Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boykin Promotes Dominionism

Found this on Fanatic for Jesus blog...[one note, while I like many posts from the Fanatic for Jesus blog, she has a second blog that seems to advance the patriarchy movement, of course I do not agree with that and pray one day she can discern those deceptions coming in]

"Boykin: The Church, the Dominating Force"

There are two groups of Evangelicals who are politically active that believe Christians alone are biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns - the Reconstructionists and the Dominionists. Although they took a text from the Bible to create an unbiblical political movement, it is a thread of dark Christianity that doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Some believe that a “true” Christian cannot occupy a governmental office, or have any involvement with, or interest in, politics. Of course, no responsible Christian can be without concern for civil government, but there was, at one time, a clear separation and non-participation from the government and its function.

It will be too late before many of these politically active Evangelicals realize they made a terrible mistake.

I am one of those who believe, that politics are too corrupt for Christians to be involved in. This doesn't mean not standing up against evil, but we are seeing how the church and state marriage is bringing great evil.

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