Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From News4themasses: "Another Jesuit for Another Gospel"

"Another Jesuit for Another Gospel"

What do Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ), Billy Graham (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association), Tim LaHaye (CNP founder, Left Behind co-author), and Chuck Smith have in common? They have all benefited financially from Nelson Bunker Hunt. Nelson Bunker Hunt is a business tycoon famous for trying to make a run on Silver (see here), an Equestrian, and something I’ve learned recently, a Jesuit for the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. The following information is an attempt to show the relationship between Nelson Bunker Hunt and “another gospel.”

Good article, so much traces back to the CNP, [Council For National Policy] which definitely is a nexus for knowing deceivers. Missler, Pat Robertson, Oliver North are said to be members. Tim LaHaye, author of Left Behind, was it's founder. If you ever get time, look up CNP membership, this is one puzzle piece that will tell you how deep the Luciferian connections and religious political deceptions go. This is an extensive list of so many famous Christian names, that are members of CNP, it will blow your mind, and as I do, always double-check your sources online. There are more names listed here from Falwell to Ted Haggard:

Two facts to remember about CNP---

LOTS OF KNIGHTS OF MALTAS on the roster. This includes open membership of Catholics as well.


Reverend Moon Money and connections

I found it interesting where this article shows that Nelson Bunker Hunt is another one who belongs to the Papal Orders. Don't forget the Pope has his agents everywhere, and to be frank some are mistakening them for legitimate evangelical bible teachers.

The news4themasses article goes deeper, please read it, and asks this very good question:

"Another Jesuit

Recently Understand The Times exposed Ret. General Jerry Boykin as an active Jesuit of the Knights of Malta. Boykin has been circulating around Calvary Chapels for decades. He circuit speaks at Calvary Conferences in the US and Israel. If Boykin is a Jesuit, and Nelson Bunker Hunt is a Jesuit, what are the odds that there are more inside Calvary Chapel?"

The odds are there are many more and in many other evangelical churches as well.

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