Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brian McLaren Joins With New Agers for "The Vision Project"

Anyone getting tired of all these "visions"? The majority are false.

This doesn't surprise me about Brian McLaren, he is already basically a "New Ager" or pseudo-UU, with just a slight "Christian" veneer.

Well check this out here:

Here are a few of McLaren's fellow travelers in The Vision Project:

Maurice Albertson, Founder, Village Earth, USA (Globalist)

T. Ariyaratne, Founder, Sarvodaya Shramadana, Sri Lanka (Buddhist)

Michael Dowd, Evolutionary Christianity, USA, The Earth Charter Initiative (A key Globalist/New World Order group)

Joseph Goldstein, Insight Meditation Society, USA (New Age Leader and Buddhist)

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Founder, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, USA (Perhaps the most influential New Age author alive today!)

Michael Lerner, Tikkun, USA (New Ager and former guru to Hillary Clinton)

Sara McKechnie, President, Lucis Trust, USA (Originally named "The Lucifer Publishing Company," Lucis Trust was founded to be a publishing arm for the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the infamous Russian telepathic spiritualist and medium, known as the god-mother of the modern occultic New Age Movement.)

Robert Muller, UN University for Peace, Costa Rica (One of the 20th century's most important Globalists)

David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine monk, USA

Heidi Rose Robbins, Astrologer and poet, USA
This isn't all of the participants in The Vision Project but I believe you get the idea.
Keep in mind: McLaren is continually referred to as an "evangelical." He is published by allegedly Christian publishers like Zondervan, and is sought after as a speaker, being regularly invited to address Christian churches, Bible colleges, and universities.

I went to the Vision Project website and saw some other big names they quote, Kofi Annan, Bono, The Earth Charter.

Look at the featured "vision" on this page by "David Steindl-Rast".

Odd I encountered this "urbanism" stuff the other day, [see it listed to the right] seems an old acquaintance supports it, and didn't know what it was. Sounds like the continuance of Agenda 21, wanting to herd all of humanity into tightly packed cities, think of every science fiction movie you ever saw where all the heroines and heroes live in soul-less controlled cities, this is what they want for you. I lived in one of the largest urban areas in America, and loathed it, it is for many like crowded rats in a cage, they even have discussed brain changes [this doesn't sound good] for those who live in tightly packed urban areas. and they basically say that stress, anxiety, and fear levels are far higher. So think about that one, the global elites, want you more packed together no matter how much quality of life it costs you. They sell the whole "green" living, and humanity as a "cancer" on the planet to sell and promote this stuff. When I was UU, the brainwashing was heavy for all this stuff, the "agendas" openly discussed even as far back as the 80s.

Dystopian nightmares from the "Vision elites" for the common man aka serfs.

They have Lucis Trust too in the mix as mentioned above.

By the way Dale McKechnie, Vice-president of Lucis Trust seems to be eagerly awaiting what Anne Lotz Graham is too with this whole "manifesting the kingdom of god" thing. He writes:

Religious teachings state that the goal currently set before humanity is to bring the Kingdom of God into manifestation; or in metaphysical terms, the kingdom of souls.

The President of Lucis Trust, Sarah McKechnie, is mentioned as well.

She writes:

"The hope and reassurance of the present times is the growing registration by the group of world servers of humanity’s inter-relationship, among all human beings and with all the kingdoms that share our planet. May this group awareness serve increasingly as a vision to guide humanity’s choices in the coming cycle."

Hmm it doesn't seem that McLaren's kingdom" is far off the Lucis Trust track here, of course Brian McLaren twists and lies about the words of Jesus...he writes:

We resist the domination and fear, I believe, by having a vision of something greater and more powerful and more real than the threats that so easily paralyze us in anxious cycles of reactivity. For me, that vision is evoked by some very old words from a familiar and frequently underestimated source.

“The kingdom of God is at hand,” Jesus said. “Rethink everything and believe this good news.”

This is, to me, the vision that our world needs. To believe in this vision is to make the beautiful whole absolute, and to relativize every other box (or human construction) in its presence. It truly is a call to “rethink everything.”

Remember at the core of all false teachings besides sun worship is the lie of the garden, "ye shall be as gods" and remember the whole TOWER OF BABEL story, as we can see that is what their "Visions" are all about. This is where the New Age and apostate 'christianity" merge together, desiring the new "kingdom" of this world: the kingdom of the antichrist, the altered "consciousness of man" and more. Even the Dominionists while they would discry McLaren hope for the same of what he and the New Agers desire. When one considers the Bible, never forget this verse...

Jhn 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

When I left the Catholic church, I knew the Popes were following the visions of Alice Bailey, well add in the apostate evangelicals who are jumping on the one world bandwagon as well. McLaren is a more obvious one of course.

I'll be frank, when I hear most of these apostate "Christian" leaders use the word "VISION", to me it is a red flag. Having a vision sent by God [Acts 18:9], is not the same as these people who wish to bring their version of reality into existence, and wish to behave as "gods" themselves.

See "The One World Religion: The Beast Gets Ready for Delusion".


Anonymous said...

Since Rome is the Mother of all Harlots, then it's not the popes following Alice Bailey, but Alice Bailey following them, and the popes following the builders of the tower of Babel, who in turn followed Cain, the first high priest of the Harlot whom he founded. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I wrote the last two articles probably too quickly this morning, LOL

Yes thank you anonymous, Alice Bailey was a follower of the Popes...just as all false religions follow the head of Mystery Babylon. I have discovered Unitarian Universalist ecumenical involvements with Rome all over the place. The New Age/Theosophy/Masonry is all THEIR branches. Thanks for clarifying that.

Alice Bailey wrote this...

"1."The Master Jesus will take a physical vehicle and will effect a re-spiritualisation of the Catholic churches..."
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.759"