Harry Potter were named after the Muggletonians, a radical Protestant sect in the 1700s, interesting, that Rowling, gave that name to those who were born without "magic" abilities. The books are full of these multi-layers of meaning. This happens in many of the rest of them too.

Here are a couple of examples of what they are selling young people today:

" If anyone was likely to fall in with a cult of beauty-enhancing Donna Reeds it wouldn't be Alexis. Even less so if it was led by an evil spirit, since Alexis has just started recovering from the trauma of last year, when her sister was possessed by a vengeful spirit and tried to kill the whole family. But as Alexis tries to help out her socially awkward sister, it is exactly what happens. Alexis ends up oath-sworn to Aralt, who has the power to make women "pretty". How can she fight him? And why would she want to- when it means giving up a successful future"?

"Nancy Holder has created an incredibly spooky tale full of scorned lovers, murders, attempted murders, ghosts, and of course, possessions. Holder writes a vividly terrifying tale that overflows with ancient superstitions and mythologies that span the globe.

After a brief holiday break, Lindsay has reluctantly returned to the creepy Marlwood Academy; a boarding school with a dark past. It doesn’t take long for Lindsay and the rest of the residents of Marlwood Academy, including the extremely unhappy ghosts that stalk the grounds, to fall back into the swing of things – including attempted murders and possessions. Out of cliques, high school crushes and loves, and general teenage angst, Holder has created strong characters that most teen readers will easily identify with, and spun a dark twist on their interactions with one another."

Watch this video, I got it originally from the website "Stuff Fundies Like", where the non-believers scoffed at this man rather then questioning why almost all the fiction books for teens all had to do with dark magical arts. This is a Christian father noticing at Wal-mart the preponderance of occult books. One thing there are many markers on those books, that average people do not recognize, such as the use of the key on the cover, the black and white grids and more. I am glad he bought his daughter a KJV Bible.

There is something seriously wrong with this. Here, inform your children, do not keep them clueless as to the evil in the world but prepare them for it and maybe even have a discussion as to why their peers are being led to read these books and why, and seek to find them better alternatives even if you have them read old favorites. Biblically prepare them as well too, that will be most important as they confront these things. Even Christian adults have to be careful when it comes to even what our fiction and books are selling and influencing towards.

2Ti 3:15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for over a year now but this is my first comment. First, let me give you my background. I am a born again Christian but wasn't always. In fact I considered myself a witch at one point in time. I grew up reading all the " fantasy " books I could get my hands on and they definatly played a part in my exploring the occult. But them I was saved at 18 and thought I would have no more trouble with that.
Fast forward 14 years. I picked up the first book in the Twilight series because I was trying to bond with my 15 year old sister that had just moved in with us. I quickly found myself complelty engrossed in them. I LOVED them. And saw them as harmless fun.
But here's what happened. I suddenly begin thinking of an old boyfriend that I hadn't seen in years. I decided to look him up on Facebook. I begin talking to him online and found myseslf comparing myself to Bella. I became obsessed with this ex and had an emotional affair with him. All the while comparing my life with this fictional girls life. Eventually my husband found out and I repented before him and God. We are rebuilding our relationship and my relationship with the Lord has never been stronger.
Now I am not saying that Twilight made me do it. I am responsible for my actions. But I was influenced. That I believe. And not just by the book, but darker forces. I truly believe that. These kind of books do affect people. I am living proof. If I had never read those hooks, I would have never thought to do the things I did.

Bible Believer said...

hanks for sharing what you went through. I think these books and other entertainment do influence people too. Lately I am even realizing the subtle affects even in adult fiction, I like to get books from the library but lately am realizing I have to be more careful. Even a secular book of essays, you can find yourself reading one that wants to lead you into mysticism and other false things. Those Twilight books do lead people into false fantasties not just that are occultic, but the false "love" stuff too. I also know people in their 30s and early 40s that read them along with the teens and have gotten all caught up in it. Thinking of Twilight, I realize the very negative spiritual influence that all the Anne Rice novels had on my life--I read every one. I will pray for your marriage.

Christina said...

I am a new christian, I've only been saved about three weeks. For years, I was heavily involved with wicca, witchcraft, goddess religions and the occult. I'm well versed in religion, mythologies, and various tidbits of information.

I know the lies and misinformation given to today's youth and young adults in books, media, movies, and how "harmless" it can seem.

I'm trying to figure out how to testify and use the knowledge I've learned to expose the lies and tell the truth about the gospel of Christ.

I love your work, and today's post was just the sort of reminder I needed. I recently threw away all my pagan books and trinkets, realizing the power they held over me. Now that they are no longer in my house, it's easier to breath and praise the Lord.

I believe that satan is intentionally targeting this age range and its something serious going on. please feel free to email me back, if you have the time.

Abbey said...

Very timely article Bible Believer. I was at Barnes and Noble over the weekend and noticed the same thing with the variety of books on display. They were in the main display areas so you didn't have to go to a certain section to look for them.

I love the video that father made and agreed with everything he said.(including Joel Osteen, NIV etc.)How sad, one small KJV Bible on the bottom shelf. I'm surprised it was even there since so many consider it archaic. :(

I was watching an Alfred Hitchcock show last night from the 1950's. I was surprised at part of the storyline. I'll just tell the disturbing part. There was a minister, his wife and daughter. Apparently every year the church has a charity bazaar in the garden of a certain house. The day of the event it was raining and everyone was inside. The little girl, the pastors daughter has a friend, an older woman who is practicing to become a medium. Earlier the little girl and the woman were repeating/practicing spells together. At the bazaar, the girl introduces her friend and suggests a seance. At first the minister objects but his daughter says it's just pretend and so he agrees. It did turn out to be a trick pulled off by the girl and the woman but the whole idea was unsettling.
The fact that the minister agreed when he was told it was "just" pretend and all the church members went right along too and the fact that a little supposedly innocent girl suggested the seance to begin with was a bit disconcerting.

I agree Bible Believer. We are inundated with the occult and the supernatural through movies, TV shows, books and video games. They are quite clever to combine the supernatural with sex which especially appeals to the teens. They're starting the young children out early too. Even if they didn't read the Harry Potter books, they watched the movies. We have shows like Supernatural, The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries to name a few. These are geared toward teenagers. There's plenty more subtle shows and video games to influence the younger children too. So very sad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bible Believer. I also read all the Anne Rice books when I was younger. I guess what we all need to remember is we don't just fight the things if this world, but things unseen as well. And there is a battle going on, one where our souls are the prize. You do a wonderful job of exposing the " wolves in sheeps clothing." Keep up the great work and I will pray for this ministry!

Bible Believer said...


Praise God you have been born again, glad to hear it. When I was Unitarian Universalist I was involved with everything on your list including Theosophy. The UU church advances the "goddess" under the guise of many religions. I studied religions and mythology as well. I agree with you about the lies and misinformation they give out to young people saying it is "harmless". Remember those days, told oh this will help you, the New Age stuff is infused everywhere too. Share your testimony with who you can and how you were born again. Here is my testimony written some time ago...

Thanks for your compliment regarding my blog. When I was saved I had to get rid of a LOT of stuff, that included Catholic crucifixes, books, old Wiccan/goddess worship books. I do sometimes have some books, but do pray about what I am allowed to read and own for exposures sake. There are sometimes I am told "NO" by God, so have to be careful to let Him do the leading there but in general, yes remove those things from house. I even threw away crystals, crucifixes and other items. Pray too as you get rid of these things and renounce them and repent of their use and pray against the evil spirits casting them out in Jesus's name.
I think Satan has a definite focus on the present teen generation, and the powers that be have upped the ante massively in leading them astray.

I will email you when I get the time look by end of this week.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah Barnes and Nobles and the other big book sellers all have huge occult and witchcraft sections. The Christian sections are always full of Catholic books and watered down false evangelical books. I am glad that father made the video too. Very few are talking about this or warning about it.

I was surprised to see the little KJV BIble too. I notice even in the Christian bookstores, they usually have the KJV Bibles down at the bottom or packed away. There are always far fewer of them.
Yeah Alfred Hitchcock had a lot of occult stuff. One thing I am noticing is a lot of messages infused into things. What would you think of a movie that was made in 1960, but where the pastor repents of preaching about hell? I don't think I am imaging even subtle agendas started a long time ago. I used to watch Twilight Zone and that show even has a bunch of modern anti-Christian messages in it. Yeah I have seen a lot of seance scenes and astrology done even via Christian characters in some of these movies. Some of it isn't even overt but is more covert. Even fiction books aren't safe from it, I read a lot of books, I think will be ok, but the characters get involved in wickedness where I am supposed to be supporting them as the protagonist of the story but it isn't working that way. You are right they are combining especially the vampires with sex and selling that too teens to corrupt them even more. I remember movies like "Charmed" and the rest but even if you look back to the older days, they were prepping people. One show I watched when young was "Bewitched" and while they sold that as "innocent fantasy", that show as very disturbing on mult-levels. There is a LOT of SOCIAL PROGRAMMING too not just occult things sold by TV. I may do more posts on that later on, it just goes so deep, it really does. Here we have to pray to God to renew our minds and protect them too.

2Cr 11:3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your prayers Anon, Yeah I had to repent of those Anne Rice books, and Steven King ones too. You are right we are dealing with not just the things of this world but spiritual warfare as well too. Always keep your strength in the Lord. He is the one who will protect us from all this stuff.

Lisa Ruby said...

I'm watching the video that man made of the occult books for young people for sale at Walmart. I noticed that the covers usually (always?) have a black background.

Have you noticed this same basic design being used for the majority of "Christian" books as well? I looked at the latest CBD (Christian Book Distributors) catalog and noticed that except for the title and graphics it appears that a large percentage of the books are designed with the same black background theme.

This didn't use to be the case in book design -- at least not Christian book design.

Bible Believer said...

I am noticing that black background too especially on the teen books as well Lisa. It's all over, and those weird graphics with the snake like leaves, and rest. There seems to be a lot of the same themes in the book designs. I wonder why so many of the books look alike frankly. A lot of them are covered in more occult symbology: numbers with a certain meaning, masonic designs and the rest.