Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Values Voter Summit: Church and State Married Together

Values Voter Summit

I had a reader of this blog, send me this link, the event has already passed but its interesting in what it shows.

I have warned about the "culture wars" here many times, and how they are used to usher people into false unity and have the churches move into Dominionism and seeking political power. The word VALUES, is always used to bring people onto the culture wars bandwagon. Here is a "conservative" organization, that brings the preachers and politicos together. It's always interesting to see who are on these lists and in these "networks". Here Values Voter Summit invites churches to participate.

Look at the speakers here, along with all the media moguls like Glenn Beck, and Republican party candidates such as Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney, you have folks like Phyllis Schlafly, and of course Knights of Malta member Boykin is on this list as well. Plenty of Catholics too on the roster. One thing to note [click on pictures to enlarge], are the organizations involved with groups like this who offer their support: The Family Research Council, AFA Action, American Values, The Heritage Foundation among others.

Take a look at some of the speech titles if you get the time, this event happened the first week of this month, but they are of interest.

"Why Christians Should Support Israel"

"Messaging and Mobilizing a New Generation of World Changers"

"Establishing a Culture Impact Team in Your Church"

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Anonymous said...

One sign that Roman Catholics run America is a push for the uniting of church and state. The papacy perfected it during the Middle Ages, and it was the worse time in human history. The new world order is the old world order, but on a global scale.