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EWTN, Mother Angelica and Her Talking Statue

Considering we are exploring the demonic roots and infestations in some evangelical churches, they exist in many places within the harlot itself. One concerns the founding of the EWTN, [The Eternal World Network] which is a very large world-wide Catholic channel which was founded by Mother Angelica.

Years ago I read Mother Angelica's biography:

There was a lot that was disturbing in this book which I read a few years ago. Mother Angelica did have a very dysfunctional upbringing, she shouldn't be blamed for that but it opened some of the doors for what came in later. Supposedly she had this horrible stomach tumor that was the size of a baseball in her teens which she said was healed by a mystic with stigmata. Stigmata as I have discussed elsewhere, in regards to Padre Pio, is a demonic manifestation.

What is scary is during one instance in the book, she is in prayer in a Catholic garden, and a statue of "baby" "jesus" talks to her and tells her to build a TEMPLE to him. The exact word used is TEMPLE. She then goes and raises millions of dollars to build a huge shrine which one can see parts pictured on EWTN. One can view the nuns chanting their rosary or of Masses right in the shrine which includes a diamond encrusted tabernacle. Mother Angelica spoke of the diamonds as being there for "jesus" to see.

She continually hits up extremely wealthy people for her business ventures, at times getting 10 million dollars at a pop. She flies to Europe from time to time to find some extremely wealthy people. What is odd is this book promotes her as a very poor nun but who was an entrepreneur. One huge hole was , how did someone supposedly "this humble nun" have access to so many circles of extremely wealthy elite Catholics to get $100,000 to multi-millions of dollars? That didn't read right. "Help" had to be coming from elsewhere. Some of the money is used to build the TV station but some of the other money is blown on the golden encrusted altars, giant monastery, monstrances, and of course the diamond tabernacle. She would build the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and today there is a large order of cloistered nuns who live in the monastery there.

Some aspects of her life are interesting. She struggles with leg braces and spinal problems but the book never clearly states what she is diagnosed with. One weird family dynamic is her own mother who brought her up in a single parent family, joins her convent and becomes a nun under her and ends up calling her own daughter MOTHER SUPERIOR. She takes on ecumenical Cardinal Mahoney, not about his one world religion influences but over an article he wrote on the Eucharist. There are many Trad Catholics who do NOT like EWTN and see it as promoting false one world religion doctrine, they are right about that even if they remained spiritually blinded as to what the Catholic church represents.

All in all I found many aspects of this book disturbing and of this woman's life. Seeing someone so deceived is always tragic, no matter who it is. I suspect one day they could name her a saint.
She definitely was demonically involved. In fact there were many traits shown and the talking statue only made it obvious.

This is admitted on Mother Angelica's own shrine website: [click to enlarge picture and see quote below too]

In 1995, while traveling in South America to announce the beginning of EWTNs 24-hour Spanish satellite programming, Mother Angelica visited the Sanctuary of the Divine Infant Jesus in Bogota, Colombia. As she stood praying before the statue of the Child Jesus, He suddenly turned toward her and spoke these words: "Build Me a Temple, and I will help those who help you." Five years later, despite many obstacles, the Temple and new Monastery were completed. The Nuns moved to Hanceville on December 3, 1999, and the Temple was consecrated on December 19, 1999. Our Lady of the Angels Monastery was designated a Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, offering spiritual activities to groups of pilgrims.


The cloistered nuns need to receive special permission from the Pope to travel. With permission, Mother Angelica was traveling in Bogota, Columbia 5 1/2 years ago. As she was going to pray one day, she saw a statute of a nine or ten year old Jesus out of the corner of her eye. As she passed by, she saw the statute come alive and turn towards her and say, "Build me a temple and I will help those who help you." She didn't know what this meant because she had never heard of a Catholic church referred to as a "temple." Later, she found that the Temple of St. Peters was a Catholic Church and a place of worship.

When she returned from her trip, she began looking for land in Alabama. She found over 300 acres that belonged to a 90-year old lady and her children. They were not Catholics, but when Mother Angelica told her what she wanted the land to build a temple for Jesus, the lady responded, "That's a good enough reason for me." The temple took 5 years to construct and is still being worked on. Recently a gift shop and conference center has been built. The architecture is 13th Century. Mother Angelica wanted the marble, gold, and cedar for the temple that God commanded David to build him in the Bible. The ceramic tile came from South America, the stones from Canada, and the bronze from Madrid, Spain. The floors, columns, and pillars are made of marble. There is a rare red Jasper marble from Turkey that was used for the red crosses in the floor of the temple. The wood for the pews, doors, and confessionals were from cedar imported from Paraguay. Spanish workers came to build the doors. The stain glass windows were imported from Munich, Germany. The Statutes of the Stations of the Cross were hand-carved.

One of the most striking parts of the temple is the gold leaf wall. There is an eight foot stand with gold plated at top for the consecrated host. Two nuns pray in 1 to 1 1/2 hour shifts 24 hours a day behind the gold leaf wall in the temple.
The cloistered nuns purpose is to pray and worship Jesus. They pray for those who don't pray for themselves. The nuns stay focused on silence, solitude and prayer. There is a prayer request box at the receptionist's desk and many requests are taken over the phone.

Mother Angelica is now very old and disabled since her stroke from some time ago. While we can sadly see the tragedy of someone trapped in a false religious system, she was able to mislead millions, repeated the message to obey the Popes, and advanced the interfaith movement for decades.

She promoted the Eucharist and all the false doctrines within the Catholic catechism including Purgatory. This sadly will have the outcome of leading an endless number of souls down the path of perdition. These teachings still continue on EWTN. [see here[do a search for relevant words] and below:]

It is obvious she was Vatican supported and served a role for them with the exception of a few squabbles with Cardinal Mahoney, that had more to do with differences of pomp and circumstances. Back in 2009, years ago Mother Angelica was given a prestigious award by Pope Benedict.

Sadly EWTN has spread much deceptions to deceive the world. Mother Angelica in her seeking of wealth, prestige, and advancing a global TV station, definitely has ignored and led many away from God's Word.

Now remember how many evangelicals have showed up on or been involved with EWTN......

Constance Cumbey

Chuck Colson on the EWTN news show "The World Over" [see video]

Frank Peretti, had one of his projects shown on EWTN

Dinesh D'Souza Who is so ecumenical, everyone thinks he is still Catholic [well in one way he still is] but he is really not and his family attends a Calvary Chapel as admitted here.

Phyllis Schlafly

There surely are more.

Then there are those like Frank Beckwith, and Scott Hahn who left Protestant or evangelical churches for the Catholic church who do talks on EWTN.

Do they know of it's origins?


Anonymous said...

Really sad to read so many líes about this nun who has worked so hard to spread the word of God, is this a sin?, so sad to see members of the separated churches full of hate against the universal Catholic Church, the only one founded by Jesus and not by "third people" in accordance to "their" particular interests or personal beliefs. Very sad....!!! You can always come to the Catholic faith, you are welcome, because we do not hate anybody, that' seems to be one big difference between your separated church and Catholicism.

Bible Believer said...

I read a book in writing this article that was PRO-MOTHER Angelica. That is how I found out about the talking statue. This is not hate but to warn you and others, that she was spiritually lost and being deceived by familiar spirits warned of in the Bible. I am an ex-Catholic, I was raised in the Catholic church and educated by nuns even at Catholic school. So I have no interest in coming to the Catholic faith. The Catholic church is the harlot warned of in Revelation, it is uniting the world religion's together and is a false gospel focused on works and sacraments. The true gospel is being born again via faith in Jesus Christ and turning to Him to save you from your sins, not priests or sacraments.
It is love not hate that leads me to tell you and others the truth about the Catholic church and it's false teachers. I was trapped within it's doors and was the same as you once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

Pau Modrowski is an Illinois prisoner who needs prayers for justice. His blog

A. Lee said...

There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church — which is, of course, quite a different thing.

Brennan said...

ditto to A. Lee and post form August 12 2013.. this web page generated by a person who in their own authority spreads deception and lies is so sad. We are all called to be Saints and used the gifts, talents, grace that God has waiting for us for the better of others. If this women because of what she suffered young and still as a cloistered nun can be picked apart and untruths of her dedication to building the kingdom of God to all who love him can be twisted into just a deceptive women who is out for others money? really? author , have you been to this place ? have you listened to the EWTN broadcast? are you so blind or just lacking in experience, research and knowledge? I encourage you to explore in further detail what has obviously come out as prejudice.

Bible Believer said...

I listened to EWTN and watched her show when Catholic, I am familiar with her. If you read this blog long enough I was born into a Catholic family and was educated by nuns in a Catholic school. I am an EX-Catholic as well as ex-UU and was born again in my 30s. Sadly she was deceived by a false church and gospel. I am not prejudiced against her, she teaches false religion and I think the money thing with EWTN is probably something she got slowly sucked into.

Anonymous said...

Some people have no idea what they are talking about. They are not educated enough to read about the catholic church from many resources, but are too quick/lazy to learn more, because it's so much easier to criticize based on incorrect information. Get off your duff and read.

Anonymous said...

Some people have no idea what they are talking about. They are not educated enough to read about the catholic church from many resources, but are too quick/lazy to learn more, because it's so much easier to criticize based on incorrect information. Get off your duff and read.