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Calvary Chapel Connections to Lausanne

I have warned about Lausanne here and here.

"Lausanne and 7 Mountain Dominionism"


"The Lausanne Movement Bringing Evangelicals Into the Antichrist Fold"

As Billy Graham's outfit incorporating multiple denominations, churches and parachurch organizations, Lausanne's tenacles are everywhere, and that includes Calvary Chapel too.

The Lausanne movement is for world unity of all evangelicals under the social justice and ecumenical umbrella. By the way Lausanne has FULL blown Catholic connections, this is a way they are marching the evangelical world into the harlot. Lausanne is WORLDWIDE covering many countries, with multiple PARA-Church organizations of different names.

What I am noticing is a lot of connections to Lausanne leaders and organizations and lots of meetings, like a spider web.

See this one:Watch unto Prayer

I do not agree with everything on that website but they have some interesting information and some other discernment websites list Calvary Chapel as one of the facilitators of the Lausanne Covenant. Realizing the close connection of Calvary Chapel pastors with Billy Graham makes this very possible and very probable as well.

This is from many years ago, but it tells you some of the early connections.

Major buildings on the Wheaton campus sported names written in Korean. Not a word of English could be found in the program materials. There was only a token representation of non-Korean speakers, no doubt as a courtesy more than a necessity. Among them: Thomas Wang, international director, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization; David Howard, general secretary, World Evangelical Fellowship; Ralph Winter, general director, U. S. Center for World Mission; Chuck Smith, senior pastor, Calvary Chapel, Southern California, and Archer Torrey, an Episcopalian missionary to Korea.

Click on pictures to make them bigger....

Then of course there is Ariel Fructembaum who is very popular in Calvary Chapel circles and I have mentioned before in articles about Jacob Prasch.

Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum - Executive Director, Ariel Ministries [member Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism/LCJE]

There are plenty of Calvary Chapel involvements with Lausanne.

Remember there are lots of parachurch organizations under the Lausanne umbrella. Here two Calvary Chapel pastors are on the board of one.
Active Staff
Stanton R. Herpick - Founder and President, World Christian Outreach, Inc.
Moreno Valley, California.
James M. Kariuki - Director of African Affairs, Laikipia Kenya, East Africa.
Kennedy K. Kamau - Director of East African Affairs, Nairobi, Kenya.
Sarah W. Kariuki - Prayer Director, Nairobi, Kenya.

Board of Directors
Harold Anderson - Pastor Higher Ground Calvary Chapel, Moreno Valley, CA.
Jack Clark - Associate Pastor Higher Ground Calvary Chapel, Moreno Valley, CA.
Damaris Herpick - Nursing Assistant, Moreno Valley, CA.
Stanton Herpick - President World Christian Outreach Moreno Valley, CA.
Jack Klaer - President, KBI Construction Co., Tustin, CA.
Ron Sukut - Pastor Cornerstone Church, San Clemente, CA

Executive Advisors
Ronald Birtcher - Retired Businessman, Napa, CA.
Moses Meeli - Bishop, Anglican Church of Africa, Namanga, Kenya.
Amos N. Bacha, Church of Christ, Nairobi, Kenya

The World Christian Outreach Lausanne roots are admitted on their website:

"Stanton R. Herpick, founder and president of World Christian Outreach, Inc., attended the International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974, while a student at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.

At this significant, watershed missions conference organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Stan heard first hand accounts of the tremendous obstacles and challenges faced by our Lord’s church in foreign countries.

Through a set aside time of fasting and prayer in 1975 the name and vision for World Christian Outreach was born. The ministry incorporated in California March 28, 1976 as a 501©3 non-profit organization with the intent to..." 

Here is another example.

VisionNetwork now also called the New Zealand Christian Network is linked to Lausanne and admits it.

The Lausanne Movement is extending an invitation to evangelicals throughout the world to engage together over some of the most critical issues of our time bearing on world evangelisation. So that as many people as possible can benefit from the 3rd Lausanne Conference on world evangelisation taking place in October 2010, once each month Lausanne will publish an article a month on topics that relate to the Congressconference. visionnetwork is a partner with Lausanne through its membership in the WEA. visionnetwork is encouraging as many people as possible to join the Lausanne Global Conversation.

Pay attention to these lists, the sheer number of churches and denominations. A Calvary Chapel pastor is on this one too:

visionnetwork's Board of Reference
– as at 31 July 2009

The Rev Neville Bartle, National Leader, Church of the Nazarene
Commissioner Donald Bell, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga
Luke Brough, National Leader, Elim Church of New Zealand
The Rev David Bush, General Secretary, Methodist Church of New Zealand
The Most Revd Peter Cullinane, Bishop of Palmerston North, Catholic Church of New Zealand
Peter Eccles, Chairman, Congregational Union of New Zealand
The Right Revd Richard Ellena, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Nelson
Robert Erickson, President, Lutheran Church of New Zealand
John Fabrin, CEO, Rhema Broadcasting Group
The Rev John Gummer, Director, Christian and Missionary Alliance of New Zealand
Ken Harrison, General Superintendent, New Zealand Assemblies of God
Brian Hughes, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel
Brent Liebezeit, President, Christian Churches New Zealand
The Rev Rodney Macann, National Leader, Baptist Churches of New Zealand
Rex Morgan, Secretary Treasurer, Worldwide Church of God New Zealand
Tony Plews, Executive Director, Leadership Development International
Lloyd Rankin, National Leader, Vineyard Churches of New Zealand
The Right Revd Dr Graham Redding, Moderator, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand; Principal, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership
The Rev Murray Robertson, Pastor Emeritus, Spreydon Baptist Church; Director, Leadership Development Network
Hal Short, President, United Christian Broadcasters International
Les Stephenson, Acting CEO, World Vision New Zealand
Dr Mark Strom, Principal, Laidlaw College
Steven Tollestrup, Executive Director, TEAR Fund
Professor Paul Trebilco, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Otago
The Rev Richard Waugh, National Superintendent, Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand

see the list here too, I have taken screenshots of this as well, but not posted here.

These connections are worldwide.

Now read what I post in the next article.


Bible Believer said...

PS to this article: To some the name "Brian Hughes" may be familiar, given the 'exposes" on one blog I have removed links to, that focuses on the Jesuits-Boykin and Vatican involvements with Calvary Chapel. Is it the same Brian Hughes on Swansat's [remember Missler's outfit] advisory board? Guess I would not be surprised. There are some who have no problem even doing deep exposes, knowing they already have the majority of the populace deceived for their own agendas. All I have to sum up, is if your church, or pastor has anything to do with Lausanne, leave that church, they will feed you spiritual poison. The Vatican has full involvement with Lausanne and the hirelings.

Bible Believer said...

A second PS, when checking my links on this article, I found this...
"Among the new faces were Bishop Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church, who has led several large rallies protesting a moves by the Government on various issues, and Brian Hughes from Calvery Chapel, joining leaders from Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Salvation Army and other denominations around the table."

It's not just America they have deceived, they are working everywhere, in the third world too.

Anonymous said...

I used to write with that Assist News guy years ago with a former ministry I worked with (don't any longer) and he is always reporting on anything of an ecumenical nature.

Not surprising to see Calvary chapel leading people into catholicism.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah assist is pretty ecumenical. Is Assist News part of the Lausanne network? I am not sure, they do report on them a lot. I am not surprised to see Calvary Chapel leading people into Catholicism, it seems all roads lead to Rome.