Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Influencing The Homeschool Movement To Take Them Into Patriarchy and Dominionism

Let me get this out of the way....

I support homeschooling, the public schools are often cesspools and yes they do indoctrinate your children. I do not judge those who must put their children in public school via work and economic needs but understand the purpose behind homeschooling. I have known several families who have homeschooled and have seen it done the right way and successfully. Often properly homeschooled children were far in advance of their regular school compatriots-- more calm, studious, mature, and far less dominated by peer culture.

But I have noticed something insidious within the homeschool movement, and seen even friends within it, go along with a few of these trends, that have been sold to them via homeschool groups, magazines and more. Now let me say this, this is not to speak of homeschooling as a whole, there are even non-Christian homeschoolers out there and many other factions. But there seems to me, to be plenty of evidence that patriarchy groups and others like Vision Forum have been getting their claws in areas of the Christian home school movement and media. This isn't to say all Christian home schoolers have gone this way, many are independent and, pray to God for the truth, and use their discernment but when you hear friends discussing courtship rituals for their young 20 somethings where marriage must be approved by Dad and, "SAHD" [Stay At Home Daughter: Quiverful]rules for their daughters or positively discussing Bill Gothard or Vision Forum, you know something is up and changing radically out there.

Some months ago, I ran into this magazine and got it out of an old magazine bin at a library, along with some Above Rubies magazines, it was an old Homeschool Digest from the late 1990s where the theme was "True Wisdom" [they use the owl to suggest "wisdom" which is a bit bothersome] and in this magazine, I saw the severe culture war influences, and patriarchy articles already beginning. It is an example of homeschoolers being sold the PATRIARCHY/VISION FORUM Dominionist teachings.

This is the back cover of the'll see the articles listed. One thing to realize, I am only taking a snapshot of ONE magazine here, and one that is some years old, but remember the whole family integrated, Quiverful, Vision Forum model is being sold many other places and has only grown in popularity. Here is an example, and large home school conferences such as CHEC have teamed up with Vision Forum before.

I found myself thinking, Wow, good Christian people could be reading this magazine and unless they were in prayer and heavy discernment, all the great stuff in there about disciplining children and having the best Christian family on the block really could mislead them. Even the folks who publish home school materials perhaps even those who publish this magazine, have not caught on to the subtle lies of the Vision Forum/Patriarchy ilk. They see the stuff about "character building", having good Christian families, stemming the tide against secular wicked culture, and think what's not to like? As long time readers of this blog know, I have written about what is not to like about these movements in many blog articles...

"Two Sides of the Same Evil Coin: Radical Feminism Vs. The Patriarchy Movement"

"The Duggars, Bill Gothard, Vision Forum, and The Quiverful Movement"

as well as many others on Dominionism, Vision Forum and more....

What is sad is how many GOOD people they are luring in with this stuff, who desire a decent Christian life for themselves and their children but even here the "perfect lifestyle TM" is sold. One thing I have noticed about this "sub-culture" and it really is becoming such, is they *sell* an idealized vision [VISION FORUM] of the world, where everyone in the family are Christians, where an idealized "Father Knows Best" father always has a high paying job in a lovely rural area that can support the entire family in upper middle class and above luxury, with white picket fences and Victorian styled dresses included. For the women, perfect "godly housekeeping" is advanced as part of this Christian Martha Stewart on steroids lifestyle for women and a new standard to keep up with, that is a direct opposite to the "have it all" hyper feminism. In other words, while Christians can cheer for old fashioned values, that are biblical such as modesty, charity, love of a family, responsible mothers and fathers, etc, these things are being skewed to sell Dominionist power and control and "another gospel". Even I find myself lured in for a time by ads like this, until I found out the leaders and others who were attached to them...

Have you seen some of the Quiverful and Patriarchy blogs? [see here here,here , there are many more, this is to help give you a flavor of this world, all these bloggers support the patriarchal Vision Forum lifestyle--you'll see the links on their pages] Notice the extreme appeal to the past, one even advertises an 1890's version of "Mrs Morehouse's School of Elocution and Composition for Young Ladies" and the extreme authoritarianism that is praised within the family structure.

You'll see many of these folks, do have good ideas, the appeal to jump into a time machine to a fantasy late 19th century life is definitely there, but they do look for the positive things of the past, while ignoring it's negatives. The late 19th century wasn't the bastion of total morality they seek after, it had it's brothels, street urchins, and wickedness too. They forget the physical filth and killer diseases that modernization wiped clean as well. Life before refrigeration and antibiotics wasn't always perfect and early death came far easier to all. I suppose they have good intentions dreaming of the days they saw as being more moral, and desiring close-knit families and seek more self sufficiency. These are all good things. But where is it leading if they have signed on to the likes of Vision Forum and groups like it?

Of course history is not only rewritten to turn the late 19 century into a shining beacon of historical and moral perfection, but one sees the new versions of American history married to false patriotism and the "values and character training" for children, advertised. Here too you see the focus on the politics of this world and becoming part of the "system".

Let's look at this picture...

The article is entitled "Learning to Be Keepers at Home". This is a theme very stressed in patriarchal circles, while women are to care for their families and there is nothing wrong with that it is stressed to the extreme in the patriarchy movement. Here you see women who are single or who may be childless, being shunted aside for the idealistic life sold by these groups. A young woman named Brook Tingom wrote this article, she appears to be about 18 years old back then, still very youthful and eager and wrote for a magazine called "Kindred Spirits". This article discusses "godly homemaking" and basically puts forth the message that homemaking is to be the woman's first endeavor. Now there is nothing wrong with homemaking, even I cook and clean daily but I find an oddness to it's glorification.

She writes...

"If we plan to become homemakers someday, if God wills, then we must set our goals high and diligently seek a path towards those goals.


"We young women have a special opportunity to prepare for the role of the homemaker by learning skills and lessons. But it is not merely a knowledge of cleaning and cooking or sewing and washing that we seek--rather it is the possession of a servant's heart that truly will prepare one to be a keeper at home.

Now realize the subtle stuff here, this girl, I believe had good intentions, and was taught to be a good housekeeper and have a servant's heart, nothing wrong with that, but think about those who desire power by telling women in general, your only place is in the home, you have no role to serve elsewhere. What I worry about for this generation of young women, being raised this way, is unlike the Amish, or other communities who have parted ways from the outside world, and have a set community, they are expected to live this way mixed in with the "modern world". There are practical issues that are ignored by those who promote unrealistic legalism. I do not see it working that well, especially in a dying economy unless they happen to find in a agriculturally based small town where many of the locals share their same religious and other beliefs, to help support each other and where the daughter could find a husband of the same beliefs.

The strangest thing to me, is seeing modern professional "Christian" women who were college educated themselves teaching their daughters in the suburbs to become masterful housekeepers or being trained in "safe" patriarchal professions such as becoming a "midwife" but what is the oddest thing, is some of these families live in urban areas, there is no community of the same values, who is the daughter to marry? Many are even attending "modern churches" like Calvary Chapel or mainline Baptist churches. Who is the daughter to do midwife work with, when living in an area where most ladies are going to the hospital with it's highly technological medical equipment down the street? I found myself asking one Vision Forum directed acquaintance these questions. How is she to survive once the parents are deceased if no supportive husband appears? It seems to me the false idealism and more are setting up some young girls for a precarious future. Some Vision Forum families even if there is lots of love there, become little islands unto themselves.

Historically too, it is "off" in that women even in the Little House on the Prairie days, had to help with the homestead, get the crops in, go clean houses or take in washing for the wealthier to help feed their families. It is an idealized view of history and reality that never existed. My grandmother had to work a job, to help her farmer husband even as early as the 50s. As I said on the two opposite coins article--Patriarchy Vs. Hyper-feminism [see above], this is a skewing of what God intended and more about control of women. Couldn't someone tell me I should be mopping the kitchen floor instead of writing this blog? I do not want to see young Christian women, told that how well they clean is the be end and end all. Remember this article appeared in a HOMESCHOOL magazine. How would that affect the education of daughters?

Then there is this article

"The Father's Heart: God's #1 Priority" by Phil Lancaster.

Phil Lancaster was and is by the way, a leader in the patriarchy movement.

I do not agree with the conjecture that:

"A father's relationship with his children is the most important relationship in life. It is no exaggeration to say that everything else hinges on this relationship; not only the welfare of the children themselves, but general well-being of the family, the health of the church, the welfare of civil society, the strength of the economy, the moral climate of civilization, the prosperity of the Kingdom of God in history, the future of the world. Everything is affected by what happens between fathers and the children in their homes. Such is the central place of the family in God's plan, and such is the pivotal role of fathers in that foundational institution"

While yes, fathers are very important to children, here we have the idolization of the family and of a human father, that is advanced in the patriarchy movement. Sometimes when I read things like this, I think how absurd. Many Christian believers came out of non-Christian home and departed from fathers that didn't even believe in God at all! That applies to me, of course in those who want patriarchal control and wish to have people look to this world, they ignore such facts. The Patriarchy world is a closed loop system that betrays the Great Commission.

He even manages to directly contradict the words of Jesus Christ here.

"Throughout the ages, the family has been the nursery of faith for each generation , the primary place in which Christian discipleship, has occurred. The future is shaped generation, by generation, in homes. Other institutions come and go, but the family remains a constant part of life in this world, and of God's plan for the ages. Even the new Testament church itself is modeled on the family and copies its patterns of life among the members."

Now remember what Jesus Christ taught?

Mar 3:31 ¶ There came then his brethren and his mother, and, standing without, sent unto him, calling him.

Mar 3:32 And the multitude sat about him, and they said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren without seek for thee.

Mar 3:33 And he answered them, saying, Who is my mother, or my brethren?

Mar 3:34 And he looked round about on them which sat about him, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

Mar 3:35 For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.

and of course this:

Luk 14:26 If any [man] come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

How many of us are the few among our family? Or even the only born again believer among both sides of relatives?

Phil Lancaster goes on to write of love between family members, that is fine and good but he still elevates the role of fathers far too high and puts them higher then God in many cases:

"It is just as the Lord promised in Prove 22: 6. "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old enough he will not turn from it" Why? Once a child's heart is turned to his father, there is no breaking the bond that is created! For that child to turn from his father and the faith of his father would be to destroy his own heart."

and sums up...

"A father's relationship with his children is the most important relationship in life. The question is What are you going to do about it?"

Actually the most important relationship is one's relationship with God. No other. A father can not control a grown child, and will have to let go eventually. Sometimes reading the literature from these groups, it's like helicopter parenting taken to it's ultimate zenith. Scores of hovering parents who do not allow children to grow up, who do not allow them to be their own people, who seek to control them even in to their adulthood. If anything, the best parenting brings a child to a place where they can stand on their own two feet, that includes being a Christian in reality as well not just because it is 'expected'.

Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Eph 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Phil Lancaster wrote a magazine called Patriarch magazine, which was advertised in the back of this Home School Digest magazine as well....He went on to found Immanuel Family Fellowship and was part of the family-integrated church movement. He has worked with Vision Forum. [see here too]

The family integrated church model, which I have wrote about before, advances patriarchy too. Read more about family integrated churches here. It was advertised in this magazine as well:

And then World magazine was too. World magazine, is the Christian magazine for Dominionists but that will take it's own blog entry to explain....

And then you can see more of the Vision Forum influence...

This is a magazine still in circulation called "QUIT YOU LIKE MEN", It is taken from 1 Corinthians 16:13. You can see Doug Phillip's then involvement with it.

So there is the snapshot of this magazine. Looking at other homeschool literature, magazines and sources, the influences for Patriarchy and Dominionism are there in others. I have known personally homeschoolers being influenced by these groups, their literature and more. Be careful of what you read out there, even if things sound good on the surface, about ways to discipline and add to your child's character or education. Be wary of those who teach you can have total control over your grown children's lives, and who think that extreme authoritarian parenting to go along with their totalitarian politics will solve all of the world's problems. Warn your other homeschooling friends. I'm facing the reality of warning a few of mine. Realize how these groups have invaded everything from politics to even as shown here, trying to strongly influence the HOMESCHOOLING community and ask yourself WHY?


Anonymous said...

When families decide to home school, it seems that many of them, instead of setting off independently, their home becomes merely a classroom, while their "school" is actually their home school "group". It's fine if one is having that as an opportunity for occasional get togethers, or when someone needs help over a bump in the road, but for many this "group" becomes the control. How is that different than enrolling your child in a conventional setting? I could never figure that one out. When we taught our children in our home (until the high school level), we were registered with a group in order to cover ourselves legally, but we didn't go for that "group" mentality. In fact, that group didn't go for that mentality. As for the Christian home school catalogues, I even had to carefully consider the home school curriculum carefully, and this was in the 90's. I had to avoid the history books because the patriotism thing was rampant in them. Knowing the true foundation of this nation, those things were a definite check in my spirit--such lies. Isn't one point of teaching at home to get your children to think independently of those things and not be brainwashed with lies of idealism according to the world? The only books I felt safe about was the math and science. I had to come up with my own history stuff from which I drew vocabulary, spelling and reading at the same time. So what I money we saved in not having to buy those books, I used in the science lab. Yeah, even back then I saw definite problems. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree with you for too many, they let the homeschool group or curriculum they have purchased or associate themselves with do too much of the leading instead of God. Isn't the point of homeschooling to think independently? I wouldn't doubt that Jesuits and other infiltrators have gotten their hands on much of the homeschool materials. This is why you see the Dominionism so strongly advanced and the strong "Christian nation" lies. At friends homes, I have seen the homeschool books, and they were as biased to false history and philosophies as much as the liberal books at public school. I can't remember the exact publishers, but one odd thing I DO see in homeschool history and even saw it in this magazine I exposed too today, is the respect for early church councils and false early church fathers, there seems to be a lot of calvinism 'history' [which was inherently a daughter of Rome] too sneaking in. I am glad you discerned the lies even by the 90s. I would not want to see any children indoctrinated by their deceptions either. If anything the hard core Vision Forum stuff teaches children to be excessively blindly obedient to "authority" and NOT to think independently which is just as dangerous as anything the public schools are doing with their 'world citizen" and pro-homosexuality messages. The best thing yes is to draw the most neutral sources but as the children get older, allow them to read different sources from the library. Yes it seems math and science would be the most "safe" being objective but the subjective subjects would be full of bias.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Mary Pride's home education magazine-Practical Homeschooling( and Home School Enrichment magazine. We belonged to a homeschool support group for a year and a homeschool co-op for a year during our 26 years of home educating. The Mennonite history books aren't patriotic-Christian Light and Rod & Staff. Abeka use to have an owl symbol on their books and I didn't like it. I know the history of owl symbolism. Abeka, Rod & Staff,,etc. use KJ Bible Scriptures in their books.

Anonymous said...

We did have a Reformed theology home education catalog-Christian Liberty Press. I ordered some Abeka books from that catalog. I liked CLP's kindergarten readers. We liked Abeka's science,health,and music(hymns). Two of our 6 children were home educated through high school(the youngest is 18). All of our children were home educated but the oldest went to a Christian high school and 3 others went to a public high school(as a result they married Catholic girls-if I could do it over I would home educate them all through high school). I heard good things about Rod & Staff math and english. Now we're ordering for our oldest grandchild.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you perused the materials to see what was best, so you homeschooled the kids til they were to start high school? I know a lot of homeschoolers do that, putting children in regular high school knowing they can't replicate all the labs and knowledge even with the risks--like teaching chemistry. I guess there are dangers even there, high school would probably have some very heavy influences. So did they become Catholics to marry the Catholic girls? Hopefully they will come to truth and lead them to it as well.I haven't heard of Rod and Staff. I guess parents would have to look over the different homeschool materials and work them in the best they can, leaving out the very biased "Christian nation" and other stuff.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your suggestions anon, Practical Homeschooling and Home School Enrichment magazine sound like good ones. Yes the owl symbols bug me even if some uninformed types may use them to denote "wisdom". Glad you found a home-school co-op to be involved with. That is good Rod and Staff and those other books stick to KJV. I know I would perfer that.

Anonymous said...

No, our sons did not become Catholic or allow their children to be infant-baptized. This caused a problem with one son and his wife/in-laws. The public high school was across the street and we wanted them to get a diploma. They went on to college. One daughter was homeschooled through high school but it didn't matter that she didn't get a diploma(she lives in a group home for high-functioning autistic young women). Our youngest son finished home education in June. Our school district is one of the few in our area that would have paid for his GED course-$300-$400 a month(two 3-hour classes a week in the evenings from Oct.-May in our school district) only when he's 18. He had taken Driver's Ed on Saturdays so he experienced a classroom/test experience. He decided to not take the GED course(registration is no longer available). He can take college entrance tests(even though he doesn't have a diploma) at the community college whenever he wants(he works in a well-known hardware store). Some homeschoolers do American high school(secular) or expensive(and a lot of student writing) Christian correspondence high school for a diploma,- Abeka,Landmark Freedom Baptist,etc. One mother in our church homeschooled her 3 children through 11th grade(16-years-old) registering with the school district but in 12th grade they did SAT test Prep only then took the test. She said it was a lot of work. That was the first time I heard of that concept.

Anonymous said...

The secular American high school web site is We found out about this after reading the book,No Regrets by Alexandra Swann. Joyce Swann( articles) home educated her 10 children and they completed high school in 18 months. They had high school diplomas by 12-years-old. They did college at home. The book is interesting,written by the oldest child. Our son could also decide to go through American school in the future. The local community college accepts their diploma.

Bible Believer said...

I'm glad your sons did not become Catholic and are not having the children led into it. That gives more chances for them to lead the wives out or to salvation themselves. In the old days, to marry a Catholic where the priest approved the marriage etc, this still may be true now but most ignore it, people had to promise to raise the children Catholic. I guess in different states there are different requirements with homeschooling: some are required to register with school districts, others get supervised, and maybe thats why some go for the "official" diplomas. At least the community colleges are more open to taking homeschoolers.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for that American school website, that is interesting website, glad it is there to help the homeschoolers and local community college accepts it.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were raised Catholic and met in Catholic school. We married in the Baptist church(I was 18,he was 20-our oldest was born 10 months later) after my mother sent us to the Catholic church to ask the priest to marry us. He kicked us out of his office in 1973 because I said I wouldn't raise our children Catholic. I told him we had started reading the King James Bible and my husband's family had left the Catholic church. They had been involved with the Charismatic Catholics and through that had been involved with the non-Catholic charismatics. We still attend a Baptist church. Our second son was married in the Catholic church. Our third son and his Catholic wife were married by a Christian Pastor at the reception hall. Our oldest son and his Christian wife were married in the Congregational church. The oldest son was married first then the second and third sons.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you stood up to that priest. My father converted from Greek Orthodox to Catholic [basically a lateral move because this was even before they would allow any non-Catholic Catholic weddings. More need to stand up to that false promise, do they still make you sign something? I am glad you got the family to leave the RCC, of course being born again is what matters, because plenty in evangelical churches who are part of the harlot. Sounds like only one was married in the Catholic church, well many get married there even many of the Catholics but are totally non-practicing, in some areas the mainline churches and Catholic church are what they call *sacramental filling stations*.