Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Mantle of Lonnie Frisbee?

I had a reader of this blog send me the links to these videos, and some of the related research. I want to thank them ahead of time for doing so.

Read this blog entry for context:

"Lonnie Frisbee, The Jesus Movement and the Early Years of Calvary Chapel"

The background information there will be necessary to understand this post. Lonnie Frisbee was an early Calvary Chapel leader, one of it's early founders and a very highly influential man in the Jesus Movement who worked with Chuck Smith. He spoke of meeting 'god" during an LSD trip, and died of AIDs having remained sadly in the homosexual lifestyle. Given Lonnie's own testimony about how he met "god", I believe he was satanically deceived, maybe even possessed and being led by false spirits. There seem to be some inklings of satanic mind control mixed into that whole mess as well. Now remember Lonnie Frisbee did not only impact Calvary Chapel but also off-shoots of the "Jesus Movement", charismatics, Vineyard etc.

One warning about these videos, pray before watching, there is demonic stuff and people showing the influence of being under demonic influence. Some parts will be disturbing, especially when you hear the wicked cackling and people with very odd eyes that show their demonic influence. As you will see Lonnie Frisbee remains a big deal in Charismatic circles and they all speak of "his mantle". The caption under this video reads:

"Kevin Dedmon @ Revival Lifestyle conference in Bethel releasing an impartation from Lonnie Frisbee.....believe and receive!"

In this video the young man in the goatee who I assume is one of the guest pastors, speakers or many even just a very enthusiastic participant refers to Kevin Dedmon's sermon which focused on "Lonnie's Impartation, Mantle and Anointing". This shows charismatic deception which skews biblical laying on of hands, that is supposed to be about the power of the Holy Spirit, and twists it into seeking after the power of a mere man, who is now deceased. Instead they pass on false spirits among themselves. One can seem the charismatic delusions and hypnotic speech patterns. Watch out for those who talk in a rhyming fashion, they know techniques even in speeches to break down thinking [neurolinguistic programming?]

What is this "Lonnie Frisbee Mantle" but something false?

Here is another false teacher Keith Lucker at the "Shatter" [one thing when you see the word Shatter: it is not a good word, it is one that in mind control, denotes the "shattering" of the personality for alters] God is supposed to make people WHOLE, not SHATTER them, so even the name of this meeting is evil. Here they are speaking of the "mantle of Lonnie Frisbee"

This one states:

"God we ask you now for the mantle of Lonnie Frisbee to fall on an entire generation!"

Then this older lady, [Barbara Irvine as named in the second video below] comes on to praise Lonnie Frisbee, telling us that he lived with her and her family, and speaking of his great favor and telling the audience that Lonnie Frisbee had the spirit of Elijah upon him and exclaiming, that of Lonnie: "He followed the Lord fully...."

But the worse, was when she says TWICE, of Lonnie Frisbee saying to her, "I carried one of the seven lights of Kathyrn Khulman."

Talk about an occult declaration. Khulman was an ecumenist with the Pope who preached false things. Given all the demonic "impartations" did Kathyrn Khulman "impart" hers to Lonnie? She was defintely a SUPPORTER of HIM. Notice how oddly she gazes upon him here:

Don't forget Benny Hinn has credited his anointing as coming from Kathyrn Khulman:

... but it’s all right. I don’t mind crazy because I liked what I saw . . . I was in prayer at uh, least hours . . . At least fifty to seventy of them sitting in a group, and they were saying to me, ‘Pray! Ask God to give you a healing ministry that will touch the world! And suddenly, I heard Kathryn’s voice and suddenly there she was its crystal clear. And she in her beautiful smile, she said, ‘Ask! We’re waiting for you to ask! We’re praying with you to ask!’ And the vision disappeared. And suddenly I said, ‘Lord!’ And I asked. A week later the anointing hit my life.

What is even creepier is that Oral Roberts mentions the SEVEN LIGHTS from Kathyrn Khulman thing again..

“My whole concern was about the healing ministry. Then I remembered her words, and they hit me like thunder claps. ‘It is not Kathryn Kuhlman. She cannot heal anybody. It is the work of the Holy Spirit.’

Then I saw seven lights, and I saw twelve people. I said to God ‘what do the lights mean?’ He revealed to me that the light came to people…they were not choosing, they were being chosen. There will be special people raised up out of this. These seven lights will shine out across this land, and in her death, her ministry will be greater than in her life.”

Here is another false charismatic preacher Jeff Jansen of Global Fire Ministries, who talks about meeting Lonnie Frisbee that speaks of the "mantle of Lonnie Frisbee" and creepy things like Frisbee and "speaking into them" and getting these young men to jump in synchronized jumping, 8 inches off the ground in perfect timing at the behest of Lonnie Frisbee-this sounds demonic in origin and reminds me of "Yogic Flying" in Hinduism. Jeff Jansen continues on and then speaks of receiving something that felt like a thousand volts: "My body was full of electricity, I mean major electricity..." and goes on to emphasize the "raw power". He continues to speak of Frisbee's influence on Calvary Chapel, saying Calvary Chapel would have been nothing without Frisbee.

"Mantles" are a big deal in Charismatic circles, the false churches and preachers who go looking all too much for false signs and wonders. The idea of mantles or spiritual power being given to mere men and women, fuels a lot of the false apostolic reformation movement which is charismatic in nature as well as these other false churches. Look how they focus on the "power", the "electricity", the "anointing" and the supposed mantle of Lonnie Frisbee, instead of turning to Jesus Christ in true repentance. If Lonnie Frisbee passed on any mantle, it was one of demonic infestation.

Look at this Charismatic website, where the deceived writer praises "mystic realms" and mantles.


Many of you will now be aware of the Healing revival which Todd Bentley is presently holding at Lakeland Florida. Todd arrived there at the beginning of this month to hold a conference and the Glory showed up so strong that Todd is still there! These meeting are being marked by healings, miracles, trances and many, many salvations, Todd has decided to stay on until at least April 20th when I guess they will review where things are at. I'm not surprised by any of this! On January 30th of this year God gave me a cool dream. In the dream I was looking outside my window onto the street below where I saw about a hundred old cars. These cars were all being restored right outside my home. I called to a guy who was shining the bumper on one of the cars and I asked him what was going on, "You should know what's happening," he said, "This is the times for the restoration of all of these old cars."

Since that night God has been revealing to me more of the significance of the hour that we are living in especially in terms of the restoring of ancient anointings and the releasing of past mantles. He started to show me that as a Body we were about to see the releasing of a hundred past mantles upon this generation. The Mantles which came upon certain individuals down through Church history being stretched and laid down upon an entire generation. I saw in another dream my Grandfather. He approached me and told me that there were two Golden Watches that I needed to collect, I asked him what these two watches were and to my surprise he answered me that the watches were called 'Smith Wigglesworth and Maria Woodworth Etter.'

Then just a few weeks ago the Lord started revealing to me that the anointings and mantles which were released upon many who were involved in the Voice of Healing movement in the 40's and 50's were about to be released again upon the Body of Christ and that also the Mantle which Lonnie Frisbee carried who helped to pioneer the Jesus People movement and who I believe helped to birth the Vineyard Church which in turn released the Toronto Blessing was also going to be released upon the Body of Christ. Shortly after I saw this regarding the Voice of Healing mantles and the Lonnie Frisbee mantle I was astounded by what I saw on God T.V. Morning Star were holding a conference called Honoring the Fathers. God prompted Rick Joyner through a dream to host this conference in order that the men of God from the Voice of Healing could be honored as many of them weren't respected in their day. God told Rick that if he held this conference that within 6 months America would see revival. I had seen in my encounter regarding the releasing of the Voice of Healing Mantle that as the roots of this anointing laid primarily in America- that America would be the first nation that this Mantle would start to come upon again.

I then saw on the God channel another conference called 'Shatter.' At this conference a 70 year old lady who had housed Lonnie Frisbee was sharing that when Lonnie was almost ready to die that he prophesied that when this lady would be 70 years old that his mantle would be released upon that generation. This lady had gone to the Shatter Conference as a seventy year old lady to release the mantle which was upon Lonnie's life. Guys there is something happening!

All false teachers are coming together, praising each other's demonic infestation. We know Bentley is one, with his worship of angels and false miracles, Joyner is a Knights of Malta, preaching satanic deceptions, working in the halls of power. This is all demonic delusions for the one world church. In fact seeking after the "mantles" of any mere man is seeking after familiar spirits which is explicitly forbidden in scriptures [Deu 18:11 etc]

Considering the SEVEN LIGHTS of Kathyrn Khulman that is probably another way to say SEVEN DEMONS:

Mat 12:45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last [state] of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

We are looking at false church leaders and others being led by unclean spirits, the "mantles" are being passed on are Satan's.


Anonymous said...

Roger Oakland just posted something on Lonnie last Sunday night which is really revealing of the fruit of Calvary Chapel.

Anonymous said...

I saw Lonnie many times and he always showed the love of Jesus I believe I felt the presence of the Lord while I was there, at that time in his life he was doing the work of the Lord, and NOT of the devil, where do you come up with this stuff. The facts by which you brought up is just like the Bible says 'the devil is a roaring lion roaming the earth to see who he can consume.' It's obvious the devil was able to take down Lonnie at his weakest link, we all have a weak link and the devil knows where that is...and he found Lonnie's..just like he's done on other Christians...you guys are under a Strict Doctrine of some kind that doesn't allow you to see Jesus when it's there in your face.

...for you ridicule Lonnie, Kathryn Khulman, .. It's a good thing you didn't throw in there Pastor Chuck under the train to..its easy to make a proclamation after a guys dead show the love of Jesus he is the judge of our hearts and what we have done and not you, JUDGE NOT that ye yourselves be judged there might have been enough of Jesus in him to see him there in Heaven I believe it's possible....

Anonymous said...

You know it's crazy cause I thought that satan/ "the thief comes only but to steal, kill, and destroy" John 10:10. So how come the blind were seeing and the the sick and afflicted were being healed when Lonnie prayed for them, I guess satan decided to side with God again and heal people through Lonnie?? The thing is Lonnie died struggling with homosexuality because the "CHURCH" rejected him when he would tell about that in his testimony. Lonnie was trying to show the world Christ's love and the world once again as history repeats, rejected that love. Ultimately Lonnie's life story has taught me to love as Christ loves NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE!!! Do not reject a lost sheep caught in the thistles. No one dared once to step up and encourage Lonnie, they just used his faith to receive healing or deliverance.... Kind of sounds like Jesus......... Everyone wants to be healed and set free but whenever they are healed and set free they forget about the healer

Bible Believer said...

You are right we all have a weak link, and I include myself there.

With Lonnie, you want the basic facts? I believe he was a victim of mind control and used for the plans that Satan had for the Christian church in America. The drug use with the LSD? It only served to help the mind control and basic delusions, kicking wide open the door to controlling demons.

I have watched videos of Lonnie, and that has been enough for me personally to "SEE" the demonic oppression and delusion. As you know on this blog, I have talked about my past in the UU with paganism, the blissed out faces and those seeking experiences and "spritiual highs" [Lonnie sought them through drugs] is nothing new in that world. One can even see the glazed out look in the videos of Lonnie. And don't get me started on Kathyrn Khulman, the discernment bells about her, ring so loudly, I believe she was a knowing deceiver. She used triggers with Lonnie, and worse.

I do not ridicule them. I consider it a TRAGEDY, that they got deceived, and chose their path to delusion and in Lonnie's case destruction.

You are right God will determine the final things about Lonnie, there you are completely correct.

One statement you said is this:

"Lonnie, they just used his faith to receive healing or deliverance.... Kind of sounds like Jesus........."

Right there was a PROBLEM.

No one should have been going to LONNIE, they took their focus off Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

John 14:12. We will do greater things than Christ because of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing how Lonnie healed and delivered people! I loved seeing these videos and receiving from God. Great stuff! And man the video on the Mantle! I receive it!

Anonymous said...

I knew Lonnie and the men that ministered with him. I can admit that some things were odd. However, they were all men of God that preached the gospel and went to the lost. Your comment in your blog about the way Kathryn K looked at him only shows that you did not know much about her. That's the way she looked at everyone. I used to think she was like the rest of the faith healers we see today until I started reading her writings. I have not found one thing that she wrote to be off. She was filled with the Spirit of God and his non-jungemental love. The enemy loves to ruin the credibility of powerful men and women of God. Far too many people were saved from these ministries and continue to be saved from them for it to be the works of satan. We are however, flesh and sometimes that comes through.

Bible Believer said...

If you noticed odd things, why not question that? Why assume they were all men of God? As for Kathyrn K's "looks", the look in her eyes gave me a disturbing feeling, now why would that be?. With Kathyrn Khulman she wrote and said many things that were "OFF', one of the main problems was the ecumenical stuff, but I have read books written about her, even PRO-Khulman books, and one can see many of the non-biblical teachings with her statements. Maybe I will do a post soon outlining what some of those problem statements are in more detail.