Thursday, October 13, 2011

"OWS: Are Mindless Americans Falling Prey to the New Revolution Business and It's Collectivist Trap?"

OWS: Are Mindless Americans Falling Prey to the Collectivist Trap?

Be careful of Infowars, one can get good information there, but I myself believe Alex Jones is an "insider" that plays defense for the Vatican and perhaps follows a few other agendas, but I am posting this article for the validity of some information with in it. It is interesting what they have to say about the call and repeat "microphone" system the protesters have been using as well as many other facets of this movement.

The NLP ‘call-and-repeat’ mechanism can no doubt be used to hypnotic effect. Often these type of techniques are used in order to filter out the free thinkers, intense self-policing at its most stringent. Notice that when group members are disagreeing, their hands are much lower, but at their maximum when ‘the bloc’ seems to all be in agreement.

What these protesters are hardly aware of, is that they may be participating a form of modern day group-think. It is a form of social control whereby everyone in the group believes that they must all agree and must all be of the same mind. Armed with this power new tool, consensus promoters can be bussed into sites around the country, training groups to chant key group-think talking points using mnemonic phrases.

Remember what I said about the Arab revolutions? See here, and here. How much of that was being fomented for the goals and aims of the global elite? While presented as movements of the people, they were co-opted from the start. Well if that can be done to small nations, why not big ones? The nature of a "world-wide revolution" too should give you pause if you are a student of Bible prophecy!

We know the Tea Party movement which seemed to have some legitimate causes at the start got co-opted by the false Republican party, why wouldn't the elites do something like that on the left, using all the out of work people and impoverished who are seeing the American dream die for their own causes? I have found myself while holding empathy for the poor suffering at the hands of the greedy bankers, telling people, that tyranny can come from two different directions. Sadly to say many human beings, remain woefully ignorant of how the right and left deception works, and how their unmet needs and emotions are exploited by the powerful.

This article points out some of the groups that have been behind these movements.

Hardly grass roots

It is already well documented that the original Occupy Wall Street protest was seeded by a collectivist George Soros funded foundation called Ad Busters, and allegedly supported by the shadowy agitator hacker group called Anonymous.

For the last decade, globalist foundations promoting democracy and freedom have been active in fomenting uprisings all over the planet, and fresh off their international successes they have finally come home to roost within the OWS movement.

But what is not as well documented is the involvement of the international CIA front organization called the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS). This can be described as a kind of consultancy for would-be revolutionaries, an organization of professional agitators-for-hire who globe-trot, openly promoting their CFR-sponsored agenda- most notably in Egypt, where CANVAS trained and managed Egyptian protesters as early as 2009 in preparation for the fabled ‘Arab Spring’ in 2010-2011.

Their projects are clandestine, kept secret while in preparation, names of clients are not publically available, are well funded by American intelligence services. Yes, they are now active on US soil.

Years ago I was a reader of Adbusters. I even still own some which I refer to for research on the left side of the divide. The magazines oddly are very shiny and use all the same advertising techniques of the corporate masters they rally against. The magazines are full of a lot of deception some subtle and not so subtle, and occult markers.

While they are right about some of the abuses of the multi-national corporations, their solutions seems to be Communism and Collectivism/Socialism, with even more government control over food, resources and people. Noam Chomsky is lovely quoted in it's pages, while anti-consumerism is one of it's main agendas. They aren't the only group who is involved, but it says something how all the players are lining up.

There is a reason so much Communist imagery is showing up in Occupy Wall Street:

I wrote about the Occupy Wall Street movement here. "The Occupation of Wall Street: What Does It Mean?". The Jesuit and other markers are there in the movement itself as I noted on that article. To be frank, it seems to be just another new world order trap...

Sadly many people who are rightly fed up with huge debt, no jobs, poverty and seeing their communities decline, are joining with this movement, not realizing the bigger picture. The only ones who seem to see some pieces of the puzzle are the End the Fed protesters but they are few in number compared to the rest. Most people do not know how overwhelming the control of the global elites or the parts that groups like the CFR play. Often from what I have found, trying to describe the machinations of the new world order, very few will "get it", the indoctrination has been too strong via the media and rest. Unless someone has a free mind via the Lord or is a rare extreme independent thinker, most will remain blinded to your warnings. That doesn't mean stop warning people but realize what you are facing.

For years I have told people, it seems to me the elites want as much chaos as possible to seize control. Never forget the "order out of chaos' mantras of the new world order. Having read too many world war II history books, one thing I remember about the rise of Hitler, is how part of Hitler's ability to take control, was from fear of the Communists rioting in the streets. The two sides were used there too. One odd article I saw was "Occupy Wall Street's critique of capitalism echoes that of Pope John Paul II".

Tyranny can come from both the right and left, and I have warned about this on this blog enough times. For now I believe odds are is that Bildenberger would be choice Dominionist Rick Perry could be put in but who knows? Perhaps the path they have chosen is one of leftist tyranny. Obama has already led this country down that path for the last few years. This blogger warns that the unrest will be growing greater in America, I agree. Either way, as the Bible tells us, the Beast system is rising up, the one world government will be a reality. We can only guess what the specific plans for America will be. God is warning many of His people that things will be changing rapidly.

Rev 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who [is] like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?


news4themasses said...

Good post. I would like to post on this movement too. I just want to add that this weekend was the first weekend that #OWS was in Phoenix and Tucson. In Phoenix the news anticipated 2k ppl, only 1k showed up. There are some sites from Anonymous of Live Feeds via Livestream of protests going on all over the world. The movement is growing here in the US, but I would much rather see for myself than just take the MSM reports for it. I know from first hand experience that the MSM manipulates scenes (Been to Obama site where he was to speak, there were more anti-O protestors than greeters & MSM showed the opposite- as well as some tea party events, where there were great numbers but MSM reported nothing or showed pics that were not of the crowd). Anyway- this issue of Occupy Wall Street (99%) is only going to get worse. They aim to shut down the government, and they may have their way, we saw what happened over the teacher union strike when the House went on vacation and reps in Ohio took off to other states! lol. It's all a failing system.

news4themasses said...

PS. Since watching this video you have here I've seen two more with the same "Repeating" mantra. Weird! There's a video up by Anon that shows people being arrested by police after protesting inside a CITI bank and 'trying to close their accounts' see here Also on youtube there's a 60 sec video for BankRun set for Nov.5 for all the OWS ppl to remove their money from banks and put them in a credit union.

Bible Believer said...

I remember reading about some obscure law [I consider it injust] where they made it illegal to institute a bank run, or encourage one. Odd how all are laws seem to be written for the bankers isn't it? That could be what they were arresting them for. Americans do not know what "new" laws have been put on the books some very totalitarian.

Bible Believer said...

Yes please post on this movement too new4themasses. The movement is spreading to many towns, even mid-sized ones.
I agree with the blogger, about the riots getting worse. All the financial trouble is going to lead to things we never have seen before. Even the state of Illinois, I read on some blog, is not paying any bills and billions of dollars in debt. Also I am going to post on something in acouple days, [when I have more time, LOL] on the OWS movement and where it is going too.

Abbey said...

So it begins. We knew it was coming just not exactly when. Usually it's good to lay down boundaries and say enough is enough but this is exactly what THEY want.

That whole call and repeat microphone system is weird. I felt like I was watching a bunch of school children repeating after their teacher. Not everyone in the crowd was doing it but enough were.

I hope more people are waking up to the fact that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. These are not random happenings that are causing the plans of the NWO to unravel as some think. I pray God would strengthen us and have mercy on His children. May many hearts turn to Him as Savior and Lord.

Good post Bible Believer.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Abbey,

Yes this is exactly what they want. Yeah the call and repeat stuff seems like neurolinguistic programming, and mind control stuff, also drowns out anyone who may be saying HEY wait a minute! It does dumb everyone down like they are following a teacher. I hope more are waking up to bible prophecy seeing a worldwide economic collapse or world movement and spiritually getting ready. I pray God strengthen us too and gets us ready as well. Yes some are even saying that the NWO is coming apart, what a joke that is. It WILL come apart one day, but you can see the multiple ways they deceive people.

Sad how many think Catholic Patrick Buchanan is really warning them but is an insider:

I saw this today too...[don't totally trust infowars but is of interest]

Abbey said...

You know Bible Believer, a Catholic sent me that very article from Pat Buchanan recently. Sure, I'd like to believe it's true too but I'm not buying it. It's not that simple.

I know someone that reads Alex all the time. I'm with you, I don't trust him 100%. I do agree with much in the article. Many people still don't see the whole picture.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah that is the silliest article isn't it? Trying to give the "global revolutions" validity as if they weren't managed from the top. Just more nonsense to control people. Pat Buchanan articles show up everywhere by the way, alternative websites etc. I'm not buying it either. Alex Jones one can learn some information from but I believe is controlled opposition. Google Alex Jones and Jesuit [he has lots of Jesuit connections, never talks about the RCC involvement in the NWO. I know most people do not see the whole picture. Trying to tell people that this OWS is another trap...most are not listening. Did you see the more recent OWS article, where I show how it could definitely bring the public papal plans come to pass. What alarms me is seeing so many praising Marx, it makes me want to throw up [evil from the right is terrible too of course] but you think if they knew any history, they'd be wiser then that. It's all has to be spiritual delusion.