Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pray Against Halloween: The Most Evil "Holiday"!

In this video, he is right about Halloween being one of the most important days to Satanists...[he includes many good scriptures] I also agree about avoiding "substitutes" [Harvest Festivals and parties to replace Halloween]

Turn down music on this one...[well you know how I feel about CCM] but it has good information

I have posted warnings against Halloween here before..but since it's that time of year again, going to list them here and a list of very good articles from another blog.

"Touch Not that Unclean Thing! That Includes Halloween!"

"Another Christian Defends Halloween"

The world loves Halloween and its celebration of everything dark and evil. It can be tough for the Christian this time of year, to encounter the pictures of witches, spiders, and Harry Potter outfits, but Halloween is a far darker time then those things even illustrate and is a high "holy" day for witches, satanists and occultists. Every Christian should take time for spiritual warfare during October and praying against these evil things.

Check out these warning about Halloween articles on The Liberty To the Captives Blog:

"Halloween Articles"


Rick Warden said...

Many say Satanic ritual abuse is a myth. But the documented account of Anne A Johnson Davis disproves that. Unfortunately, she hasn't become a Christian but is into New Age from what I understand:

Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) has been called a myth by some people but documented cases prove that it is, unfortunately, a very real phenomenon. An autobiography published in 2008 by Anne A Johnson Davis, entitled Hell Minus One, documents an account of a young girl in Utah who experienced SRA by her mother and stepfather from the age of 3 to the time she ran away from home at age 17.[21] By the time she stepped forward to incriminate her parents, they were ready to sign affidavits admitting they performed the horrific acts described. A sibling also corroborated the account, as well as law enforcement officers who were involved throughout the verification process. Essentially, SRA practice involves a mock sacrifice in order to please a satanic spiritual entity. This is extreme moral relativism, so extreme it is basically a kind of inverted morality.

Bible Believer said...

I don't think it is a myth at all. Actually entertainment and many other places is full of satanic symbols. Once one finds out the signs and symbols even used in entertainment and their 'controlled assets" [entertainers] [check out Vigilant Citizen some time] they know this stuff is real and they have no doubts. There are many who have come out warning and writing about it. I remember the 80s and 90s where information was coming out and then that false memory group came out where they tried to make it like people were being led by the therapists and making up stuff. Just to add to the confusion.