Sunday, November 20, 2011

From The News4the Masses Blog: "Resist!"

I relate to this article from News4TheMasses, a lot! Some of this warning stuff can be a hard job, given that many do not want to listen. Even realizing the immensity of how deep things go and how corruption and false wolves rule can be a burden like no other. I have to pray myself to God all the time to even deal with it.

What happens when you figure out so many of the "discernment" Bible teachers, preachers and websites are out there to fool millions? What happens as a Christian when you face the sheer diabolical agenda laid out when you "know" not only suspect that the Luciferian Deception is a reality and not just a scoffed at "conspiracy theory" that too many laugh off? While we were warned in God's Word, sometimes the human mind wrapping around it all, it can be very hard. Here is where dependence on God is paramount.

One thing, God has led people out there to warn even if most will not listen. I worry about obeying and pleasing Him first, even if sometimes even for me writing this blog, it is not easy either. It is His strength I rest on.  Keep up the good work News4themasses. I am praying for you. Even if we both reach only a few people, it will have been worth it. I agree for everyone else, pray to God and let Him lead, Let Him show you.

Read the whole article at "Resist"

"I’ve warned about Rick Warren and Chuck Smith. I’ve warned about Billy Graham and Bill Bright. I’ve warned about Jerry Boykin and his Jesuit ties. I’ve warned about Glenn Beck, the Conservative Right links to NAR, Seven Mountains (Dominionist dogma), the Pope and much more. I’ve researched and exposed the early beginnings of Calvary Chapel Movement and it’s ties to Jesuit Nelson Bunker Hunt, CNP Tim LaHaye, Leonard Sweet, Chuck Fromm, and more. It seems to fall on deaf ears. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s obviously something in my delivery or simple vanity to try and reveal that there are WOLVES in Christendom that are liars seeking to keep you lulled asleep and distracted with the wide road. I’ve sent out emails detailing Chuck Missler’s connections and his heresy to “Discernment” sites that get hundreds of thousands of hits a day whereas I get 1/100th of that! And to no avail. The information on Chuck Missler, Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel, Jesuits, ties to Rome are paramount, even far beyond what I’ve explained here on my measly little blog. How is it that bible scholars, world travelers, vetted career researchers who have exposed countless false teachers seem to be completely and utterly blind to those whom they’ve co-ministered with for decades? Their compatriots and their links to the very same evil backers they have sought to expose go on unchallenged. Apparently some have excused those “Discernment” sites stating that YOU, the average Sheep, cannot “digest” the weightier things of Apostasy and heresy and thus have succumbed to alerting you ‘piecemeal’ the dangers that await you. I submit to you this day that there is a deep and seedy agenda taking place and the warnings that have been sent out, although heard but not heeded, will only lead to a deepening delusion. I submit as well,that those with ministries set up who travel the world and say they are speaking/teaching of prophesy and alerting you are doing something else entirely. A narrative is being propagated. A universal narrative that is not limited to the US but truly reaches globally and it’s vainglory is to get you to follow the most diabolical and evil plan yet. Lastly, I am intentionally not leading you to the conclusion, because the majority say that you are too dumb to understand; however I must have faith God can and will call out His own.
I will only, and can only, pray that you do your utmost to seek to find out what is truth and what is not."

Jam 4:7    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Matt 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. 


Live in Stereo-News said...

I like your blog and agree with almost anything you put as far as false teaching, but cannot recommend you site as I was since you yourself are doctrinally off with pre trib rapture.

Bible Believer said...

Well I hope you can rethink and study the Pre-Trib. It took me time to study that particular issue. I am glad you agree regarding the other false teachings.

news4themasses said...

Wow, looks good! Thanks. My post looks better here! lol. Thanks especially for the prayers, I covet those prayers.You know as well as I how being a 'blogger' subjects us to scrutiny and judgement. It's good to know there are still people out there searching for truth. I think I can speak for both of us when I say; we are willing to be wrong and admit it rather than those who charge a speaker fee or write a book with a Ghost writer and then hide when their identity is revealed! Ahh,life is most unusual at times. Anyway, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. Our God is good in spite of who we are =)

Bible Believer said...

Thanks News4themases. I need the prayer too. There is a lot of spiritual warfare in dealing with a website like this and I am sure you encounter that too.

Yeah there is a lot of scrutiny and judgement, note to the other poster whose post I did not put up regarding one of links I have on blog, put up what your problem with that teacher is [an actual cite], and I will look into it. Where did you get the idea that I am an unthinking follower of anyone? I take new evidence and deal with it.

I am willing to be wrong and admit it too. People need to realize this is an ordinary person who is writing this blog, I do not have "volunteer researchers", speaker fees or ghostwriters helping me out either LOL.

Have a Good Thanksgiving too News4themasses and God bless you! :)

Anonymous said...

I recommend God's Wrath on Left Behind by Lisa Ruby at in regard to the rapture.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Bible Believer--

This is Matt TwoFour! I can certainly identify with the struggle to get the word out about all these isssues which I have in common with you and "news4themasses". There's the old saying--"Be not weary in well doing...". It's a challenge though. My church leaders seemed to be giving serious consideration to all these matters but now are wandering back to their comfort zones recently. They just announced their participation in Franklin Graham's "Operation Christmas Child"...a gigantic scam. Graham forbids any one from including any Gospel materials in the gift boxes. He says the Gospel is too controversial with many cultures. Unbelievable! He's supposedly in the evangelizing business and yet finds the Gospel "too controversial"
??! The whole thing is just an energy-absorbing distraction ploy designed to keep church-goers distracted while the Great Apostasy Plot closes in. of my heroes, Marvin Rosenthal (author of The PreWrath Rapture) bailed on me. I was able to reach him by phone a couple of weeks ago. I had previously had a very nice conversation in which he seemed very interested in the whole "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing" thesis. But when he found out fellow Zionist, Kay Arthur, gives ample indication of Luciferian allegiances...he didn't like that. Whoops--no more phone calls with Rosenthal. I can't understand Bible students (much less scholars!) who get the secular state of Israel (a blueblood, Illuminati concoction/scam) mixed up with the future Promised Land!

All in all, not a good couple of weeks. But the quest continues! I recall that Gideon started off with 32,000 and ended up with 300...less than 1%. I think that's about the percentage we're facing in trying to get snoozing Jesus-followers to wake up. Your articles continue to be awesome. Don't know where you find the time. I think you quoted me at one point in an article? Thanks.

PS: I don't know why my Google account won't let me post a comment. Thus, my "anonymous" status.

Bible Believer said...

"God's Wrath on Left Behind" is a great book, I agree, so yeah I would recommend it to everyone too. I read it years ago and it helped wake me up about a lot.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Matt.

Thanks yeah, I know you understand the struggle too in getting the information out there. Agree about not being weary or I have written, "not fainting".

I am sorry your church leaders were giving serious consideration but now seem to be reverting. I am guessing this is your local church, even my old fundie baptist church refused any interaction with the Graham's, I would have to say that definitely would bother me. I had someone tell me once, they were putting together packages at their church for this ministry, and no tracts were allowed. I found that very strange. So yeah looks like you heard that too. What is the use then? All the talk of the gospel being "too controversial" just shows where Franklin Graham is coming from. Yeah how does that equate? Well to be honest regarding the Grahams, for a church to have anything to do with them, whether it be promoting their books on their shelves or to participate in their programs, for me that would be a giant problem. What do your church leaders say about the Grahams?

Sorry one of your heroes bailed on you, well we are warned in the Bible of the endless betrayals. Why do you think the Kay Arthur thing sent him running? Isn't Kay Arthur Pre-Trib? Looks like the network, doesn't allow much dissent. If you get my drift.

I don't understand Bible students who can look at the double "hexagram" and don't question things either. It seems the constant meetings and deal-makings with the Pope and Israeli gov't as well as other new world order notables, would change their minds as well.

Agree that the secular state of Israel is a blueblood, Illuminati, concotion. Even when you point out that Israel has forbidden in many guises the preaching the gospel, many of these gung-ho Christian Zionists do not seem to "get" the verses in the Bible warning about separating from error. I agree about the 1% number regarding those who will wake up. It is the time of the remnant and most will not be listening. But that shouldn't stop us at all, the Bible warns of these things over and over. Thanks for your compliments too Matt. Yeah I quoted you in this article. If you get time, I wouldn't mind you hopping into the Christian Zionist discussion there...

I had to use your quote there, after all the later discussions, funny how when we had those discussions, I kind of "knew" and "suspected" about Calvary Chapel but definitely was SHOWN. God will honor those requests.