Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where Did All the Money Go? [TO THE BANKERS]

Someone needs to show this verse to all those who have jumped on the right wing bandwagon, "pull up your bootstraps" crowd who shrilly scream to the unemployed, old and sick about how they are the cause of all this country's economic problems and how throwing them over board is the way to go. They do not realize they are basically just following the elite's message, in other words they are willing dupes to the right side of the right-left paradigm and in the efforts to destroy this country, they are being used to help the elites enrich themselves at every one's expense. You know if these types actually spoke of stepping up to help these disabled, poor etc, on a personal level or returning jobs to this country, then what they have to say would mean something, but it doesn't.

Zec 7:10 And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart.

The other day I found this article, if you want to know where did all the money go when it comes to America. Here is your answer....[Try not to let the amount of 5 trillion dollars send your blood pressure up.]

For the American economy – and for many other developed economies – the elephant in the room is the amount of money paid to bankers over the last five years. In the United States, the sum stands at an astounding $2.2 trillion. Extrapolating over the coming decade, the numbers would approach $5 trillion, an amount vastly larger than what both President Barack Obama’s administration and his Republican opponents seem willing to cut from further government deficits.

That $5 trillion dollars is not money invested in building roads, schools and other long-term projects, but is directly transferred from the American economy to the personal accounts of bank executives and employees. Such transfers represent as cunning a tax on everyone else as one can imagine. It feels quite iniquitous that bankers, having helped cause today’s financial and economic troubles, are the only class that is not suffering from them – and in many cases are actually benefiting.

That is where the money went, and by the way, it is not just America who is the victim of their malfeasance: Europe too seems to be teetering on the edge of a collapse. When you have a corrupt system where everyone is bought off, this is what you get, government and big banks working hand in hand to rip you off. This is nothing new...

Amo 4:1 Hear this word, ye kine of Bashan, that [are] in the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor, which crush the needy, which say to their masters, Bring, and let us drink.

Oppress the poor, crush the needy? Sounds familiar. Sometimes when I look out at the American landscape, it seems some of those most abusing Jesus's name for their false political ambitions would love to bring back poorhouses, workhouses, and debtor's prisons. So when they get started on the rhetoric about who is at fault, and want to rip away things people now depend on, then remind yourself about that 5 trillion dollars. Even on the left notice WHERE Obama wants to send the money. Another stimulus...of course it's not meant to have results, Obama is a full blown globalist. Many Americans can hide their eyes as to what is happening to this country. For many of us, it is even a time of mourning, seeing what has happened to this country. I know not all my readers are American, but I hope at least they can realize reading this blog, that not all Americans are blind followers. The decline of this country began years ago, when we were switched to the artificially propped up "service economy" and the money clean-out began even then.

I have had the experience of trying to tell some nominal Christians recently, who follow the gospel of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party, desiring to help them out, look it's not the poor's fault, you need to look at the bigger picture, but I got the general blank eye with a response of "I do not care".

Proverbs 29:7

The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: but the wicked regardeth not to know it.

While I was in a small fundie church where the people had a godly attitude towards the poor, this stuff is growing in the church communities out there, where the poor are to blame. I talked about this here: "Preachers Blaming the Poor for the Debt"

Here is an example of what I am talking about. I do not agree with everything the Young Turks say or propose, [they are liberal non-Christians] but they are right about what is being shown here...Hagee tells people who don't work [most who do not work in America are not there by choice] to STARVE. [Just watch the first half of the video, the first statement is what I am interested in you hearing]

Remember Hagee is one of the biggest supporters of Rick Perry.

None of them will tell you where the money went.

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