Tuesday, September 27, 2011

John Nelson Darby: Closet Theosophist?

From Liberty to the Captives:

John Nelson Darby: Closet Theosophist?

"John Nelson Darby, the "Father of Dispensationalism," used occult phraseology throughout his doctrinal writings and letters. The majority of them are straight out of Theosophical literature. John Darby learned these esoteric terms somewhere—they are not from the Bible—and he deliberately integrated them into his theological treatises and letters. His merging of Theosophical vocabulary with supposedly biblical teaching is a form of syncretism.

Do you really believe the Holy Spirit led John Nelson Darby and other Brethren leaders to use Luciferian terms to refer to God and teach supposedly "recovered" biblical truths? (1)"

Definitely Darby is not a teacher you can trust, as I have wondered about him and the introduction of false Pre-Trib teachings. Often false teachers will use occult language mixed in with Christian language to deceive and mark themselves. Darby's reference to "god" as "divine energy' and references to "secret wisdom" is disturbing as well as many others of these. Watch out for anyone who refers to 'god" as architect, that is a mark not only of Theosophy but of Freemasonry. I caught one of the Pope's doing it a few years ago:

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 6, 2000 (ZENIT.org).- Every person is called to "collaborate" with the coming of the Kingdom of God, John Paul II said, in an urgent appeal for cooperation between believers and nonbelievers.

In today's general audience address, the Pope said: All the righteous on earth, even those who do not know Christ and his Church and who, under the influence of grace, seek God with a sincere heart, are ..". called to build the Kingdom of God, cooperating with the Lord who is the first and decisive architect ."

Back To Darby, they are on to something over at reformation.org given the HUGE change among Protestants and no longer looking to the Pope as the Antichrist.

Prior to Darby, all Protestant Christians believed that the Pope was Antichrist. They believed that the great falling away happened soon after the end of the apostolic age and that the Papal dynasty answered in every way to the great apostasy or falling away predicted by the Apostle Paul.

Remember Darby is the father of all the evangelical dispensationalism, influencing those like Lindsey, LaHaye, Christian Zionism and more.


Anonymous said...

That's right. Darby is one of Satan's weapons of mass destruction. Many are falling away because of him, and many Elect are also deceived because of him. He was one of the generation of vipers, to be sure! Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree. I had never seen his picture before I did this article and wow, look at it, one can see the evil pouring off him. I agree many are today now deceived because of him.

Lisa Ruby said...

Darby slipped in some occult ideology when he referred to the unintelligent energy of Peter doing something. What did this energy do? Darby communicated that this energy employed force to defend Him (Jesus Christ).

Darby is sending the message Peter used some devils to fight for Jesus Christ. Something is very, very wrong with this picture!!!

"When the carnal and unintelligent energy of Peter employs force to defend Him, who, if He would, had only needed to have gone away when a word from His lips had cast down to the ground all those who came to take Him, and the word that revealed to them the object of their search deprived them of all power to seize it. http://www.stempublishing.com/author...hn/john18.html


Bible Believer said...

Yeah that is crazy..."energy of Peter", yes that is demonic stuff, and you are right he is basically saying Peter used devils to fight for Jesus Christ. There is nothing biblical about any of that!

Here is another quote from him...

"The presence of the Holy Spirit is the keystone of all our hopes."


"But the more we search the Scriptures, the more we perceive, in this doctrine, the fundamental truth of the gospel - that truth which gives to redemption its character, and to all other truths their real power."

What other truths?

You can see the double messages right there.


Anonymous said...

And people have been drinking in the sewage of dispensationalism from this broken cistern. Putrid! This doctrine is from the mouth of hell itself, designed to take the spotlight off who the real Antichrist is, and the fact that he has been among us for many centuries--disguised as an angel of light. It has given the lying doctrine of looking towards earthly Israel, instead of looking towards the Heavenly City of Zion to which Abraham had looked in Faith. It has gotten all who drink of this putrid sewage water to look towards earthly things, rather than to Above to the throne of the Living I AM. Anon. #1

Lisa Ruby said...

This post is directed toward Anonymous:

There is no title of God, "Living I AM" in the King James Bible. And why did you capitalize the word, Above? I find this very strange.

Bible Believer said...

I know I found her use of "I am" over and over odd too. Some short time ago, I found out about this, and it has troubled me.



These folks refer to "god" as "I am"



"ter unity among competing traditions of thought and belief. Over time, I AM can catalyze understanding among nations and religions, and between religion and science. During these troubled times,"

It's been bugging me too long too. I have asked anon, what group are you from, what writings have you followed? She seems to have put forth these were decisions made on her own. There is no command in the NT to call God "I am" and it seems if this was mandated, that at least one apostle would have done so in their writings in the NT.

Odd language and I've seen her capitalize "Above" as well before. One thing, while she had very interesting things to say about mystery cults, and agreed about Pope, churches at least, I've already had occultists try and post over here. I am familiar with some of their tricks, many seek to behave and act, and write as Christians. I've seen it on message boards but most of the time they are marking themselves. Even if they write and say the "right" things, there can be other agendas. Finding out about this Theosophist offshoot movement [I hadn't heard of them while I was a Theosophist UU, thought I had a passing familarity with the name St. Germain] and THEIR use of "I am" for "god", is deeply concerning.

a mountford said...

John Nelson Darby was a liar and a deceiver. There is nothing you can trust about this man. This wicked individual had the brass face to claim, when questioned if he believed in the infalibility, and inerancy of the Bible, to say yes, and that he thoroughly believed in this. He then went on to make a retranslation, claiming that the underlying text of the Bible was flawed, and that the one he created, out of mixture of all things the Vaticanus, was more authentic. He claimed that he was only producing another version, more up to date language, for study purposes. He did the same with pre-Millennialism, stealing it from the Jesuits, with the Secret Rapture, whilst informing others that it was sent of God, a special delivery to him. So eighteen hundreds, with special men, of special endowments and visitation from God.