Sunday, September 18, 2011

"America Is Rapidly Turning Into A High-Security Prison"

Enhanced Pat-Downs At NFL Games? America Is Rapidly Turning Into A High-Security Prison

"In the post-9/11 world in which we live, paranoia is standard operating procedure. Those that are responsible for security are far more interested in "covering their backsides" than they are in respecting the liberty, freedom and dignity of average Americans. America is rapidly turning into a high-security prison. When naked body scanners and "enhanced pat-downs" went into U.S. airports, those that warned that we would soon see these types of "Big Brother" security measures pop up at train stations, bus stations, shopping malls and sporting events were dismissed as "conspiracy theorists". But it turns out that the "conspiracy theorists" did not even fully understand how quickly all of this nonsense was going to spread. How much "security" is going to be enough? Where in the world is the line going to be drawn? If groping all fans is "necessary" for security at all NFL games, how long will it be before it is implemented at all other sporting events across the United States?

The truth is that no matter how hard they try, those in charge of our "security" cannot keep us perfectly safe. Life is dangerous and bad things are going to happen no matter how much "security" you throw around.

We have a choice. We can live as free men without fear, or we can cower in terror and call for increasingly repressive layers of "security". If we continue on the path that we are on, this nation is going to become a totalitarian "Big Brother" police state so repressive that it will make our founding fathers roll over in their graves."

"NFL Wants Pat-Downs From Ankle Up At All Stadiums"


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Anonymous said...

Implementing and getting the public to accept their rights being taken away under the guise of 'security' is leading us down the path to the end times when most will accept taking the 'mark'...


Bible Believer said...

Hi Doug

No one 50 years ago could imagine Americans lining up like cattle to be electronically or otherwise strip searched to get on an air plane. I believe they are bringing this stuff to the rest of areas where crowds gather. Seeing the American people accept this, means they will be accepting taking the mark. Of course they will probably use some great event "false flag" to bring help along in the cause of "fear". With this you even have a majority of men refusing to protest, to go to their updated "gladiator" games, imagine the slow lines and now you probably have to line up 4 hours in advance so they have time to search thousands of people.