Friday, November 18, 2011

A Bishop's Sympathy For Penn State

How do I put this? One thing, realize abuse of children is rife in the new world order. The pedophilia circles, and Satanism go hand in hand, while Malachi Martin was a deceiver, when he connected "satanic covens" to child sexual and other abuse in the Catholic church in his book "Windswept House", that part was true. Just realize that is why this stuff is cropping up and being exposed. I am rather fuzzy about some of the details about the Penn State scandal, too disgusted to read much about it. I know sexual abuse of children was hidden and more amoral cowards didn't stand up on their behalf just like in the Catholic church.

What is even more sick, is today is finding this...

"Penn State scandal "opens wound" in Catholic Church"

Ever notice it's all about them? The victims get shunted aside for them to whine about themselves and their "wound". By the way, don't buy his implying that the sexual scandals in the Catholic church are "over", either!

(Reuters) - The top U.S. Catholic bishop said on Monday that a child sex abuse scandal at Penn State University "opens a wound" within the church, which remains scarred from its own similar controversies and cover-ups.

"We know what you're going through," Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, told a news conference in Baltimore where hundreds of bishops have gathered for their national meeting.

Dolan declined to offer advice to Penn State University on how to deal with its scandal, because the church "has not been a good example of how to deal with this in the past," he said. "No one has suffered more than the Catholic community."

"Whenever this issue has come into public view again as it has with Penn State, it opens a wound," Dolan said."

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was charged on November 5 with sexually abusing eight boys over more than a decade.

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Kayfabe said...

I have been following the Penn State story since it broke a couple weeks ago and I even read the complete Grand Jury Report. I have listened to sports radio and have been to message boards where some are more worried how this scandal will affect the long term viability of PSU football program than the victims well being. Hearts are waxing colder and colder these days. In reading the report one comes away with how many people had a chance to put a stop to the vile abuse that was being commited against these boys. You had Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary, Gary Shultz, Tim Curley, campus police, child services, the president of the second mile charity, Graham Spanier, the D.A who mysteriously dissapeared forever with an abandoned car and a laptop found in a river sans hard drive. All the above could have prevented further abuse. It was disgusting to see those PSU students put the well being of their False Idol Joe Paterno above that of innocent victims. Football became religion to these people and Joe Paterno was their God. Ex football players also made excuses for Joe Paterno's failure to follow up on the allegations that were made to him by Mike McQueary. It was as if PSU football and Joe Paterno were the victims and not those little boys. The reactions of some disgusted me as many were more worried how the football program would be affected than the emotional health of the kids. I played football as a youth in Junior all american, high school then semi pro as an adult and I can tell you that coaches are aware of just about everything that happens on their watch so I don't the excuses for Joe Pa. The Catholic Church along with Penn State myopians can play their small violin but they get no sympathy from me as they only adressed the situation when they had no choice. Funny how much of the church has been silent on the PSU scandal, I guess if they talked about it three fingers would be pointed right back at them as men with power even under the cloak of religion will go to extremes to protect their man kingdom. Same thing is happening Calvary Chapel regarding cover up of abuses.

Bible Believer said...

That is sad if people are more worried about a football program more then victims, I agree with you about hearts waxing colder and colder. There are more things being exposed all the time. You wonder why so many were cowards and just stepped aside in the face of incredible evil, I wondered that too even with the Catholic church, how many dozens of non-abusing priests and bishops kept their mouths shut, the sports community doesn't have a "Pope" issuing orders from on top to hide this stuff, but then who knows? It is all very sickening. Sports have a place for exercise and recreation but for many out there they become their own religion, taken to the extreme as an idol, an opiate of the masses so to speak...[bread and circuses]

Yeah if you played football you would know how that operates from the inside, yeah how could the coaches not know? They keep track of players health and a bunch of other stuff.

I agree regarding it being like the Catholic church and the cover-up of abuses in Calvary Chapel and many other places.