Sunday, August 21, 2011

Website: "Rethinking Vision Forum"

I found this website that exposes Vision Forum, sadly whose teachings are infiltrating elsewhere.

"Rethinking Vision Forum"

I definitely agree with some things they warn about:

"The Problem With Vision Forum"

"First, Vision Forum elevates the family to the position of an idol. Yes, the family is important, very important, but Jesus came to save people as individuals not family units. God forms relationships with people individually, not simply through their families. Jesus told his followers to follow him first and forsake all else. Jesus spoke of individual freedom and conscience, not group salvation.

Second, Vision Forum lays out a one size fits all “formula” for the perfect godly family. This leads to frustration for those who don’t fit the mold and can have the effect of stifling and smothering all those involved. Jesus did not call his followers to adhere to man made formulas, but rather to freedom in Christ. Formulas distract from trusting God and distract from diversity and individuality.

It is our contention that the “Biblical” principles laid out by Vision Forum are lists of man made rules that do not accurately reflect Jesus’ gospel of freedom and love. It is time to expose these teachings for what they are. We encourage you to look at the information on this site with open eyes and not be led astray by the legalism and false vision of godliness set forth by Vision Forum."

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michelle said...

This is one of many problems I have with Vision Forum and like groups. Jesus wants individuals to have a relationship with him. A saved person doesn't have to come from a "Christian" family to get into heaven. If that were true then I would still be an atheist.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Michelle,

I agree, one asks what if you do not have a "Christian" family many people especially in these days do not. So that alone show Vision Forum raising the "perfect" family to an idol. I was raised to be a Roman Catholic and that is what my family wanted though some today in the family are agnostics and athiests.They seem to want to bring back a version of the "frozen chosen", a closed loop system you have to be "born into" instead of preaching the gospel.

Anonymous said...

That picture alone says it all. Why sport a "holy" "Roman empire" style picture, replete with crusade cross symbols which were at the direction of the Antichrist popes, and the knighting of men for that cause?! And then that dragon's tail, as if evoking some "st. george" myth? Really?! Complete nonsense--or is it? Hmmmm?????? Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree, its all over, the end of the dragon tail is weird too, like the little kids had slayed "satan" or something. It's got the whole 'knights', "malta", crusade vibe doesn't it?

What's with all the little kids with swords?

Here's another website exposing them....

Anonymous said...

dont forget Mike Evans and Glenn Beck

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for that link too.

The Ten boom story is an interesting one. maybe they were well intentioned people and she helped a lot of people hiding the Jews, and maybe she was just deceived, but Carrie Ten Boom ended up being a full supporter of the ecumenical movement. She even spoke at the first Lausanne meeting.

This was definitely a disappointment to me.