Thursday, October 13, 2011

Above Rubies Cultic Bracelets

Above Rubies magazine is a Quiverful magazine, part of the patriarchy movement, in it, is story after story of women with very large families. The other day, I saw this ad for bracelets in an Above Rubies magazine, I got from a local library.

The messages on these bracelets say it all, as to the falseness of this movement and how this world is a trap for the women within it. They also back up very cultic thinking. On my Quiverful article, I spoke of how women in the Quiverful, Above Rubies, Vision Forum, Patriarchy world, had "keeping sweet" emphasized. "Keeping sweet" means always smiling and never showing any negative emotions, ironically just like in the FLDS world.

As you wear them on your wrist each day you will be constantly reminded of your high and mighty calling as a mother and wife!

Each One Has An Encouraging Message:

OK motherhood is nice, but when it is idolized in these movements, it becomes everything, of course it heads the top of the list. The "We are a smiling family" one seems to be about telling the 'cult" members to always keep a smile on their face. That is one facet of all false religions, is telling people to hide and closet all their true emotion.

Be warned watching the following video for its content, but one disturbing thing I have noticed watching the Duggars even, is that the mother's [Michelle Duggars] affect is severely "OFF". Something is very wrong with a woman, who will laugh and giggle [with no sign of fear on her face] at her son who is severely injured as well as take out a phone camera to film the proceedings. It wasn't for light, you can see his face right on her handheld phone. I saw this show the other day, and was severely disturbed. How much of that very odd reaction is is from the cultic Quiverful teachings, that tell the women to keep smiles plastered on their faces 24/7? Has it affected her emotional well-being? Where is the natural concern and fear a mother would have for a son who is in a severe medical crisis?

Cults always require that everyone smile so they present the cult in the best light. This is tied in to telling the cult members they are special and above normal human emotions. One thing cults also teach is superhuman perfection, and well, families that do not smile, probably wouldn't be acceptable in Above Rubies circles.

The "I am a covenant keeper" is tied into the false legalistic theology, the cult 'law-keeping", tied into the extreme authoritarianism of the patriarchy movement, as well as 'guilt' inducement for those who may not keep the covenants. Also remember many women in the Quiverful, Above Rubies and other related patriarchy movements, could actually be in churches where they have signed their names to actual covenants, I've seen them myself even in a mainstream SBC church.

Next is the "I am above self-pity" bracelet. Now self-pity should be avoided in it's extremes, but here too you see the stiff upper lip mandates. In cults people are influenced to suppress their own feelings, its part of the game. This goes along with extreme self denigration. While Christians are called to deny themselves in a biblical ways, cults take this to the extreme and twist it. Here you end up with smiling robots, who feel they must be the perfect step-ford wife, or they are not doing what is 'right". One wonders about "mind control" techniques used so steadily. If anyone tells you to deaden your emotions for anything, get away from that group. Our emotions are God-given and should be God-directed but other human beings should not tell you what to feel or not to feel. Now we may have to take any pain and self-pity to God for Him to take care of, but when other human beings tell you not to feel your feelings, a group has entered the danger zone of cult teachings.

Then there is a back-up for motherhood. That is fine, no problem with encouragement for mothers, but what about the Christian ladies who are not mothers, who may be single, childless or infertile. Even here, the circles draw around some women, making them more respectable in a movement, compared to others are wrong. Above Rubies, and I have read many of the magazines for myself, elevates mothers of extremely large families, to feel more special, then other ordinary women who may have no children or even under around 5 in number. This too is part of cult thinking where certain attributes are given to certain members but not available to all. God is no respecter of persons but cults definitely are.

"I am a Nation Builder" denotes the Dominionism. Notice it makes everything about THIS WORLD. America could fall, now while someone may love their country, countries come to an end. All empires eventually crash to the ground. Where does God say build nations in the Bible? Christians are to be out there preaching the gospel to who they can, not worry about building up the halls of powers and elites, but here you see Above Rubies, teaching it's women to jump on the Dominionism bandwagon and worship at the feet of kings. Many cults in this world have been used by global elites and kings do the bidding of politicians and other power circles. In this, Above Rubies is no different.

The last one is "Worth More Then Rubies". This comes from Proverbs 3. Now if only they would go read it:

Pro 3:13 ¶ Happy [is] the man [that] findeth wisdom, and the man [that] getteth understanding.

I worry for the women given these false messages, they need to know they can be true daughters in the Lord, and that true freedom is in Jesus Christ, they do not need to be trapped in these groups that deny God's truths and replace them with oppressive religion.


Anonymous said...

I have commented before about Above Rubies magazine and the Duggars(I have their 2 books). I saw that tv program where the son was hurt and didn't understand Michelle's smile. She did say it could have been worse. Thank you for this article. I do know and understand what you are saying. I get Above Rubies magazine but I would not buy/wear those bracelets.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Anon. I did not understand the smile either, and the full blown GIANT GRIN, as she accompanied his stretcher into the ambulance. He looked terrified and I do not think her reactions were helping. Webwide even secular people were asking, "What is wrong with her and questioning her emotional status". Glad you understand what I am driving at and that you would not have anything to do with those bracelets.

michelle said...

I saw that same episode on D.V.R. the other day. The reaction from Michelle looked completely odd to me. Those screams were bone chilling IMO.

The Roaming Commoner said...

There is just something about elevating mothers and wives that makes the entire A.T.I./Gothard system even more perplexing to me. I have never seen a copy of Above Rubies, and now that I know about it I don't think I ever will pick one up.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Michelle, I found the screams bone chilling too. I do not think the cameras should have been in the face of a child who had gone through all that trauma. Yes her reaction was extremely odd.

Hi Roaming Commoner, yes they elevate mothers and wives to the extreme and more children you have the more worthy you are definitely in Above Rubie, ATI cirlces. In Above Rubies, women who aren't married or childless barely even exist. Glad I am able to warn about it. In my area, they do seem to be reading it, I have found the magazine, at two library free magazine exchanges.

The Roaming Commoner said...

I know that motherhood is important however, the ATI system seems to be so elitist and even snobbish. I heard from others that the quiver full followers are reading these blogs.My display name was Michelle as you see above but I decided to get a bit creative and changed things up while I was "cleaning" by blog. I noticed that comments are not going through as quickly now but that's okay. You never know who could be reading this. I know that the Duggar family lurk on these sites and read what they say.

The Roaming Commoner said...

I know that in some cultures, infertility is regarded as almost a punishment from a higher power. I wonder if these A.T.I. women see it that way too (it would seem so).

Bible Believer said...

Yes infertility is seen as a punishment in many cultures, even in old school Catholicism there is that taint of it. From what I noticed reading there literature, older single women, and childless even married women or women with a small number of children seem to be non-existent. The only role for any woman to serve is a mother of an extremely large family and wife, and rest of women do not count.

I almost feel like it's more recycled Catholicism honestly, remember the families with 12 plus children of my youth. There are now more traditional Catholic churches now, where if you have less then 4-5 children, you are looked down on.

So to me all this stuff is nothing new....seems like more Catholic legalism and influences advanced via evangelical culture.

Bible Believer said...

I agree with you about the snobbery and elitism.

One would even fathom to even have these incredibly large families, one either has to own a farm and land, or have financial resources many Americans do not have, though I have read on some websites, many of these Quiverful families are living in severe poverty, like even without running water, etc, taking the "roughing" it or Backwoods Home thing a bit too far.

I hope they are over here reading. I do not believe God is against large families and children are a blessing, but they need to see what is being sold to them and how they are being offered another legalist religion, and how patriarchy, is going to help the Dominionist dream of the Christian "Taliban" get a foot hold in America.
Also I do not even want to imagine what it would be like to be an older unmarried woman--lets say someone in late 30s or 40s, childless even if married, infertile, or too sick to bear children, or with only a few children in those legalist circles. You can tell they compare themselves to each other, whoever has the most children "wins". Thanks for telling me of name change, I commented over there some time ago but will revisit soon.
I hope the Duggar's do lurk, it does seem the Duggar children are very technologically connected, the older ones definitely have to be reading some of what is being said.

The Roaming Commoner said...

By the way, my blog is now called The Roaming Commoner also.