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ICEP: A Catholic Group Working With Lausanne

One thing about this article, this is news from 2006, but want to use this as an example of what is being done via the "World Christian Movement" which Lausanne is a part of.

Here is an example of the Catholic connections to Lausanne, including a group like ICPE Missions, which is Pope supported and part of the Lausanne network.

As I said before, the Vatican supports this group as do the Catholic bishops. Here is a Zenit article taken from EWTN considering their "official approval".

Institute for World Evangelization
For Missionary Vocations
Here is the description of Institute for World Evangelization which appears in the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.
* * *
Official name: Institute for World Evangelization
Acronym: ICPE Mission
Established: 1985
History: ICPE Mission was founded in Malta by Mario and Anna Cappello, supported by the leaders and members of the Glory of God International Covenant Community, a Catholic Charismatic Renewal community, of which it aims to be the missionary outreach.
After receiving canonical recognition from the archbishop of Malta in 1992, across the years the institute has set up community centers in various countries, made up of missionaries of varying nationalities who have given up their own professional commitments and, by trusting themselves to providence, dedicate themselves to a life of prayer and evangelization.
On May 19, 2002, the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed recognition of the Institute for World Evangelization-ICPE Mission to be an international association of the faithful of Pontifical right.
ICPE Institute for World Evangelization
Via della Stazione Aurelia, 95
00165 Rome — Italy

Ok, now here is a copy of a Lausanne publication from the "Lausanne Younger Leaders"
gathering in 2006.

Mario Capello is the head of ICEP.

Here is a picture of Mario Capello and the last Pope.

So the Lausanne movement has had a man who is vetted by the Pope, as a speaker to promote global unity of the 'church":

Mario Cappello, head of the Institute for World Evangelization, also spoke during the plenary session about the need for unity in the global Church. According to Lausanne’s report, many in the audience were overwhelmed with emotion when Cappello thanked the evangelical community for working to bring salvation to others.

“[Cappello’s speech] changed my life!” said Marcellus Mbah, who founded The Strong Revival Prayer Force in Cameroon, to Lausanne. “I think I had had this mindset about the Catholic Church and now I know that God is doing amazing things everywhere. I am amazed.”

Cappello has trained more than 200,000 Catholics in missions and discipleship by using the JESUS Film project and other evangelism tools.

See how that works?

This of course is just one group, but this tells you how strong the networks are and the delusions they want to sell.

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