Thursday, October 20, 2011

Those Who Want You To Be Silent

You always run into someone like this...

"Why do you talk about that bad stuff?"

"Why do you call out all those false teachers?"

"Who do you think you are?"

The sad thing is the majority in the churches have been shamed into silence by folks like this.

I got this comment today from anonymous [it's on the Falsehoods and Fundamentalist Churches blog entry]:

"I don't see Jesus being bitter, condeming,[sic] and finger pointing. When He did point out sin, His response was "where are the ones that condem [sic] you, neither do I, go and sin no mor." [sic] That is what I am talking about. If we are going to look for all the false preachers and teaching out there, we'd be exhausted and never win sinners to the Kingdom of God."

Never buy into what those tell you who claim it makes you a "Bad Christian" to speak out against evil.

That is one of the worse "scripts" they have going out there. I probably should include it on the list later. It is a subset of the "hater" script.

That Christians are to only witness, [yes it is important] and never speak out against evil or false teachers is nonsense. In fact, if a Christian neglects to stand against evil and is even seen as a part of it, by non-believers, that means more turned against the gospel. If you have a preacher or other Christians telling you this stuff, don't buy into it!

The wolves celebrate when they have a church full of those types. Some have twisted the humble meekness that Christian believers should display into a weak insipidness that serves as an enabler of evil. I can't even begin to tell you the numbers of people I have met who have sadly been told, that speaking out against error is wrong. In fact this seems to be way things are done in most of the churches. The false preachers also back up this message and often include, "don't you dare speak out against the Lord's anointed!". In fact one reason the churches are in such a rotten state to begin with, is the discerning people have been told to be silent, "do not rock the boat" and now the numbers who will speak out are very few.

These types always speak of love, but where is it when their defenses are always for the wolves? Jesus Christ Himself spoke out bluntly against the wolves:

Mat 23:33    [Ye] serpents, [ye] generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? 

Col 1:28 Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:


The Roaming Commoner said...

Exactly! So many people claim that those who know about false teachers and don't praise them as they do are "bad". I myself have had "cyber arguments" with those that worship Bill Gothard on Duggar forums. They have told me that I "have a problem with morals".

Bible Believer said...

Yes, I've been down this road many times. They elevate man above all else, and many remain spiritually blind to even when incredible evil is exposed. I have had the same experiences trying to warn about Bill Gothard. Today I just posted some more information about Missler, astounding stuff. We must keep warning people even if it is not easy. I wish those who get angry at these false preachers being exposed, would realize that none of us are happy to discern so many hirelings. I would rather they all be real and true Christians, but we cannot ignore reality or what spiritual warfare today entails.

Rom 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

Labby said...

When I've spoken to my father about the false teachings that my sister is sitting under (Morningstar/Rick Joyner) and other things, he actually said to me "Who do you think you are, the apostle Paul?!". In other words, shut up.

I found it really hurtful that they really think it is the pastors and such who are to speak out and the rest of us aren't qualified to really know our Bibles.

Well, guess what - they AREN'T speaking out for the most part.

It makes me so sad that people shut their ears to the truth because they are stubborn and proud.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Labby,

Yes those held under the sway of false teachers will tell you to shut up. They do not want to know. Many will betray [as we are warned of in scripture] for the sake of their favorite hireling. The false preachers have indoctrinated those in the pews to believe they cannot take any responsiblity, in other words they do not have the place to speak out against anything and yeah that the rest of us are not "qualified" to know our Bibles. It is the Nicholatian error, where they elevate themselves up on high, just like the Catholic clergy. Most are not speaking out, discernment websites really aren't that numerous, and if you cut out all the false ones where they may warn about one thing like Emergents and introduce another error, their numbers are even lower. How many sincere Christians are speaking out. It makes me sad too, that so many refuse to hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice that those who play this 'card' are always upset with those who notice the 'stench' yet rarely, if ever, upset with those who emit the 'odor'.


Bible Believer said...

Yes I agree Doug, it is always that way. They never question what the false preachers are doing ever.

Anonymous said...

I had a good friend ask me about a false teacher. Her church is using his book for Bible study as a guide for leadership. I told her that he teaches contemplative prayer and is in conferences with other emergent church/new age people. She brought it up to her pastor. He said they no way endorse his new age teachings. They will only focus on the other stuff in the book that's good. She had some good arguments for him on why they shouldn't use his book, but totally switched later. A month later I asked her, they're still using that book, aren't they :-). She said yes. She said a good reason why they could use the book - she asked if I believed in child abuse. I said, no. She said, well your clothes are made in a sweat shop overseas that abuses children to make the clothes, but you still wear those clothes, but outwardly you don't believe child abuse is right.

My heart aches at the depth of the new age teachings that have infiltrated the church. And now it aches for the Christians who defend it.

It's like the CC I left when they were teaching contemplative prayer and baptism of the holy spirit. When I brought up the dangers to others in the church, at first they were really concerned and upset. But a little while later saw nothing wrong with it. It's really strange.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you warned about these false teachers.God bless you for that. That is sad, the monkeying around to defend sticking with a false New Age book. That pastor is already trying to make excuses for sin telling them oh you wear clothes made in sweat shops! Talk about doing a number on people's minds. For some poor people in America forgoing all the clothes from giant mega-corps would mean being naked instead. It is strange how he twists that around, and shows some serious serious manipulation. That is a sign of a hireling if I ever heard one. Also with clothes, there are few options to "buy local" and special order takes research and most cases MORE MONEY. This is how they do it, they excuse so much, they make everything acceptable and there you see full blown New Age stuff right in the church. With Calvary Chapel yes they warned a little bit about false Emergent teachings and now we see them pushing the contemplative prayer and worse. They definitely will be morphing quickly now along with the rest of the denominations.