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Tal Brooke: Why Did Chuck Smith Co-Author a Book With Him?

I am not sure most readers here know who Tal Brooke is.

He is a "Christian" author that I disagree with. I even owned this book and ended up throwing it in the trash, because I realized it taught many New Age concepts under the guise of being "against" the New Age.

He has an interesting history of an occult past, hey that is not enough to condemn someone considering what I came out, many can be truly saved out of something like that but when one reads one of his books, and sees the disinformation, it can be quite scary. His books literally were shocking to me, they were so full of implicit "hidden" New Age teachings, under the guise of warning.

Some time ago I discovered that Chuck Smith had written a book called "Harvest" with Tal Brooke. I found this to be a very odd connection, and you will see why. I know some could say this is meaningless, that Chuck Smith just happened to trip over this guys foot at a coffee shop or something, and hired him to be his co-author but I found myself asking WHY HIM?

Harvest is a book that goes into the early history of Calvary Chapel. You can read snippets of it here. and read it in it's entirety here.

Now when I found out about this book, and Tal Brooke holding co-authorship, his name is more prominent then even your traditional ghostwriter would be on the cover, I remembered a group called The Spiritual Counterfeits Project, that Tal Brooke is the head of, and being familiar with this group, I know they include CATHOLIC WRITINGS. One of their writers is Lee Penn who admits he is a Catholic under an Pope loyal Eastern rite.

" Lee was seeking a new spiritual home, and began by worshiping at a Russian Orthodox parish. That year, he explored Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy - and was received into an Eastern Catholic parish that is in communion with Rome but worships, fasts, feasts, and prays in the Eastern Orthodox fashion. Lee's spiritual home since 1995 has been the Christian East. He says that his "history is evidence that God is merciful to sinners, and shows that the writer of 'Amazing Grace' was telling the truth."

You can see for yourself, that Lee Penn's book "False Dawn" is advertised right on the front page of the SCP website as well as many of his writings. I read "False Dawn", own a copy, referred to this book HERE

I wrote:

"This week she is having Lee Penn, appear on her show, on the Microeffect radio website. Lee Penn who I have discussed on this blog before, is an interesting guy, who knows a lot about the interfaith movement and stands against the worse aspects of the URI, in his book "False Dawn", but in that book, he presents the Vatican as being against the URI, which I found to be a wholly false premise, perhaps his mind has changed since then, but Lee Penn sadly still remains in the Catholic church [an eastern branch] as far as I know. There again too, if you are warning about the one world religion but under the Pope's authority, what good will it do you?"

The most shocking thing to me about "False Dawn" which has a very odd publisher specializing in 'esoteric subjects" is how it plays cover for the Vatican and dealings with the URI. Let me quote from this book, taking it right off my shelf.
He writes:
"Within the Catholic Church, opinion about URI is divided. Rome stands firm against it" [p 158]

I even have sent Lee Penn information showing him the support from the Vatican for the URI, only to be ignored. I do not know if his mind has been changed though some years back he expressed some outrage at Levada's appointment. While Lee Penn rejects the worse excesses of some interfaithism and globalism, he holds to Catholic theology. What is odd is the authors will make stands against the new age and interfaith movement while allowing for Catholicism to stand as a valid "Christian tradition".Lee Penn's book "False Dawn" was published by a New Age publisher "Sophia Perennis" and while it had many truths about the URI United Religions Intiative}, it played definite cover up for the Vatican's role. Now Lee Penn, may be a very sincere fellow, and truly believe what he wrote, but it was concerning. [I will be doing a post how the Vatican in fact SUPPORTS the URI]

Now remember Lee Penn writes for the SCP ran by Tal Brooke:

The Spiritual Counterfeits Project (also known as SCP) is a Christian evangelical parachurch organisation located in Berkeley, California. Since its inception in the early 1970s it has been involved in the fields of Christian apologetics and the Christian countercult movement. Its current president is Tal Brooke. In its role as a think-tank SCP has sought to publish evangelically-based analyses of new religious movements, New Age and alternative spiritualities in light of broad cultural trends

Then there is the issue of Tal Brooke's other very odd books.

Now I hope I am not losing my readers here, but I'll trace back...Chuck Smith co-authors a book with a guy named Tal Brooke, one I personally find of very dubious spiritual standing given the mixed messages in his writings, and you can see here, some weird books that will get you think more, and this guy heads an outfit, where he actively employs a CATHOLIC man--Lee Penn, who writes articles defending the Vatican.[remember there are eastern Catholics who follow the Pope].

I've read SCP Journal and own acouple and while they are correct about the New Age and how evil it is, they seem to follow the path of Constance Cumbey, warning about the New Age, while praising and making excuses for Rome. While they share some truths, there is much missing from the entire picture. How could you warn others about the NWO, while leaving the Pope's role out of everything? I have often talked here about the layers of deception, and no one is perfect, we all see through a glass darkly [1 Corinthians 12:13] as the Bible states, but when so much of the story is missing or even when you sit and listen to a video like this one, wondering why does he say "Neo, the hero wakes up to what is really going on" [3:47] when the truth of the matter is Neo in the film the Matrix, becomes just another slave hooked up to tubes, in other words both the red and blue pill are poisonous. Whenever I read his books, I had running disagreements like this in my head, discerning something was very off. Even the movies he refers to, are all movies, that were made to brainwash people with NWO messages, "Eyes Wide Shut" is about mind control, I'll let those who have studied that, understand how weird him using these movies as examples of people "waking up" is. Stanley Kubrick, was definitely used by the NWO and is not the truth-teller that Tal Brooke makes him out to be. Tal Brooke says of Kubrick: "He is pulling the veil way way back" [No way, he was throwing over another veil!] This is the sort of thing I noticed over and over in his books and messages. How do I say this, deceptions has grown very very subtle now, and we are warned of this in the Bible.

So given the choice of who Tal Brooke hires to write at his magazine SCP? Isn't his discernment a bit off? If he was a true Christian, wouldn't he be witnessing to Lee Penn and warning him he is connected to a false harlot system? Back to the book Harvest written by Tal Brooke and Chuck Smith

Harvest (Chuck Smith & Tal Brooke)
This is the story of the growth of Calvary Chapel ministries featuring the life and testimonies of Chuck Smith, and nine other Calvary Chapel pastors. These men share how God broke through such barriers as evil, pride, complacency and anger to carry out His plan for this vital ministry. God called these leaders, just as He has called you. It is a story of evangelism, discipleship, and taking God at His Word.

What is interesting about the origins of Calvary Chapel which this book goes into, is the Jesus Movement is named as being the orgins of his SCP group.

The origins of the SCP are grounded in the Christian counterculture movement (also known as the Jesus Movement or Jesus People) of the late 1960s.

Tal Brooke by the way has many connections to leaders in the Lausanne Movement and he was being interviewed by Calvary Chapel pastors even as late as 2009.

"October's First Friday Broadcast of the Connection features Pastor Skip Heitzig's interview of Tal Brooke. Tal Brooke is the president of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, a ministry which deals head-on with the occult, cults, and the New Age Movement. Tal will share his views on current events and the future one world government."

You think Tal Brooke is telling the truth about the one world government? I somehow doubt he warned Skip Heitzig about hanging out with Boykin. So overall for this article, it's interesting who Chuck Smith chose for a co-author to tell the history of Calvary Chapel.


Anonymous said...

Just shows the constant compromise that after a while you really have to question whether it's as "innocent" as compromise, eh? Sorry, but a man in his position (Smith) has no excuse. If he's that ignorant, he should do everybody a favor and step down--although somebody else like him or worse will likely take his place. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Yeah you do have to the start, I used to think, OK give them all a break, we can't know every in and out about everyone, we have to avoid "guilt by association" [I know non-Christians myself] but when you see these same "compromises" over and over, and notice who gets in and who doesn't and who they WORK with, and what is left tells you something is up. And then with Tal Brooke, all that education about the New Age, and he hasn't gotten the Catholic thing right after all these years? Maybe it would take time for a "new Christian" to "figure" it out and be shown the truth by the Holy Spirit, but it's been a long long time for him. Lee Penn, we can lay his deception at the foot, that he follows a false gospel, he is smart, and I had hoped his studies on the one world church would help wake him up regarding the church he was in, but without the leading of the Holy Spirit to recognize the harlot, you get what you get. Of course all three of them fail to recognize the RCC for what it is, and that is what they hold in common, Smith I've posted the ecumenical quotes before, Lee Penn remains "loyal" to the Pope and Tal Brooke, well he has a Catholic write for his organization and leaves the Catholic church out of all his "exposing".

Was reading through this recently as well: interesting a giant spider web has I have said.

Copy and paste into browser...

You are right Smith has no excuse....HE certainly wouldn't have stated to Tal Brook, "hey about that Catholic you got on staff over there on SCP, why don't you preach the gospel to him?"....

In my opinion, I believe none of them follow the true gospel anyway....

Bible Believer said...

Oh clarification to the above, SCP will mention Catholics within the RCC, who have erred, followed the New Age, etc... but there is never any question of the entire system or Pope Himself. The RCC is given validity, as a "fellow Christian church".

The "New Age" movement as Constance Cumbey presents it too, is seen as the "demonic" force 'infiltrating' the Catholic church

example quote:[written by other SCP members some years back]

"Dear John:

The New Age movement is a modern rendition of major premises of ancient eastern mysticism, which is certainly in harmony with western paganism, gnosticism, and native cultures spirituality. Its influence goes way beyond North America. In fact, it is clearly a global phenomenon, with roots as far back as Egypt and even Babylon. It has infiltrated both Catholicism and Protestantism in deep ways. It is still a mystery as to who will ultimately ascend to the throne of a one world religion, but new age spirituality should not be taken lightly."

Anonymous said...

Chuck Smith says in his books that catholic is another denomination of Christian

Bible Believer said...

Yes you are right about that...

Here is the quote:

""Paul points out that some say, 'I'm of Paul,' while others say, 'I'm of Apollos.' He asked, 'Isn't that carnal?' But what's the difference between saying that or saying, 'I'm a Baptist,' 'I'm a Presbyterian,' 'I'm a Methodist,' 'I'm a Catholic'? I have found that the more spiritual a person becomes, the less denominational he is. We should realize that we're all part of the Body of Christ and that there aren't any real divisions in the Body. We're all one. What a glorious day when we discover that God loves the Baptists! -- And the Presbyterians, and the Methodists, and the Catholics. We're all His and we all belong to Him. We see the whole Body of Christ, and we begin to strive together rather than striving against one another" (p. 157). (Emphasis added.)"

news4themasses said...

If anyone bothered to look at website you would see that Billy Graham and his elk (ROME et. al) have been ambitiously gathering Evangelicals back into the fold for decades. Go to the source, Wheaton College links from will show you evidence, you'll see Vereide & Buchman from their own timeline (The Family) they're all there, and the few names that escape written annals of history only lead me to believe those are held in secrecy for a strong reason to be revealed later.

news4themasses said...

Tal Brooke has been involved, Mike Bickle, Chuck Colson (regarding Lausanne), currently Graham's favorites are Heitzig, Coy, and Laurie (BGEA). NO coincidence that all these men line up with Rome... (Bible Believer, great job on post BTW)

Bible Believer said...


Yeah a LOT traces back to fact even finding out about Lausanne, helped me put some of the puzzle pieces together. Thanks for mentioning the Wheaton links, I have skimmed a few but not read them very deeply. You mean this website right?

Looks like there is interesting stuff there.

Remember Laurie is on the board of BGEA...I don't know about the other two, though Coy has done seminars at the Cove. [Skip H, and Coy are on the schedule for 2011]

"Greg Laurie with Pedro Garcia and Levi Lusko
October 26-28, 2009
$274.00 per person

Come Early/Stay Over Opportunities

Coming soon to a location near you: Jesus Christ, in the epic conclusion to the battle between good and evil. Catch a sneak preview of His return as you study the parable of the wise and wicked servants. Gain insight into the timing and order of events, find out what to expect, learn what to do while you wait, and be encouraged as you get a glimpse of the glorious future that is ours with the return of our King.

GREG LAURIE is senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California and host of the nationally syndicated radio program, A New Beginning. He serves on the board of directors of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association."

Anonymous said...

Harvest was written 20 years ago. do you want them to take a good book out of print? or do you just want them to deny that Tal helped write it and that at one time Chuck Smith worked with him 20 years ago?

Bible Believer said...

I'm not sure what you are asking.

There is a link provided for anyone to go look at the book themselves. I may do a blog entry on that book, have to consider it.

20 years hence or not, Tal Brooke, seems to still be making the Calvary Chapel rounds

"October 2009
October's First Friday Broadcast of the Connection features Pastor Skip Heitzig's interview of Tal Brooke. Tal Brooke is the president of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, a ministry which deals head-on with the occult, cults, and the New Age Movement. Tal will share his views on current events and the future one world government."

That is just one example I am sure...there are others...

I found this too, where Tal Brooke is a speaker..with Calvary Chapel pastors. There also may be a now deceased Calvary Chapel pastor who possibly wrote for SCP, but I have to be sure it is not someone else with the same name.

Tal Brooke was part of this conference.

The use of the word "shattered" has other meanings I do not want to get into here, [there are websites that expose how certain elements 'shatter' personalities, that's all I will say about that]....[they got the pentagram front and center on that too] I know sometimes evil pictures have to be used to expose things, but that video, has them on overdrive.

What good in warning of overt evil, when you have more subtle deception to sell? Many of them operate like that.

So Tal Brooke is having ACTIVE interactions and yoking with at least one Calvary Chapel pastor....during recent days.

Anonymous said...

To those who worship Calvary chapel, they will never admit that it can do any wrong at all.

Bible Believer said...

You got that right, I have been on message boards with them, they simply do not want to know. What is interesting is even some of these people will recognize the RCC as the harlot or say they do, but when you tell them of the ecumenical doings of Calvary Chapel, they simply do not want to know. The teachers come first. I have encountered pro-Catholic Calvary Chapelists too on that same message board.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the same thing. People from Calvary chapel that assume that catholicism is a Christian group.

Now get that if you can. Here's Calvary people that claim "we teach the Bible line by line", saying that catholic is a Christian group? With seven extra books in their "catholic bible"? Not to mention the false gospel, the pope, the ecumenicalism, and so much more.

So much for being all about the Bible.

Bible Believer said...

I was on a Calvary Chapel board for a time, or section of a larger board, most got angry when you said Rome was the harlot, and some actually spoke of the same "church history". Of course years ago, I was banned off a large Baptist board for writing things they did not like about the Roman Catholic church. THey are not about the Bible not at all. The RCC claims to read the whole Bible, [in three years], what difference does that make when they do not really believe it? No one that is truly born again, knowing anything about Catholicism would mistaken it as a "Christian" group.

Brooks Alexander said...

The game of “connect the dots” is sometimes an exercise in discernment, sometimes an enterprise of speculation. When some of the “dots” depend
on assumptions and “implied” connections, it tends toward surmise and conjecture. When some of them amount to made up factoids, the "game"
can become a straightforward ad hominem smear.

Most of what you’ve said about Tal Brooke depends on assumptions you made about what his alleged Lasusanne “connections” mean with respect to his personal theology – or else they depend on claims concerning his personal behavior and thought-life that you cannot possibly know about.

Example: “If he was a true Christian, wouldn't he be witnessing to Lee Penn and warning him he is connected to a false harlot system?” The fact is that you have no idea what Tal Brooke has or hasn’t said to Lee Penn about Roman Catholicism, how either party might have approached
such a conversation, or for that matter, what Tal Brooke personally thinks about the Roman Catholic Church. Your main reason for challenging the man’s basic Christian credentials is that his ministry doesn’t give the Roman Catholic issue the place of primacy you think it deserves. But Tal Brooke doesn’t demand that your ministry ride his
apologetic hobby-horse – why should you demand that his ministry ride yours?

Bible Believer said...

I don't consider exposing of the false gospel of Rome [which I consider to be the harlot warned of in Revelation 17] to be riding an apologetic hobby-horse. If one is going to be writing on "Spiritual Counterfeits" it seems the basic of Roman Catholicism being false would have been discerned. Lee Penn is in an Eastern rite or was when wrote this article, it is one loyal to the Pope of Rome. Obviously the Catholicism of Lee Penn was considered no spiritual barrier to his participation in SCP.

I consider the ecumenical movement in general to be false, not Christian whatsoever, but the building of the false one world religion. Lee Penn while sharing truth about many things in his book False Dawn misses the forest for the trees regarding his being Catholic and part of that false system.

Thee Indy said...

I just remembered about Tal Brooke while practicing bass guitar at the wee hours of the morning. I watched a good portion of his NWO videos again. I became agitated, though... because he's not really saying anything especially profound. He's spewing out recycled rhetoric which I've been hearing from Alex Jones ever since I "woke up" in 2004. The danger in presenting things in that fashion is that it inevitably leads towards the occult. It doesn't matter what they are saying, it matters how they are saying it and metaphors they slip in and key cultural references they use. It's all a ritualistic indoctrination formula which can be overlayed with any kind of format because the guise isn't doing the real communicating. The embedded formula is doing it... tuning the mind to become synchronistic with this kind of holographic hive mind. There's a good reason the Bible warns against false idols, and it's not just because it insults God, but because our minds are genetically trained to become attached to symbolism and metaphors, and that almost always leads to mystical and occult thinking and pseudo-spiritual experiences. Although... I personally don't know how immune anyone is to the works of evil unless they themselves have taken the plunge. I just wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy because chances are it will destroy your soul. Very dangerous stuff, and I have no answer other than Jesus Christ. I suspect the ancient Jews who foretold of the coming of Christ were originally mystics in the same vein as many kabbalists and gnostics, and somehow came to see how evil their ways had truly become. I can attest to the fact that, much like a toddler who doesn't trulyunderstand that fire burns until he is burned by it, the full weight of Biblical concepts will not hold sway over the majority of those who have no real reference point to measure their truth by.

Anonymous said...

While I am grateful to SCP and one of their telephone counselors in providing a key document in exposing the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) as yet another spin-off of 17th century Christian Kabbalah as is Freemasonry, Mormonism, Rosicrucians, etc. All the above share the cloaked Kabbalist doctrine of Reincarnation of souls. I found out later that a NOLR leader is in tight with Tal Brooke. Too bad for both of them on Judgment Day.

Really pays to "Try the spirits" and "Prove all things" when it comes to would-be parachurch Christian organizations who have held dual-loyalties for decades. Their concept of Jesus Christ is a Janus-faced bastard who, through learning esoteric secrets, re-activated the Kabbalah's Adam Kadmon within. John Piper and all the leaders in his sphere are neck-deep in all of this with their promotion of "New Calvinism." It's nothing more than mixing Calvinism with Freemasonry.

Bible Believer said...

Yes here is a lot of overlap, with them all. Remember Alex Jones even got into the Global Awakening. They take you on one road around the bend and then circle back to the occult. I suppose that is how it works. Reminds me of that Last Trumpet Ministries guy who died some years back, exposing the NWO on his website and personal church but then dishing up numerology faster then anyone else I've ever heard. So many disinfos and liars. It is a ritualistic formula. I think they even wear people out, I had the time on this blog where I had to draw a line on explorations of the NWO and their evils and luciferian symbology. I mention it and point it out but I do not explore it to the depths these people do. My warning is to STAY AWAY, they lead people down a road where they embrace it even while saying they hate it. There's so many Horus Eye balls out there for instance, I'm sick of them. If I pointed out every one I saw I'd be doing nothing else. They want people to dive into the dark pool with them. That is my best way to explain it but it points to the indoctrination you mention too. They want you PART OF their hidden Satanic rituals too.

You are right about the human mind becoming attached to metaphors, and symbols oh and STORIES too.

Joseph Campbell took that ball and ran with it, but basically while some say all of the above are HARMLESS, they are not. These metaphors, stories and symbols represent realities. If you read and embrace stories and metaphors and the rest that represent Luciferian realities where do you end up? Oh no, I got into a debate with a newer friend on this. I fear I didn't explain things well. I love art and literature too like normal people but these are things spiritually the Christian has to face. But here I'm explaining like I should have to her.

I took the plunge, and it is only God who got me out. I even was exploring witchcraft in depth during my last years in the UU, and Theosophy is basically Luciferianism 101. My soul almost was absolutely destroyed [I almost died young] and in some ways my escape from this and God's grace and mercy in getting me OUT is what drives this blog.

It's like when I wrote on the Christian ministers preaching sheer numerology. I was horrified, I can't even tell you how troubled to the depths of my own being I was. I agree with you about the ancient Jews who foretold the coming of Jesus Christ and were convicted of their evil ways. Right now for the majority those who do not have an occult past, or who have not come out of hell's lies itself, this is where they need to be depending on the Holy Spirit to tell them something is very wrong. They are following these leaders with extreme blindness. Would you believe me if I told you all I had to do is LOOK at a picture of Tal Brooke to feel the evil? The man looks like a movie rendition of a warlock and still they believe he's a Christian.

Bible Believer said...

Agree about the service to a janus-faced "christ" the Antichrist. That sums it up completely.

SCPs warnings to me were always like Calvary Chapel's warnings about the Emergent church while competely part of it. So yes they have dual-loyalties. They put on the Christian face, just like Frankists put on the face of a chosen religion, and use double talk, they twist Christianity to fit into their occult realities. SCP with it's unity with a papal loyal writer and more, already shown itself to be faked that way.

As Mormonism is freemasonic, Calvinism probably has it's ties as well even far back in history.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Himself says in the Bible that numerous fake prophets will arise and Tal Brooke is in the club ! Tal is a typical American self styled Christian with false messages of hope. Tal Brooke is nothing but a can full of garbage and senseless rhetoric. All fucked up.

Anonymous said...

The Love of Jesus Christ was totally unconditional. He even loved those who hated Him and reviled against Him. Jesus knew that Divine Love conquers darkness. He forgave those who crucified Him. Christ does not departmentalize major faiths as the One Universal Creator resides in all. He said to look at the fruit that a tree bears. Where does Tal Brooke stand ? He is certainly NO exponent of Christianity. He could publish a million books but Tal is still the same one tracked minded idiot found everywhere ! And it takes one idiot to recognize another too !

Hastam bin Muhandes

Anonymous said...

Tal Brooke, Benny Hinn, Jehovah's Witnesses etc. all belong in the same club. Their actions prove what they really are. Just garbage and more garbage. Jesus taught that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. But Tal Brooke has forgotten all that and is a try hard apostle of Jesus. Unfortunately for Tal, he is not the genuine Jesus follower type. Like that fake pastor Benny Hinn. Tal is another asshole trying to write garbage books and publish them. Only idiots like Tal will buy such books.

Anonymous said...

Tal Brooke and Chuck Smith should both consider a conversion to Islam as they have ruined Christian precepts. Their teaching & preaching have left the world worse off. Arseholes thinking that they can "magnify" what Jesus taught. Tough luck !

Muhamad Abidin Hasan the former Tal Brooke and Abu Bakr bin Soliman the former Chuck Smith !!

Bob said...

Can you explain this statement: "John Piper and all the leaders in his sphere are neck-deep in all of this with their promotion of "New Calvinism." It's nothing more than mixing Calvinism with Freemasonry."
Much of Piper's stuff is troubling to me but I wonder where I might read of this specific connection [Calvinism with Freemasonry] or if you meant something else by it or if the blog post writer would disagree with this statement as it was said by someone else. Sorry I am so far late on the date of this post. Thanks.