Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Not Conformed To This World: Lockstep Conformity Growing

Romans 12:12 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

A very good verse, the Christian should be praying to God and should be listening to the Holy Spirit to see what is good. One thing I have been noting is that our society is growing more conformist. Some may say, "No way, rebellion is all over the place" but what they do not realize even most of the "rebellion" is manufactured, as they lead people into the same place. Don't expect creativity from Satan but banality. Just look at all those young people getting tattoos and piercings and supposed "non-conformists" who end up looking just like each other.

Just look at the rehashed messages from the music media world. Why do they all dress and act the same? Why do the "Christian" bands follow the others in the same example? Anyone else growing tired of the same clothing styles and vacant looks staring out? Even here this "Christian" band which has played at Harvest Fest held by Greg Laurie, has the occult markers, the winged skeleton on one guy's T-shirt speaks for itself.

But think about conformity elsewhere. Sometimes I wonder about the MARKETED demographic lifestyle to Christians. You have your marketed lifestyle to the mainstream evangelical crowd, where pastors wear their "uniforms" of khaki pants, and goatees, and where fads and the rest all match. I talked about this to a degree in this article: 'What is Being Christian All About: Not the Evangelical Subculture"

One thing you need to watch out for is embracing the "marketed" opinions they want you to have. Never give up your mind to ANY organization! Even with this blog of mine, keep your own mind and question everything I write and ask God first. There too TEST YOURSELF. No human being is perfect, we can all have blind spots and so it is even more imperative, you ask God to show you the truth. He always will, this often will include facing your own sins and shortcomings. There are many people out there, and one has to realize this as a Christian who knows what is going on, who simply haven't been told. In other words they do not. I still remember my days of ignorance as a lost unbeliever who believed the lies. I shudder to think, but that also tells me that for those open to the truth, there is always hope.

Do not make the mistake either of following into the wicked trap, of thinking "oh those people are just 'stupid'!" and having a cruel prideful attitude about it all. I still remember this one evangelical on Christian message boards, who called all the Catholics he harangued [he called it witnessing while never giving a gospel message] "DROIDS". Where is the Christian love in any of that? He was even once Catholic himself. How soon people forget where they once were. The Christian message should be one of freedom from bondage not condemnation.

The Christian's attitude should be THANK GOD, that He showed me the truth and allowed me to have it, rather then hate for those trapped in Satan's delusions.

That said, why are so many being led to this wicked conformity? The "Christian" who votes for the most Dominionist, poor oppressing politicians and police state mandates has become a stereotype but how many are being influenced by all the organizations out there influencing their opinions?
The mind boggles when even examining what is in magazines, websites, literature, passed around emails that range from World Net Daily to World magazine. And that isn't even addressing what is coming from the pulpits.  It is intense, and never ending. Once one steps out of this world it is interesting to watch from the side lines and watch how they seek to control minds, and attitudes and how overwhelming it all is.

One thing I am noting is how very much alike all these churches, and pastors are, that I expose on this board. Sure there are differences, some fit into the Charismatic, mainline, evangelical camps, but the "SAMENESS" is what really has stood out to me. Just like everyone over 40 saw America change from a land of regional differences to scaled down, boredom now that Omaha is just like Ohio with big box stores of soul-less suburbia, it seems everything was washed out of the churches too. One became just like another. Sad to say I think this was part of the plan.

But the mainstream Christian world aren't the only guilty ones, even the Vision Forum, Duggar, Quiverful crowd, has it's certain LOOK, fashions, lifestyle "accoutrements". Break out your harps, pencil skirts and Victoriana. These things are not wrong in themselves, it's better people dress modestly. I even like Victorian era antiques myself but that was prior to even my Christian days.

It seems weird when STYLE is trumping substance in so many places.

Daring to question the powers that be or the status quo really has fallen out of favor. I have already discussed the political song and dance show of the "right" and "left" but things are more insidious then that. What do people seek after today? To improve their characters, do right by God? Sometimes I fear for so many it is "fitting in" and becoming a "success" by world standards. It's all about having the right appearance, even in the "Christian" world. How many cults that claim to be Christian insist on a "perfect look"?

The media in other words for many different social groups puts forth the world standards of what success and what one's life is supposed to be about. Who is asking God anymore? Think about the sheer numbers that are all marching blindly after the false preachers, religious and political movements exposed on this blog. Why is this happening? What has happened to these folks?

Every belief, outfit, and rest is "marketed" to where cookie cutter people and personalities are developed both on the so called "right" and "left" and in many different organizations.
Sometimes it gets scary to be on a secular board and note, in a debate, you have 20 or more people all taking the same side exactly and there is little deviation from the "group". Just pronounce one belief, that does not fit the status quo, such as I believe that Ritalin is being way over prescribed for children, and watch the fireworks begin. Even among those who pride themselves as freethinkers of a sort, they take for granted the message in society, that supposedly 10% of all children need to be "drugged" so they can sit in a classroom quietly and "focus" for 7 hours a day. No one ever asks maybe it's not the children who should be changed or chemically forced to conform but the system itself. To be frank, this sort of "hive" thinking is why TSA strip-searches have become acceptable in America with nary a peep.

Also if you think about it, this is what has led American to down the endless bottles of Prozac and anti-depressants, while there are some with inner organic chemical imbalances, how come no one ever questions anymore if it's them that are really sick as individuals or society itself that is "sick" [or well evil]? Why do they all blame themselves? Because they are TOLD TO.

It would seem the way this world is today, with it's complexities, social disconnection and more, that human emotions of grief and sadness would be NORMAL, but even those are suppressed for the powers that be. I see this even in the constant delusional "think positive" movements and human potential movement that taught Americans to ignore reality and keep plastered tight smiles on their faces.

Now think about this, one manufactured "opinion" in the Dominionist Christian community is having perfect little children, that reflect perfectly on you as their parent, where children themselves are seen as 'marketed' consumerist commodities. Why do you think some of the false teachers like "The Pearls" are able to make a living off teaching "Christian" parents how to "control" their children so the same children never "embarrass" them at church or in public.  What is this all about?

20 years ago the political correct nonsense got in full sway, which actually led to people knowing if they questioned certain things, they would be deemed a "bigot", and tossed aside. The ante has been upped because now to have a different view from established academia, mainstream media means you become a persona non gratis.  Alternative voices are silenced, as people are told they are "thought criminals" under the moniker "conspiracy theorists". Even as long held theories such as flouride being dangerous to health are proven true  why doesn't that get more to think? The people who warned about this were shouted down for years as being "conspiracy" trouble makers. Should we accept everything we are told without question?

Sometimes I feel like everything is a marketed demographic, unique invididuals are really feeling the pressure when everything seems to be about fitting into a certain group or demographic and matching the exact beliefs of a specified group. We live now in a world where everyone compares themselves to each other, and wants to match exactly.  Are you an evangelical? Well then you are supposed to vote Republican, support the wars, and read Christianity Today. Are you a liberal? Then you are supposed to support Obama, abortion and homosexual rights. So forth and so on, even the Quiverful, Vision Forum world has it's specific dress styles and "lifestyles" and "beliefs", it sells to people.

I find it interesting that the geniuses of yesterday tended to be what was more lovingly called "eccentrics" in the old days, but now the answer is to pyschologically drug and pressure them into being like everyone else. Are there people who do have true ogranic brain problems? Sure there are. But this push to have no deviations from the norm, will actually destroy innovation, and hold back those who do manage to think outside the box. Today the impetus is to appear "NORMAL" as defined by the powers of this world rather then being what God designed you to be. If someone thinks the herd mentality and wanting to be popular ends in junior high school think again!

There is a battle for minds out there, and ask yourself is your mind in conformity with God, or in conformity with this world?

The world is going to match. The verse warning about the one mind of the beast, really means that ONE MIND.

Rev 17:13    These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

How many stand against the Tower of Babel "world unity" dreams of the elite anymore? Have you notice that now, they have both the liberals supporting it via their "world revolution" and everyone come together dreams, and those on the other side, supporting it via Dominionism? Hard core free-market atheist libertarians to Obama loving socialists dream of planetary unity. Christians are to have unity in God, and be of one accord but see how this has now been brought to fruition for those who have rejected or do not yet know God?

2 John 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 

17And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

Think about that part of the verse, PRIDE OF LIFE, isn't that what leads people to conform to this world and be as the world wants them to be? It is the basics of keeping up with the Joneses, desiring to "fit in"? It is when one wants to match what the world thinks is a great Christian instead of sitting and listening to God. As things get worse out there, some of us are going to find out what those verses where Jesus warned about us being hated by the world really mean.

Now a person shouldn't have pride. Satan can use the "I am a special person" thoughts for his own devices, as a Christian here is more biblical advice that is imperative. Stay out of the contest!

2Cr 10:12      For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

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James said...

I agree 100%,churches are the most conservative
reserved places on earth.In my church recently i
showed someone a logo only to be immediatly called a conspiracy theorist,a classic weapon of closing down opinion and humiliating the other viewpoint in an instant.I then withdraw my
thoughts and opinions,because to speak out would
cause trouble,I hope God can give me the courage to stand up and be counted,in the future.

Bible Believer said...

When someone calls you a "conspiracy theorist" remember it is the same as calling you a "thought criminal". That is basically what the term entails. They know that term will shut off minds, because they have trained people like pavlov dogs to respond to it, so they are not seen like "those crazy people". I understand the pressures out there, they are immense. I am praying to God to give me more bravery in speaking out about things. Will pray for you too.

I have been called "conspiracy theorist" and even worse, especially if you address where the churches are really going it can be tough. Always be direct with the gospel but have mercy for the people who simply do not know or need time to wrap their minds around things but realize there are many who do not have "ear's to hear or eyes to "see". If they are belligerent at the start of the conversation and stay that way, it's better to move on to someone who will listen. I know in the churches it is extremely tough out there. People who warn or play watchmen, are labeled trouble-makers and drummed out. Sometimes my sadness at knowing how many follow the media [think Glenn Beck] over anything else is immense. In my last good church, they would listen which probably was exceptional but most are silenced especially by false preachers. They will use shame and blame to often try to rope people in as well.

Kayfabe said...

Hello Bible Believer,

I remember lamenting the homogenization of youth culture here in America back in the mid 90s. I grew up here in the L.A. area and in 1992 I moved to Miami then New York later that year. The one thing that caught my attention back then was how all three cities had their unique regional differences in regards to dress, musical taste, slang etc. Upon moving back to L.A. in 94 I noticed that the unique regional differences in dress, musical taste and slang started to fade as hip hop culture started to go mainstream and the internet started becoming an everyday part of life. It seems like a lot of people these days have tattoos, piercings and crazy hairstyles. I think its more unique now no to have those things. I remember back in my catholic school days in the early 80s we saw a guy with a mo hawk come to our school to pick up his brother and everyone was in shock. Now that would be no big deal. My mom refused to let me get my ear pierced at 16 and now it seems like a lot of young boys have piercings in all sorts of places. Even tattoos are commonplace to the point that if you don't have one it makes you unique.

The culture has become milquetoast and vanilla with very few mavericks left. Even in sports all the uniqueness is gone when it comes to the personality of the athletes. Institutional churches are the same way, you gotta be a republican, pro war, put celebrity pastors on a pedastol, speak christianese, always smile and have the leave it to beaver family. Those who go against the grain are few and far between.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Kayfabe,

Yeah they worked through homogenization of the youth culture. I believe the powers that be worked on purpose to turn young people into conforming robots, youth culture in a way is an avenue they definitely have used via marketed and manufactured culture and music. In the 1980's there were more sub-cultures, but they all seem to be melting into one satanic one. The ghetto's I believe they invaded with gangster rap, [ever notice how many of those rappers make masonic signs?: they are all evil too, with Kayne West making music videos with outward luciferian symbols]. They wanted to bring gangster culture and other evil influences and succeeded.

I am old enough too, to remember when different cities and regions, had different slang, dress and musical taste, I have moved a lot myself too.

Yeah even here, a lot of people have the tattoos, piercings and other stuff going too. Yeah a mohawk would be ho-hum nowadays. Every young person I know in their 20s, seems to want a tattoo, and the shops are all over. They got the "Christian" ones even for the "Christian" market...

I agree with you about the culture being milquetoast and vanilla. Everyone seems to share the same thoughts, there is very little independence of thought. One time I said to a friend, "sometimes I feel like they are getting people out of a warehouse and rolling them out". They knew what I meant. Yeah the sports are horrible, you barely can see a difference in the athletes and the institutional churches it feels like the pod people have taken over. Why are all of them Republican, pro-war, blind followers of celebrity pastors, embrace the evangelical "sub-culture"? One hears the praises for Glenn Beck and false patriotric stuff like praising the endless wars and it's cringe-worthy. One thing in speaking with those people, hey I try to reach everyone, it's like trying to wake people up out of a slumber. Anything that is "too different" to them seems to be a threat of sorts. People just do not recognize the depth to where minds have been programmed and trained in this society. [Brainwashed?] No I am not trying elevate myself either, I sat as blind as a bat and enticed by the UUs for many years but it is scary to compare how things were years ago compared to know, and how the mavericks, unique individuals, etc, seem to be growing less in number or well at the very least in a society where they are feeling forced to stay more silent. When everything is about fitting people into "demographics" even the churches who have listened to marketeers above God, that is why we see things going this way....

Bible Believer said...

correction..."know" equals now" above...

The Roaming Commoner said...

Yes. The Vision Forum crowd and mainstream "Christianity" are all seeming to lean toward a robotic trend. I really think that these types (such as the Duggars that I've mentioned) want to create mirror images of what the perfect "Christian" children should be. The girls in the family, as you know, all seem to dress alike and even use the same vocabulary. It is almost like dealing with the same girl in different costumes. I don't know what the Vision Forum's position is on the last days, but it seems like their followers are trying to set up their own version of "God's kingdom" here on this earth instead of preparing for the end.

Bible Believer said...

Yes, I agree they are totally robotic. Ever notice how everyone is to act, dress and talk the same. It's like Christian "stepford" children, and its scary. Wonder if there are aspects of "MK" involved. The girls, I can barely tell the difference between them, I have to tell them apart via subtle difference in looks because they act just like one another. Vision Forum, well they support the religious right and new world order. In one of those 2010 Above Rubies magazines I have, they praise the wars and more. It's the usual blind new order patriotic "imperial christian" stance.

As the Pope calls for the new economic order, we will not see any of these supposed "ministries" stand against it.

The Roaming Commoner said...

That's a shame. I knew that Vision Forum had some issues about it but I never knew about their connection to the New World Order. Sometimes I wonder which is worse: to be an unsaved liberal or to be a right wing "Christian" and think that your are on the right path when your really are not. The Duggars seemed like nice, wholesome, people when I first started watching them but now I really wonder what goes on in their heads and behind their closed doors.

Bible Believer said...

They are totally connected to the new world order.

Bad right wing politics.

Really the unsaved liberal [those who are seared and won't be born again in the future] and right wing false Christians are headed to the same place, all worship of the Antichrist, and embracing the satanic new world order.

To be frank witnessing to the liberals is easier then witnessing to someone who already thinks they are at the zenith of holiness and a "good Christian" who isn't. There are some who are ignorant and simply DO NOT KNOW, but there are some who have embraced this knowingly. Ever since I saw the video of that scared little boy not even showing normal emotions, beyond his immediate natural screams of pain and terror, and "mother" coldly taking photos and doing "blanket-training" techniques on him, I have been disturbed. I often wondered why this "Christian" family was given so much public exposure. I think we know why now.

The Roaming Commoner said...

Yes, they really are headed to the same fate even if they don't realize it yet. I think that the Duggars still appeal to the public because of the "sweetness" that they seem to give off. The loyal watchers that I know simply love Michelle and the oldest son's wife Anna. They believe these women are the epitome of sweet.

I've wondered about the future where Christians will be faced with the hard choices of accepting the antichrist and his mark. I just hope that God will give us enough strength to resist it all. I would hate to think that I am saved and then, in a weak moment, throw my salvation out the window.

Bible Believer said...

I always thought Michelle came across as "fake" even years ago. I have read those websites where the loyal watchers fawn over them. The children do have true sweetness but to me Michelle's overly syrupy manner, just seemed phony. I have prayed for the Duggar children that they are really become born again, and come out of bondage.

I do think about that too regarding the mark and antichrist. You have to be willing to lose this life even for God, and I suggest we pray for strength for what is coming. There are verses in the Bible that speak of the Holy Spirit giving His children the needed strength and the verse that we will be even told what to say. One thing, pray to God for protection, or any actions He may want you to or to spiritually prepare.

Mar 4:19 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.


Dan 7:25 And he shall speak [great] words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.