Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glenn Beck Joins the CUFI-Christian Zionism Parade

From Fanatic for Jesus blog:

Glenn Beck: Christian Zionist Conference - Declaring Support for Israel

"More Zionist propaganda from the front lines of disinformation. Glenn Beck calls anyone a Nazi that he disagrees with him - a politically correct trick that diverts attention from Israeli and the U.S. crimes. His and attendees heart song is “every act taken by Israel is orchestrated by God, and should be condoned, supported, and even praised by the rest of us.” What a lie!

Beck said, "Evil is taking the mask off." Of course he uses the statement to point his finger at the Muslims, and more specifically Iran, but his words hold so much truth. Truthseekers are waking up to realize we've been lied to for years - by the world and the Church. This has been in preparation for the New Age christ, who is on the sidelines. Many will be fooled by...will you?"

As for fascism on the left, what about fascism for the right?

Remember the CUFI and the elites are betraying the Jews as well as everyone else. These types will use the Holocaust to their own political ends, setting up things for more destruction. Watch the last 2 minutes especially, where Glenn Beck the Mormon exclaims "I am a Jew" over and over, and they all raise their right hands in homage.

Rev. 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

That pretty much sums it up. Glenn Beck has marked himself for who he works for.

turn the music down on this one...

Read this previous blog entry in context...

"I Can't Wait for Armageddon!":The Deceptions of Christian Zionism

"We are not the Christians for the Crusades, we are the Christians United for Israel", Glenn Beck exclaims, actually it is no different from the crusades and these Christian Zionists lies work on behalf of the Pope.

Some more info on Hagee, the director of CUFI, called it the soul of the Tea Party...


Tekhelet said...

While I call Beck and Hagee wolves in sheep clothing, and do not condone the deceptions they are peddling forth in the name of Messiah and guise of support for Israel, I also find it sheer distasteful that a Christian would lambast Zionism which is basically the birthright of Jews to live in Israel. As seen from the above quite by "Fanatic for Jesus"? please. Some may even see this as borderline anti semitism. I hope this blog isn't anti Semitic!

Bible Believer said...

This blog is not anti-semitic. I am glad you see through the lies of Beck and Hagee. With Israel, as I have written it is a secular nation that has the right to defend itself as all others do, but like all the other nations of this world, evil reigns there too, and the same NWO betrayers work there as well as they do elsewhere.

The Pope wants Jerusalem and is using both Zionism and Islam together to achieve that goal.

I went with the evangelical mainstream regarding Israel for years, even most fundamentalist churches are pro-Israel today, but the more I looked into things realized it was just a vehicle for more deception. It was actually setting up a betrayal for the Jewish people. Have you ever noticed how these evangelical preachers warn that BIble prophecy states that there will be a Holocaust of the Jews--this time most likely nuclear, while they tell them in the next breathe to move back to Israel? The most dangerous spot on the planet. Look how much wars have been formented in the Middle East and how the "crusades" for the Pope at Trillions of dolllars at American expense [Really the Plan for the American Century global domination stuff] have used "defense of Israel" as a driving force and to get Christians to support it all. Islam is as a false religion and they do have their jihadists but all what has been done is advance the new world order, and more death and destruction.

Did you know a prime minister of Israel has made even the Calvary Chapel rounds? Consider what has been exposed about them and their having even a Knights of Malta Boykin come speak at their churches, and how this connects to the support of endless wars. I think Ill post this picture up in a new blog entry.

Bible Believer said...

Also I point out how the harlot loves to play the "blame the Jews" game so I stand against anti-semitism all the time and that has included taking down anti-semitic comments of those brainwashed into Jewish hatred. Havent you seen some of my conversation with an poster named "Christian"? The harlot also desires world war, and destruction and death, and that means setting up the 'war of civilizations" for global control and to hand Jerusalem over to the false prophet and the Pope as the Antichrist.

Matt annother poster has warned about this, how NWO politics were leading people to support the SECULAR nation of Israel and thusly New world order agenda via those government officials. I have pointed out to people too, asking, why expect the politicians and secular govt of Israel not to betray the Jewish people TOO? Us Americans are being betrayed to the hilt, so why are all is the secular govt of Israel seen as a bunch of angels sent from on high by the evangelical world? I talk about all the hidden luciferians in govt, religion, academia, well Israel has them too. "Those who say they are Jews and are not..." Satan has played the Jewish hatred card by Luciferians who have claimed to be Jewish. [they also claim to be other religions too of course] What is done more and more but to take Jewish people and others from their true Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then we got the "hate Muslims" patrol, being whipped up in evangelicalism so the Christian evangelical world, will cheer even for the Middle East to be turned into a parking lot of glass. As you know on this blog, I have named Islam as a false religion but what about witnessing to people instead of bombing them every second?

I wrote this elsewhere before.....

The Israel govt which evangelicals seem to see as holy beyond belief, has signed even concordances with Rome as late as 1993. These are the people Hagee has worked with. Prime ministers of Israel showing up in evangelical pulpits, think that one out, and how they hvae used evangelicals especially in America to promote false political agendas. CHristians need to realize politicians exploit Christians and churches for political aims. Some have warned of an upcoming war with Iran.
As the powers that be world wide for centuries have done what they could to oppress and kill both Christians and the Jewish people. Some have pointed out the insanity of evangelicals donating money for Jews to return to Israel, while at the same time pointing out the holocaust warned for the Jews coming in that area based on Bible prophecy. Human evil happens on all sides, both Palestine and Israel. I support spiritual Israel and the conversion of Jews to Jesus Christ, it is ironic so many of these CHristian Zionists like Hagee, teaches that Jews do not need Jesus. [this particular point does not apply to Calvary Chapel perse, but the working together with this group is worrisome]

Bible Believer said...

Calvary Chapel does adhere to Christian Zionism, and this group CUFI, has had Calvary Chapel involvement.

Examples of CC churches working with this group:
Belen, NM - Standing With Israel Events- August 14th & 15th: Calvary Chapel Rio Grande Valley Christians United For Israel, CUFI invites you to: Stand With Israel Pic
Standing With Israel", Friday, October 9, 2009, Calvary Chapel, 119 E. Pine St, Deming, NM. First event for Deming area had a great response. Thanks to Deming CUFI City Director ...
6 to 7 p.m., Ashland Joint Prayer Gathering, Alliance Bible Chapel, .... executive director of Christians United for Israel, Eugene Hilton, 66 E. Sixth Ave., Eugene. .... Presented by Calvary Chapel Newberg and Newberg Christian.

Chuck Smith has spoken at Christian Zionist events like this one:[notice the military-intelligence complex link here]

This is another deception I've left behind leaving Calvary Chapel, these Christian leaders who want to rebuild the third temple {against so many Christian teachings}, support those who want to use, betray and exploit the Jews for their own political aims and that of the NWO {the NWO has planned for WWIII for many years}, who work hand in hand with the politicians, military, and worse.

Bible Believer said...

LOL know my response is long here...

But want to say this...

Rom 9:6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they [are] not all Israel, which are of Israel:

There is huge naivete' among those who trust in politicians, thinking they are "doing God's will" and ignorance about how NWO workers on all sides are setting up things for the antichrist.

Have you see this blog entry too? Pleases read it, and realize how they are using these things for evil...when I found out this, it was mind blowing...

Think about this, Jesus Christ told us His Kingdom was not of this world. These folks are pointing to a place in this world.

It is being used for deception.

I went with the Zionist stuff too, until further study and prayer opened my eyes about it. Even in Fundamentalist churches "Israel First" teachings reign. Look at how many players in the NWO are promoting it. They are deceiving well meaning people who love the Jewish people but they are betraying all of us.

Also see these posts:

Tekhelet said...

Bible Believer:

I didn't read all of your posts as it was too lengthy. If you define Zionism as what Hagee does then it's not what the rest of us believers in Messiah who care for, pray for and stand up for Israel in the face of anti semitism. There are many Christians not from USA who couldn't give a hoot about America's definition of "Christian Zionism", but love Israel because it is G_D who put that love into their hearts.

Your thoughts and comments about zionism which seem negative will give unbeliever Jews a wrong impression of Christians. In fact, it sounds almost like anti semitism to me! Though you say your blog isn't anti Semitic I believe that.

But, as a reader I am very disappointed to read such sentiments. You should visit Israel and not keep viewing them thru a certain angle. If they can't see the love of Yeshua Messiah in someone, how are you witnessing to the unsaved? I am not judging you but consider what I've shared. I completely disagree that Christian should lambast Israel, even if they are a secular nation. What were you expecting? If they didn't reject Messiah, the nations wouldn't have known Him. God has not forsaken Israel and He loves them.

It's so easy for people to sit at home and criticize Israel, do they pray for their salvation in Yeshua? Do they reach out to them in love? Do they witness to them?

Tekhelet said...

I've read more of your comments and see you've bought false conspiracy theories. This makes your posts rather incredible now. Better I find out now then later anyway.

May the L_RD open your eyes to where you are tripping up.

Bible Believer said...

How do you define Zionism?

And how does your belief in it differ from Hagees?

And *which* Israel are you standing up for, the secular nation of Israel or the one in the Bible?

Are you looking for an earthly kingdom on earth, [where they have false eschatalogy set up to promote] or are you looking for Jesus Christ's true kingdom that is not of this earth?

Can't you see that Zionism has you defending a secular nation? And that the Israel of God is no so defined? Which do you love, God's body of believers which will include many Jews who have come and will come to Jesus Christ as well or a piece of land, which Revelation tells us will come to an end with the rest of this earth?

What wrong impression do you think I give of "Christianity"? By the way not every Jew supports Zionism. It is odd how some connect it so directly to every Jew automatically.
If I warn someone that facets of the American govt is betraying it's people [like I did recently with the Super Congress post] does that mean I hate Americans? That is silly. Telling me questioning Zionism means I hate Jews is also foolishness. Zionism is more a political machination more then anything based on biblical truth...

What lambasting of Israel were you so upset about? What do you consider "conspiracy theory". The prime ministers of Israel have signed deals with the Pope, that is mainstream news FACT. Am I to see these men as "holy men" when they do not even recognize the harlot or make deals with the agency that has done the most to oppress and kill the Jewish people and lure them away from Jesus Christ all these centuries? I've written about auto de fe's. You think those who build Masonic buildings in Israel care about the Jews? They do not. Satan's workers have sought to destroy the Jewish people as well as Christians for thousands of years. I believe their hatred rests in the fact that Jesus Christ came through the Jewish people.

So who do you consider "ISRAEL"?

Even now Zionism is betraying the Jewish people leading to more imperalism and global war, and setting things up for WWIII and for the Antichrist [a Pope] to take residence in Jerusalem. Can't you see how it has advanced the 'crusades' done at the behest of the Pope?

I witness to Jews all the time. I want them to know Jesus Christ. Zionism is a betrayal. Like American's who become Christian, they need to realize this world will pass away, they need to stop looking to politics and the elites to "save them" and look to Jesus Christ. He is their only hope as ours.

I am sorry you went into calling things "conspiracy mode". I do realize this is very hard information for some to ingest at the start, the indoctrination and training in churches about Israel is so intense, it took me even time to come through it. I will pray for you.

It's so easy for people to sit at home and criticize Israel, do they pray for their salvation in Yeshua? Do they reach out to them in love? Do they witness to them?

Bible Believer said...

oops left one of your sentences on my last post.

Well Tekhelet, pray and think this one out. I will be praying for you too.

1Cr 12:13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether [we be] Jews or Gentiles, whether [we be] bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.