Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Herescope: Denying Dominionism

"Denying Dominionism"

Wanted to share this, as more and more are exposing the 7 mountain people and Dominionism, they are sending out more smokescreens to confuse the issue. I hate often how that phrase
"conspiracy theorist" is used, to shut down minds and thwart thinking.

Dominionism Conspiracy Theories

So who is doing the "spin" and denying Dominionism? An interesting mixture media and evangelical leaders. For example:

Pat Robertson: "What In Heaven's Name Is A Dominionist?"[8]

Joe Carter in First Things claims that the term was invented by "Berkeley-educated sociologist Sara Diamond, the author of several critiques of Christian civic engagement, including Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian Right" and asserts that the term is “never used outside liberal blogs and websites. No reputable scholars use the term for it is a meaningless neologism that Diamond concocted for her dissertation.”[9]

Lisa Miller writing for The Washington Post: “Dominionism” is the paranoid mot du jour. In its broadest sense, the term describes a Christian’s obligation to be active in the world, including in politics and government. More narrowly, some view it as Christian nationalism.... Extremist dominionists do exist, as theocrats who hope to transform our democracy into something that looks like ancient Israel, complete with stoning as punishment. But “it’s a pretty small world,” says Worthen, who studies these groups.... Certain journalists use “dominionist” the way some folks on Fox News use the word “sharia.” Its strangeness scares people. Without history or context, the word creates a siege mentality in which“we” need to guard against “them.”[10]

A. Larry Ross, who has been the chief P.R. guy for evangelical leaders like Rick Warren, commenting on Michelle Goldberg's August 14th post "A Christian Plot for Domination?": "Goldberg misapplies a broad label that few, if any, evangelicals use or with which they identify. It reveals more about the author’s personal perspective and lack of nuanced understanding of the topic than it provides useful information about the subjects themselves...."[11]

Michael Gerson, in another Washington Post article: "Dominionism, though possessing cosmic ambitions, is a movement that could fit in a phone booth.... In the case of Dominionism, paranoia is fed by a certain view of church-state relations — a deep discomfort with any religious influence in politics.... Thin charges of Dominionism are just another attempt to discredit opponents rather than answer them...."[12]
Ralph Reed: "The notion that Bachmann, Perry or other candidates secretly harbor "dominionist" theology is a conspiracy theory largely confined to university faculty lounges and MSNBC studios."[13]

Nancy Pearcey, associate of Chuck Colson: “Dominionist” is the new “fundamentalist” -- the preferred term of abuse, intended to arouse fear and contempt, and downgrade the status of targeted groups of people.... I had to Google the term to discover whether there really is such a group. Yes, there is a little-known group of Christians who claim the term, though they are typically called Reconstructionists. Apparently it was sociologist Sara Diamond who expanded Dominionism into a general term of abuse....Reductio ad absurdum.... Journalist Stanley Kurtz calls this usage of the term “conspiratorial nonsense,” “political paranoia,” and “guilt by association.”... The term is worldview.... For Kuyper and Dooyeweerd, this holistic concept of worldview did a nice job of capturing the creative impact that Christianity has had on Western culture through history, inspiring much of its art, literature, music, architecture, philosophy, and political thought.[14]

Jack Cafferty
of CNN: The Daily Beast reports that two of the Republican candidates for president - Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry - are "deeply associated" with a theocratic strain of Christian fundamentalism that's called Dominionism. For those of you who haven't heard of it before, and I was one who hadn't - stand by cause this is "out there."[15]

I found this odd article on Christian Post today:

"Are Evangelicals Seeking Dominion Over Government?"

It's all over the place, claiming loose connections, and more.

Hey the priest supports it...of course he would! [Rome behind the scenes is running this Dominionist show]

They want people to deny what is right in front of their faces. Power-hungry mongers who have said YES to Satan and his offer of the world's kingdoms!


Anonymous said...

The cherub faced priest (hand picked for that BTW) proves this is simply the entrance which Rome needs to gain an even greater control over government affairs. And it's a perfect model for them--they don't HAVE to have the direct control. Just make many "friends" and they're eating right out of their hand while they keep their hands clean. It's disgusting. What do you suppose it means that the nations commit fornication with that Whore? There are two kinds of dominionists, those that know precisely what they're doing and those that are duped into doing it without knowing they're doing it.

Besides, dominionism is definitely not a new thing--Rome's been doing it for more than a millennia, and the idea was born before the flood, stopped by the flood, and attempted again afterward with the building of the tower of Babel, and again stopped by the I AM. It wasn't time yet, that's all. This dominionism thing is the same stuff that has been happening since the beginning. It just changes to take on more current modes. So to deny that it's happening, is actually denying the Scripture, because Scripture quite clearly demonstrates that it has been occurring for a long time. Furthermore, it will continue to occur until the return of Jesus Christ, when all things will burn to a crisp. People just don't get what it means when Revelation talks about the "armies gathering". That's not just a single thing in some far away future, but an on going thing that has been occurring since the Great Apostasy of those calling themselves "christian", and it will continue until the last day. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Yeah they always pick the young good looking priests to "sell" this stuff don't they. Yeah, let the evangelicals do the "dirty work" for them. I agree some are knowing deceivers and some have just been brainwashed by the ecumenical "unity" parade. Oh sure, Dominionism has taken other guises, Moral Majority of the 80s, Rome working even in history other times and places and definitely happening within other countries.