Monday, October 3, 2011

"Rob Bell To Move to LA and Launch A Tour"

Be careful reading Christianity Today but posting this for information.

Update: Rob Bell to Move to L.A. and Launch a Tour

"Rob Bell has decided to leave Mars Hill Bible Church, the Grandville, Michigan, megachurch he and his wife founded 12 years ago, to focus on a broader audience, the church announced today.


Rob Bell told Mars Hill today that he will leave for Los Angeles to follow a “calling to share God's love” in new ways, WZZM reports from Grand Rapids. He will move with his family to California to continue writing books and speaking on national and international tours, but he will not start a new church, he said."

Hey why wouldn't he go to California, he wants to be a "star"!

In Toronto he is charging 35 dollars a seat for his new "Fit to Smash Ice" tour.

I didn't think so. Which means it's time
for a tour. Over the next year or so
I'll be out on the Fit to Smash Ice Tour
with the good chance I'll be somewhere
near where you live. As usual it's several
hours of entirely new content I haven't given
before, exploring all the exhilarating ways
we stumble and fumble and fail and bleed
and limp along and just how good and
sacred and thrilling it all is.

I was only facietious about him wanting to be a star until I saw this...

Rob Bell, TV star? Pastor writing ABC drama based on his life, reports say

GRAND RAPIDS -- Rob Bell is working on a spiritual television drama called "Stronger," loosely based on his life, told through a character named Tom Stronger, according to reports from TV entertainment writers.

He's reportedly teaming up with Carlton Cuse, executive producer and screenwriter of 'Lost,' to write the spiritual-themed show for ABC, according to reports from and New York magazine.

Another Celebrity Preacher seeking the fame and money of this world.

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