Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Chuck Smith Blasts, Threatens Calvary Chapel Abuse Survivor from the Pulpit of CC Costa Mesa"

"Gimme That OC Religion
Chuck Smith Blasts, Threatens Calvary Chapel Abuse Survivor from the Pulpit of CC Costa Mesa"

But the best part comes near his remarks on Grenier. "I feel sorry for the guy," Smith tells his followers, "because...what I could do wouldn't hurt much, but I'll tell you what the Lord can do can really..." Smith chuckled a bit, then ended, "I'm glad I have the Lord on my side."

This is the exact card Smith pulled in 2007, when Christianity Today--hardly a radical voice in Christian circles--published an exposé on Smith's lax oversight of sex abuse at Calvary Chapel. The story noted that Smith told the CT reporter. "The Lord warns, 'Don't touch my anointed. Do my prophet no harm.' I think that you are trying to do harm to the work of God. I surely wouldn't want to be in your shoes."

Is Chuck Smith now taking PR lessons from Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown? Heckuva job, Brownie!

See here too to hear that particular sermon.

I'll let my readers make of this what they will. All I have to say is it reminds me of the Catholic stuff. Chuck Smith worries more about defending himself rather then standing up for an abuse victim.


mijadedios said...

He's got Lawyers on his side for sure! The Lord will redeem His own. I feel bad for Greenier but he has to expect no less from papasmurf. It's how CC has handled their PR from its inception.

Bible Believer said...

I wouldn't doubt that. Yes the Lord will redeem His own. I think Grenier should keep exposing what he can, but should realize he is not dealing with normal good-hearted people when it comes to the likes of Chuck Smith. It is a shame to see the hurt and pain people like him have gone through. What is happening to him is no different then the scores of doubly abused and betrayed Catholic sex scandal victims.

Here was his response to more of Smith's claims, Chuck Smith's trying to say, oh I have no control, was just a cop-out given that other ministers have been removed.

A godly man instead of lambasting an abuse victim, would have at least had some compassion for his pain.

Kayfabe said...

I have post on Greiners blog sometimes and I have tried to drive the point home that he is dealing with a wicked shepard in Chuck Smith and that expecting a Godly resolution to this is almost futile.

Bible Believer said...

That is good you have done that Kayfabe. Yeah, he is wasting his time to expect resolution, and repentance from those circles. I don't mind the evils being exposed in Calvary Chapel but for his own sake, he needs to realize he is going to an empty well. The wicked shephards would just lie and manipulate anyhow even if one day they decided to be "nice" to him.

Kayfabe said...

Yeah I used to frequent that blog a lot but some on there don't see the forest from the trees. There is great freedom in putting your trust solely in Jesus. I thank God that he brought me out of the Calvary movement. I never totally bought into everything they were about but I was just comfortable there after being in the pentacostal movement for years.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah many do not see the forest for the trees over there. If they knew what they really were dealing with, and what Calvary Chapel really is, it'd be a far different story. I thank God too all the time for showing me what the Calvary Chapel movement was all about. I never totally bought into it either, and at least my stay was short. Sadly there are many who have drank the neo-con new world order apostate Calvary Chapel Kool-Aid. At least via this, God was able to show me the real deal about the false Pentecostal movement once and for all as well.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a lot, and then I realized that God said for me not to take revenge. Smith obviously feels He can speak for God regarding "spanking". I just thank God he didn't use that sick, twisted word that defiles the way my Jesus actually disciplines his adults brothers and sisters, in this specific case. May there be much healing for the victims in this case. I hope for restoration for G. but that he is never put in a situation where he hurts anyone again. The Lord knows. As for Smith, I will hold my tongue. The Lord has heard everyone's prayers regarding this, and the words mislaid. We have to trust God but I would implore humans that might be able to do something to stop this hurt by Smith's wierd "Lordism's" to stop. We are called to judge people in the church and you as well as I know that this is NOT Jesus, as well as all the wierd, perverse sayings that trickle down in CC's as a result. Please HELP!