Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Occupation of Wall Street: What Does It Mean?

We know the bankers have done evil to this country, taking billion dollar bail-outs at tax payer expense, which the govt. assured us would be an avenue of trickle down wealth. Instead they gave million dollar bonuses to all their CEOs. Today they continue with more evil, as the economy collapses and people cannot get work and find themselves deeper and deeper into debt. It has affected young people even worse, who know find themselves questioning if they will have any sort of economic future. There are blogs cropping up and many others standing up telling their stories and how their individual lives have been impacted. These are the new disenfranchised middle class, seeing their jobs, lives and health dry up:

While most of the churches of America tell their members to go vote for those who will remove all vestiges of the safety net while offering nothing themselves and telling their congregants to send most help overseas and ignore what is going on, the stories many share about bankruptcy, unemployment, lack of health insurance, definitely are tragic. Many people are suffering and this has hit home for many of us. Young people in America know that the promise of college, offering a stable life, is now an empty one that often leads them saddled with life long debt via thousands in student loans. It is one of the biggest scams going, but young people line up to spin the roulette wheel knowing flipping hamburgers for minimum wage will never support a future family. I have young cousins myself who have had life permanently delayed living at home with parents into their mid-20s, unemployed or underemployed at jobs that never would pay for even a small apartment and car. So of course there are many outraged people out there.

These people are RIGHT about what has been done to America. They are right that the bankers stole from this country, and that the system basically is tossing them overboard and burying them in a mound of debt. Most do not know our economy has been destroyed probably by plan and only the most informed have realized the role globalism has played. The ones with health problems know first hand, that lacking the ability to pay medical bills and more, their very health is in danger. They are right about the wicked who are stealing from the poor.

Isa 10:2 To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and [that] they may rob the fatherless!

Many videos are being shown about the police brutality even against peaceful protesters. I saw a photo of a grandmother who had been peacefully sitting, having her arm wrenched behind her by police. Chaotic happenings seem to be growing. Some protesters did block a bridge and 700 got arrested.

The problem is where is this all going? The protesters who liken their protest to the "Arab Springtime" protests need to find out what they are setting themselves up for. Many out there have warned of more upheavals in America. Is this one of the early signs of that? While we hate to see the injustice and criminal behavior of the bankers, one wonders where all this is going?

Here too, while many can agree about the misdeeds of Wall Street, the leftists are involved in this one for their own agendas like Michael Moore who in his movie "Capitalism: A Love Story". While Moore exposed many of the evils of Wall-Street and corruptions, he offered total Leninist socialism as the "solutions" to these problems. I had gone to this movie reluctantly with a friend and said to them, "Don't you see what he is doing?, Michael Moore is a new world order shill!"

Well guess who has appointed himself as one of the spokesmen here? While I agree with Moore about ending the wars and few other things, I do not believe he is to be trusted.

Michael Moore praises Marx and promotes the "common good":

Reading books about Maoist China, where it was all about "the people" too, as they later starved millions of people to death on communes as Mao and his henchmen made all the rules, I shudder hearing those words. One thing to remember as I have talked about this many times on this blog, BOTH RIGHT AND LEFT are a LIE. Corporativism Fascism goes to tyranny as well as Communistic socialism. It all leads to the same place. Pre-WW2, one reason Hitler was able to seize power, was in opposition to the communists who rabble rousted on the streets. Rome has used both fascism and communism, as two competing poles to usher many a nation down the path of tyranny and the "order out of chaos" new world order plan. What could be the plan for America?

One VERY disconcerting symbol of these protests has been to me, what I refer to in my own mind as the "JESUIT MASK". Most people who use it do not perceive it as that, but the mask is based on the movie "V for Vendetta" a movie that CELEBRATED a new Guy Fawkes, to blow up Parliament, while shouting "power to the people". This was the Gun Powder Plot or other wise called the Jesuit Treason. This movie was alarming in that, in the masses ignorant of history it basically was a Jesuit-praise-a thon. It advances "V" who follows in Guy Fawkes footsteps. At the time this movie came out, I knew it was evil but for some reason knew I was meant to watch it for exposing purposes. Lots of occult symbols here including the crossing of the swords to mark this movie:

This movie's sickening symbols and more is disgusting, there is even illusions to mind control where "V" [the "hero"] shaves the "heroine's" head and locks her up in a cage and tells her lies to break down her will so she submits to his demands. This movie puts forth the message that if the masses rebel against their oppressors they will be free. But is this always true? While stands against evil avoiding the carnality of the world should be made, look at history. Many times the protests, 'rebellions', 'revolutions', bring far more totalitarianism. Why has the "V" mask become a symbol of this occupation of wall street?

The choice of this symbol for their protests is an ominous thing.


Kayfabe said...

Yeah the state of the economy is scary. I work in the attorney service industry and business has been good since I started there in 2005 but that's all gonna change in 2012 as the California court system is making dramatic cuts starting this year actually. More furlough days and cutting hours at the courts will reduce our need for staff. Also with e filing spreading, the need for actual people is less as we have already shut down two offices. With Bank of Americas new 5.00 fee for debit use and more banks to eventually follow the chipping away at the consumer continues. The grocery stores out here are staring to use self checkout alses which is resulting in less hours for clerks. There is a streamlining going on right now with many corporations and as technology grows there will be the need to reduce the human element in the work force. These false shepards will continue to preach a best life now gospel while the world around them is declining. I can't believe a fellow christian told me the other day ,when I informed them that I don't suscribe in the pre trib rapture theory, "why would God want me to suffer and go through all that?". My mouth was left open, like if all the christians dying for their faith in other places deserve what they are going through but we are somehow special. Btw, I talked to you before about Bianca Juarez "in the name of love blog" and boy is she a false teacher, I was too nice before. Her blog postings are horrific, I emailed her father Pancho and sent him scriptures and links re the Calvary road back to Rome as well as my concerns over his daugther false beliefs as she teaches many women about the things of God in CCM and elsehwere. The scary thing is he agrees with her post "scandalous grace" and told me not to read her blog. I have warned him all I can and it is ever so clear to me that he, his daughter and the Calvary movement is in apostasy.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah it's getting worse around here I am at, so many unemployed people I've lost track or those who live off such underpaid underemployment the idea of a normal life is just not there. Sorry to hear you may be facing a cut in hours or lay-offs yourself, I will pray for you. That is scary how the e-filing is taking away jobs, I even read the other day, that programs like Turbo Tax is taking away accountant jobs. I once asked someone, one wonders if the "jobs" system is outdated, given that our technology is taking them away, it was supposed to be life easier not more oppressive and impoverished. Not advocating communism there, just thinking out loud. I try to avoid the self check out lanes on purpose, because they do take jobs away and they are hard to use, the money has to be almost new for them to take it without protest. So you are right about the decline in the work force and streamlining of technology. Yeah the false shepherds ignore what is happening and tell us things are great and go have a "best life" while for many Americans their way of life and hope for the future outside of Jesus Christ is imploding. They just do not care, they are there to enrich themselves and sell Satan's lie to the demographic that will bring them the most cash. The ones who think suffering could never come to them, are so utterly clueless even to the workings of world history and how many HAVE suffered for centuries including the Christians. It is like they are brainwashed, and nothing new will enter in their minds. Yeah I looked over that blog, its pretty awful. I am at the point I trust no Calvary Chapel preacher or anyone who has been associated high up in the movement. There are of course those who like myself either attended a Calvary Chapel for a short time, or left even after a long time knowing the truth.

I went to go read that scandalous grace entry, while I do not think one should be mean to homosexuals--homosexuality seems to be focus of the culture wars, her preaching of a message of grace and acceptance without repentance is a misleading one. Well, you tried not much more then you can do about that. I wouldn't waste my time contacting any Calvary Chapel pastors, I think the majority if not all, are "connected" in if you get my drift. They aren't going to let independent thinkers in there. It is a network of it's own.

Bible Believer said...

Here is another article to read.

This occupy wall street stuff is probably tied to the coming economic collapse plans they got.