Thursday, October 20, 2011

Videos Exposing Chuck Missler's Deep New World Order Involvements![Found on Youtube]

Sometimes finding out about false teachers is not easy. I listened to Missler though I never totally trusted the man. I would notice the anti-biblical teachings that raised a red flag for me, and then would find out about the new world order connections after I prayed to God to show me the truth. I do not know anything about the author of these videos, and may not agree with everything--always watch with discernment [wished he chose a different name]  but he goes into the deep new world order connections of Chuck Missler. If you go to his page, there seems to be some odd theology regarding keeping to the law. The videos are well done though and contain useful information. There is more here, I didn't even know........

Read this earlier blog entry for context:

"Christians Discerning the Truth About Chuck Missler"

Now as you watch these videos, make sure to remember who was Missler's pastor: Chuck Smith.

This video admits the basics about Missler and his levels in high level projects and ties to global government.

Video about Chuck Smith's role as an advisor in Swansat, helping with the global grid:

"Chuck Missler - Satan's Puppet (PT-1) - 100% Proof he is NWO in his own words"

This video is about Missler's company Phoenix Group: [the name Phoenix, is very occult] and other research, one even including "microchip implementation". He points out Missler has never repented of these involvements.

"Chuck Missler = Satans Puppet (P-2) Here's the PROOF"

This video has more information about Swansat, and its connections to education, e-schools and United Nations. Swansat supports the Millennium Goals of the United Nations. This video of course goes into the new world order implications of this and information about William Welty and the involvement with world currencies.

"Chuck Missler *IS* Satanic Puppet (P-3) PROOF !!!"

This video goes into even more of Missler's new world order, corporate and high level think-tank connections. The video points out all the odd mass education programs with one even included in Russia.

"Chuck Missler is Satan's Puppet *PT 4* - Proof in Missler's own words"

This video goes into the CNP-Dominionist-Reconstructionist connections. I have talked about on my blog much about CNP, and it's connections to Dominionism and evil. He asks of Missler- why would anyone who was truly of Jesus Christ hook up with all this wickedness? This is a question I have asked too. The hirelings, do not follow Jesus Christ but the father of lies, posing as angels of light. By the way read the comments under the links to the videos on Youtube, with Christians commenting on the deep deception that has been exposed here.

Chuck Missler Satanic Puppet P-5 - Proven OVER AND OVER by his own resume

"Chuck Missler - A Satanic Puppet P-6 - Proven by his own resume"

This video goes more into the CNP and other aspects of the religious right and how corrupted these groups are and how CNP is connected to the Knights of Malta, Moon, and other false churches and groups. It also goes into more about the members of the CNP and the yoking of church and government.

"Chuck Missler - Puppet of Satan P-7 - Exposed by Missler himself"

There is more here, about Missler's connections, and his promotion of the YK2 scare, close ties with Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel and his friendship with Hal Lindsey. Also information on Pat Matrisciana, now president of Jeremiah Films and founder of Campus Crusade of Christ, and mentions of the Elijah List.

"Chuck Missler Satan's Minister Part-8 - 100% Proven by Missler himself"

This video talks about more of Missler's connections and the odd cruise that Missler led where they went to Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta in Malta and the schedule for this trip including trips to pagan temples related to mother goddess worship and Missler's odd promotion of David Bohm who claims basically that mankind lives in a "matrix" of sorts who claims reality is not real. That is the best way I can exclaim it. This guy David Bohm is a quantum physicist who is not even a Christian. Missler's odd writings about quantum physics is one of the earliest thing that woke me up to him being a false teacher. You must remember quantum physics was discussed quite a bit in the UU church, I had heard the 'world is a hologram" and chaos theory nonsense already. For the UUs, those things were discussed in the 1980s even. I did not expect to hear it from a so called Christian teacher. The video gets into more of how Missler manages to promote occultic mystical false teachings.

"Charles Missler Satan's Minister Part 9 FINAL"

More of Missler's false teachings and the deception, of how Missler who is highly educated promotes false New Age teachings under a "Christian veneer" and a summation.


news4themasses said...

so quiet in the comment section... odd, maybe everybody is "breathing" it in.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah this one is a lot to take in. It tells you how bad the "network" and "connections" are. I found myself pausing to think this one. You get a sickening feeling in your stomach, asking is it really that bad? And it is. Finding this stuff out, one has to pray.

Remember who has done seminars and conferences with this guy for years and who continues to NOW even after supposedly "leaving". They can't be ignorant of all his ties after thirty years. There is no excuse for it.

SolaChristo said...

You have fallen into error because you have not loved.

Bible Believer said...

Where is the love in supporting work for the Antichrist and control over the entire planet?

Do you believe the United Nations illustrates love?

a world currency?

Sorry, we are not on the same page at all.

Anthony S. said...

What false teachings does Missler teach? If

you want to condemn him for his ties that is

one thing ,but what anti Biblical teachings

does he teach? I have read and heard many of

his teachings and never heard one anti Biblical

teaching from any of his statements,writings,or

cd's. You may disagree with his teachings,but

that does not make them anti Biblical. I just

think there are too many people calling

different view anti Biblical or heretical,when

they are within usual views that some believers

have differed on for many centuries. I don't

know if that id what is being done,so please

tell me what are these anti Biblical views.

Anthony S.

Bible Believer said...

There is lots of anti-biblical teachings.

Here is my list for Missler

Nephilim [teaching they are biological beings, mixture of fallen angel DNA and human]
Bible Codes [false divination via the Bible]
Teaching that some less then perfect Christians will be cast out in "outer darkness" during millenial kingdom [almost like Purgatory]
Support of Calvary Chapel, and its false teachings and teachings--Jesus Movement/Pentecostalism
Subtle promotion of New Age metaphysics [that could take its own blog entry]

I am sure there are more I cannot think up off the top of my head, but scripturally there are many serious serious problems.

Why is the Antichrist Swansat-United Nations [one guy exposed some Vatican connections to Swansat] connections of no bother to you?

Talk about ignoring a giant stinking elephant in the room of apostasy and evil....

Anonymous said...

Let's be real clear here. There are certain cardinal doctrines that we must agree upon. Others, not so much. The deity of Christ, the virgin birth-- all 5 fundamentals of the faith. Other doctrines are important too, such as the pre or mid trib rapture of the church. Dispensationalism is vital to understanding the Bible. Replacement/Covenant Theology is OFF. So in this sense, why is the Catholic church not considered a cult?? False teachers or false accusers?

Donna Martin said...

Gal. 4,

What purpose for misleading do you believe Missler has by teaching the Nephilim theory? I know where they get it from Genesis 6, but how is this molding the Christian mindset for what is to come? I believe the UFO activity is purely demonic. From your study, is this set apart from being purely demonic? What are your thoughts? Not to be critical. Perhaps I can learn something hear.

Bible Believer said...

I'm wondering why so many of them are teaching the Nephilim theory, honestly Donna...I think some are sincere, because I have read the Nephilim books and took me time and study to see how it was misleading...but many are not sincere and I believe trying to influence Christians to go a certain way.

I wrote some theories here, as to how I think they are molding people..

I consider aliens to be demonic too. [there is of course the Project Blue Beam stuff to deceive as well]

Bible Believer said...

Oh if you didn't see this recent article, I talk more about it here too.

Some believe they are setting up the entire world for a UFO deception...[its possible, unless it's just another way they are using this stuff to mess with people's minds]

Bible Believer said...

Remember one thing I stress in the Nephilim article is they want people to believe these are BIOLOGICAL BEINGS, to undermind spiritual warfare, and/or deal with the possibility of an OUTSIDE caused hoax [Project Blue Beam]

Anonymous said...

I feel that Chuck himself, having these connections could be led to or possibly coerced to dis-inform others e.g. Strategic Trends and other briefing packages as a result of forced loyalty to his associations agenda? but even though his ideas are arguably different, I don't see that he is an outright false teacher just human.Maybe confronting him lovingly is the way to go. Love ya all and God Bless:-)

Anonymous said...

Whoever did this video must be very misleading or at the most a deceiver to turn people away from the truth missler teaches.
We might not agree with everything he teaches (he himself has said do not believe everything or anything i say, search the scripture for yourself).
Is there anything wrong in being in high position in the public circle? cant you see it as a blessing in disguise. Christ says be wise as a serpent, how can you be wise as a serpent except you study the serpent and how can you study the serpent except you go close to it.
I see it as a blessing that he is close to such circle so at least he can reveal their secret agenda behind what the media says.
Stop pointing fingers at men of God except you have something tangible and true to say.
God bless you.

William Saunders said...

To anonymous who said -

"Stop pointing fingers at men of God except you have something tangible and true to say."

Your "men of God" (Missler) is partnered with Tim LaHaye who is partnered with Sun Myung Moon who proclaimed to be the Messiah.

Missler is also partnered with William Welty who is partnered with the atheist comic guy Stan Lee at Panda Media Partners and Stan Lee is connected to Disney.

Here is the documented proof -

My suggestion if yo claim to be a Christian is to stop trusting men which is a curse (Jer 17:5) and start trusting the Holy Spirit to lead you in to ALL truth.

William Saunders

Bible Believer said...

These videos asked many real questions, which I have noticed Missler and his defenders have NEVER answered.

"Is there anything wrong in being in high position in the public circle?"

Yes this world is wicked, and the kings fornicate with the harlot, and I guess you can see where I am going with this. The world loves it's own. I wouldn't trust ANY preacher who is a big name now, most have sold out to mammon to be where they are at.

The post above, the blogger exposed endless odd connections with Missler, I still have to follow up on that article, but it would not surprise me. I thought the already exposed Tim Lahaye stuff was bad enough, especially with Moon involvements but seems it gets worse then that. I am at the point to trust NO TEACHER that has any involvement with Lahaye. Some could be dupes and deceived themselves but the higher ups having been around him 20 years plus seems they would have known better.

"Christ says be wise as a serpent, how can you be wise as a serpent except you study the serpent and how can you study the serpent except you go close to it."

Does that mean make money from the serpent?

Get invites to the serpent's halls of power.

A recent discussion on this blog, maybe it was this one or another, I said to someone, if you really were a Christian AGAINST THE NWO, how on earth would you get an invite to the United Nations? IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN. Frankly knowing what I know, I'd rather vomit then even be an inch within that place. I know about their satanic meditation room and MORE, I would have no excuse. So what is Missler's EXCUSE in doing business with them via William Welty and Swansat?

Tim Lahaye claimed in the Left Behind series that his characters had to work for the antichrist, to "fight" him. What nonsense. This is more of the message for people to go and COMPROMISE. Go hook up with the workers of darkness to "expose them". That makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

You are a tare.

Anonymous said...

As Chuck says, paraphrasing, if you torture the Scripture long enuogh, you can force it to say anything you like. The same appears to be true of your research and "report" on him.

I have watched and listened to Missler for years, and know his background and so-called "connections," which, incidentally, have proven to be invaluable in his discernment of Scripture. He is a born-again, Bible teaching, CHRISTIAN -- not a false teacher, and certainly not satanic or new-age. As a matter of fact, if you study ALL his teachings, you'll see that to the contrary, he consistently denounces new-age ideology. For you to put this kind of stuff out, without talking with Missler about ANY of it, tells me you don't practice what you preach. Go to the Scriptures that tell you to GO TO HIM, instead of trying to get attention for yourself with false accusations.

paul said...

You should put more effort into lifting up the body as much as you do tearing it down.

Bible Believer said...

Those who are deceiving people are doing the tearing down.

For the poster above, I listened to Missler tapes for several years.

So I have heard the teachings that on the surface appear "biblical" but are anything but.

Other blogs have even exposed countless NWO and Vatican ties with Missler. You don't see a problem with that?

How come?

With Missler the "purgatory" teachings of Kingdom, Power and Glory cinched things for me as far as his false teachings go.

Anonymous said...

it's sad watching believers attack each other, especially when we are all equal in our fallen state. no wonder the non Christian world laughs at us.

Philippians 1 - 18
"What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice."

listen to teachers but follow the Lord.
Acts 17 - 11
"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

Imagine how wonderful it would be if all believers united, putting aside their relatively trivial human differences. That is the church that Jesus wants.
Ghandi was once asked what was the greatest barrier to Christianity in India, his answer in a word: "Christians"

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
Mahatma Gandhi

Ian Beattie said...

You must not have met the Jesus who overturned the money tables then. Why are all the videos down. Something is rotten. And why are all the doubters of this well researched blog posting as Anonymous? Scared?

Anonymous said...

To any who donot see that Chuck missler loves God and Proclaims His Truth and the Good news with his talent and level of expertise.. then by God repent on judging Your brethren and being blind to THE TRUTH on Tribulation.. just by doing this YOU HAVE PROVEN HIS WORTH

any idea on how many levels he exposed the hidden information of whats going on?
no.. ?
then read the bible please and not just read it BUT believe it ore shut up and go stand in a corner untill you understand the inplications on WHAT it means to be salt of the Earth.

everything ive heard here Flag ignorance and stupidity to the extent of being close to Jelousy and man o man if anything Pray for wisdom to understand what our Father is telling us through Missler and forgiveness for being part of the World that Judges WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING

lies deceit phalse prohecies?!?

hahahhhaa it Means He is Doing a Great Job and the devil hates him for it and thank you for proving that by judging him for it

May the Love of our Lors Jesus Christ Fill your Hearts and Lives with Wisdom and Clearness of Heart without blemish nore Blindess

in His Wonderfull and Mighty Name Above All Names i say Amen and peace be upon you all

Hubertus van Kollenburg

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nicely put brother :)

Anonymous said...

I respect Chuck and his teachings, all you have to do is look at his fruit , the same as the fruit of this author and his blogs and it's not to hard to figure it out

KimNC said...

These Anonymous posts are really freaky. But yeah, all the vidoes are no longer in existence.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they are. Missler has some of the most diehard Kool-Aid drinkers and they don't care that he has Vatican ties that have been exposed all over the internet. I am not surprised the videos were taken down.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a devil with people like you we all know who the accuser is ....

debbiepenner said...

All the videos don't exist. But I have one small piece of information that renders your entire premise invalid. Did you know that all individuals on the planet are connected to all other if you dig 6 levels down? In other words, if you take all the people you know, and all the people they know, and go down 6 levels, it covers the entire population.

I use firefox for a browser. I do it because it works the best. I know that firefox is run by Mozilla which is pro-abortion,antisemitic, and pro same sex marriage. Does that make me a heretic? I hope not. I choose to use them as my servant to help promote my own personal agenda, which, at least in my understanding is Biblical.

Dr. Missler uses his advantageous strategic ties to get inside information, and profitable financial investments. Does that mean he agrees with all they stand for? Of course not.

I don't pretend that Dr Missler has everything right, but I do know that his teachings have helped many of us to draw a tangible connection between Biblical truths and the real, physical world. This is as it should be, and for me has taken my faith to an entirely new level of reality. I know Jesus is a real King, coming to reign soon, not an ethereal ideal that we must pretend is real.

My suggestion is that we refrain from rejecting what we can't emulate or improve upon. What do you say we sit back in silence and wait for God's assessment until we have gained the right to criticize by blessing and strengthening as many people as He has in his ministry? Or how about waiting until we have completed the amazing task of producing original commentary on every chapter of the Bible? That at least should be a prerequisite to judging someone who has accomplished this daunting task.

Anonymous said...

Cox 04 Rise of the Beast video and the other videos he has. He also speaks of the world powers that will be from Daniel.... Check them out. Both Meddler and Kenneth Cox's videos are close on dates in history of the rise and fall of these world powers and the beast of Revelations. Again, check out Cox's Youtube videos.

Rita Brandow said...

How come I get that these videos do not exist. When I try

Brenda Strall said...

I feel I'm at at point that I believe nothing of what these so called TV personalities teach. I'm clinging to God's Word and what He is saying to me through it. May God give each of us knowledge, wisdom and discernment in these last days. God bless.

Anonymous said...

"......There is lots of anti-biblical teachings.

Here is my list for Missler

Nephilim [teaching they are biological beings, mixture of fallen angel DNA and human]
Bible Codes [false divination via the Bible]
Teaching that some less then perfect Christians will be cast out in "outer darkness" during millenial kingdom [almost like Purgatory]
Support of Calvary Chapel, and its false teachings and teachings--Jesus Movement/Pentecostalism
Subtle promotion of New Age metaphysics [that could take its own blog entry]............."

REALLY? That's your list of un-Biblical things Chuck is guilty of??????????????

- Pre=Trib: a position that many, many, solid Christians believe in. Whether it turns out to be right or wrong (someday we'll know) it is NOT a position that is heretical, it's just an opinion, just like post-trib or no-trib is.
- Nephilim: Same thing. Many good believers believe this and there are very good arguments for it. Not a view that is "heretical", just an interpetation of scripture.
- Bible Codes: Chuck DOES NOT use these as divination. And if you don't believe that the God who created all things using math is capable of using a multi-layered approach to His word than I don't know what to say. Math and numbers are at the very foundation of ALL creation.
- Support of Calvary Chapel: Really? They are a well-balanced church theologically. What teachings could you possibly have issue with?
- Subtle promotion of New Age metaphysics: This is the whole "if you believe something that a new ager believe than it must be evil" mentality. That's like saying "If Mormons prefer Ford trucks then Ford trucks must be evil." Chuck talks about physics, math, etc. These are not new age things; they are hard science that proves many things the Bible says. And the UFO stuff... He does not say UFO and aliens are real. He says when people claim to see them or when there will be a UFO deception it is really just demonic spirits. He plainly says they are not really aliens. When he uses the term "extra terrestrial" he is clearly saying it means "outside our time domain."