Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Catholic Scandal: Stealing Babies in Spain

"Spain's Stolen Babies: An Ugly Past On a Staggering Scale"
For years there had been rumors in Spain: babies stolen from their mothers at birth by the government in collusion with the Catholic Church.

But now the country is exploding in anger and outrage as the scale of the baby thefts is revealed: An estimated 300,000 newborns taken from their bewildered mothers. It is only in the last few months that the Spanish government has been willing to confront the country’s horrifying past.

It began in the 1930's after dictator Francisco Franco won the Spanish civil war. With his government’s approval the children of dissidents were taken from them and given to “better” families.

But as the politically motivated baby thefts receded in the 1940's they were replaced by an equally offensive form of stealing. Babies were regularly taken from their mothers and sold to other families – for thousands of dollars – by the same doctors and nuns who had delivered them.

The practice continued long after Franco died in 1975. The baby trafficking was unproven until earlier this year when two men — childhood friends — learned that their parents had bought them from a nun.

I believe more will be exposed about Rome and said that even a few years ago. The Catholic church runs the adoption services [well "racket"] in many nations. Ever wonder why even in America, one has to be middle class and above to adopt an infant, and it costs over $30,000? Even for special needs and older children, you better have some major funds. I can't even imagine the hurt and damage to these families, I wonder if they told some of the mothers, their baby was still-born so they could succeed in stealing the baby.

300,000 is an incredible number for a country the size of Spain

The BBC is doing a show.

I read elsewhere this is how they pulled it off:

"The racket went like this: A woman gave birth, the baby was removed from the room, and some time later the mother was informed of the baby's death. Often, the mother was denied permission to view her child's body. Other times, the doctors presented her with a prop corpse they kept in the hospital's freezers. As grieving parents attended funeral masses dedicated to empty coffins, a loose affiliation of priests, doctors, nuns, and nurses colluded to deliver the baby to eager adoptive parents. The crime was repeated in hospital after hospital, city after city."


Labby said...

Forgive me for saying, but is it just me, or is there something about those pictured nuns that results in staring at the picture in disbelief and not being able to turn away?!
: O

Surely this organization is an evil and detestable one.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I know what you mean Labby... talk about angels of light who pretend to be kind and loving but aren't. Some of them probably are oppressed to give in and be part of the corruption but that is still no excuse to abide by it.