Saturday, August 13, 2011

Possible Version of The Mark of the Beast? New Electronic Tattoo has Medical, Gaming, Spy Uses

"New Electronic Tattoo Has Medical, Gaming Spy Uses"

A hair-thin electronic patch that adheres to the skin like a temporary tattoo could transform medical sensing, computer gaming and even spy operations, according to a US study published Thursday.

The micro-electronics technology, called an epidermal electronic system (EES), was developed by an international team of researchers from the United States, China and Singapore, and is described in the journal Science.

"It's a technology that blurs the distinction between electronics and biology," said co-author John Rogers, a professor in materials science and engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

"Our goal was to develop an electronic technology that could integrate with the skin in a way that is mechanically and physiologically invisible to the user."

The patch could be used instead of bulky electrodes to monitor brain, heart and muscle tissue activity and when placed on the throat it allowed users to operate a voice-activated video game with better than 90 percent accuracy.

"This type of device might provide utility for those who suffer from certain diseases of the larynx," said Rogers. "It could also form the basis of a sub-vocal communication capability, suitable for covert or other uses."

The wireless device is nearly weightless and requires so little power it can fuel itself with miniature solar collectors or by picking up stray or transmitted electromagnetic radiation, the study said.

Less than 50-microns thick -- slightly thinner than a human hair -- the devices are able to adhere to the skin without glue or sticky material.

There has been dispute as to whether the mark of the beast could take form as a chip or a tattoo, perhaps it could be a combination thereof. Anyhow I wold avoid using both. They will of course mandate benign uses for these things, to "sell" them to the public.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt that Jesus is coming soon....

Prophesy is being fulfilled right before our eyes.

Bible Believer said...

Yes, we are seeing it. This kind of weirds me out because even 4-5 years ago, discussing the RFID chip and Ditigal Angel, I remember discussing the possibilities of some type of tattoo. They may even combine the both in some way.

paul sambo said...

God is good all the time-When you facing the spirit of heaviness just get in praise and worship-etc hillsong-God through his Spirit will give us strength-Avoid finding faults by talking a lot Proverbs 10:19 that many words bring sin and gives Satan a chance to penetrate,if anything let us keep silent and use scripture when answering any question especially f you n front of an unbeliever.If you're prayerful Satan will try by all means to find the weakest links to attack our prayer life-Most of all when you attacked by this heaviness call upon the grace of God which is sufficient and his power will be made perfect in our weakenesses.Be submissive to God's power and be persistent until you receive breakthrough.Watch what you watch as a Christian and what you talk about-God enjoys us in his presence when we prayer warriors and since we cause confusion in the kingdom of darkness know that we're on the target to bring down our prayer life.When you are a soldier in Christ that means God uses us as a battle axe and Satan wants to destroy that battle axe-So we always need to watch and pray and confess our sins immediately we feel we have said something that has grieved the Holy Spirit or complained in a way that is not pleasing to God-These little sins are a trap for Satan to trap us.God bless every saint and warrior in Christ.