Friday, September 23, 2011

How Many "Christians" Will Be Fooled By This Guy?

"Rick Perry launches apolcalyptic political ad and infers he's America's savior"

The subways are empty. The camera flashes on empty houses, empty playgrounds and empty stores. The outlook is gray and creepy and a siren wails in the background Walls of New York are covered with half torn posters of Obama as Obama's voice speaks about "no more manufactured crises, and the country is headed in the right direction." Then the picture changes: Perry has made a cute thing of putting a zero in Obama's name and calls him President Zero–for zero jobs, zero recovery. It's like an ad for the disaster movie 2012, without the waves demolishing New York City. Then Perry speaks and the music becomes almost heroic as it shows him talking to smiling people and striding around like Harrison Ford after the terrorists on Air Force One. He speaks from a screen like Father in the post-apocalyptic flick Equilibrium. The last thing we hear as the ad ends is "God bless ya, and God bless the United States of America!"

Hey some things to notice:

1. See Rick Perry's logo? It looks like a stripped down version of Obama's, with the same colors, the "sun" over the horizon which in the video is emphasized, blue sky, red "landscape"

2. Handsigns can be seen too in the video...but of course...this is the pyramid hand sign of the Illuminati...Think about this, is there any REASON this should even be shown? Yeah there is, marking the video and this candidate.

Remember she made it too...and here's even more examples...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's disgusting. They can keep it all. I'm not of this earth. I look forward to the City of Above! Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree anon #1, they can have it all....we are not of this earth...that is our hope in even watching all this insanity unfold.

Labby said...

good catch!

michelle said...

Insanity is a great word for what's going on. I've decided to write a quiver full book and hope that if it is published that more Christians will stop being deceived by this movement and the politicians associated with the right (and left) wings

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Labby, LOL, you know I watched it and thought it's got to be marked, and I was right!

I agree Michelle, it is getting insane out there. I hope you do expose the quiverful movement! It needs all the exposure that can be done. This blog I guess is my "book" LOL