Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Van Impe Leaves TBN [Still An Apostate]

Van Impe Leaves TBN

Wonder if he is planning his own channel or something else? Van Impe has praised Purgatory and praised the Pope. I was a new Christian and knew within acouple weeks Van Impe was a deceiver. Van Impe has said of the Pope:

"The Pope is fulfilling what Christ told us to do,"

I saw this one for myself...

According to Van Impe, the Vatican's doctrines are wonderfully correct: "I believe in this book," Van Impe tells the TV audience, holding up his New Catholic Catechism. "The Catholic doctrines are right on..."
"I have read the entire new catechism, 2800 points. And I know what they believe and we misrepresent them so often. I was one of those bigots who used to do it. And the Spirit spoke to me."

To Catholics he says: "You Catholic people, listen to your priests... Thank God for these Catholic leaders."

What turned Van Impe around to Catholicism? It was the Pope himself Van Impe says: "Pope John Paul II has given me real direction in my life." "He is a giant of the faith," says Van Impe.


Anonymous said...

By his own admission, he is a catholic then, which only proves his sham of an image of being a "protestant" as being simply to deceive and deflect from who the true Antichrist is--the bishop of Rome (who ever fills that office). Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Yeah He basically he is. He is just meant to deceive using Bible prophecy. How many of them are in use to point away from the Pope, many....

Bible Believer said...

oops typo take out "He"

Anonymous said...

Anyone that claims to teach Bible prophecy, but doesn't identify the pope as a false prophet, is not a teacher of Bible prophecy.

Abbey said...

I just saw that episode on Sunday. I haven't seen very many of his shows just an occasional one here and there when I stumble upon it. The news stories or headlines were what interested me. I had no idea he converted and wasn't a Protestant. I never heard any of the things he said in the article about the pope and believing in the catechism etc.. I've heard him speak about Muslims but now that I think about it, he's never mentioned Catholicism. Well not when I ever watched the program. It makes sense now. On the controversial show this past Sunday, he exposes Rick Warren and Robert Schuller but had good things to say about Billy and Franklin Graham. I though that was strange but now I know why. Wow.

Thanks Bible Believer.

Bible Believer said...

Oh he still claims to be a Protestant, but he is in essence a de facto Catholic. Course what is the difference anymore given the parade of the daughters back to Rome. I have personally heard, the praise for the catechism and purgatory--LOL I was a new Christian, and saw the video being advertised for Purgatory, and knew he was a deceiver then. Yeah one way they confuse out there, and want readers to really know this. THEY TELL SOME TRUTHS, but LEAVE out other things and introduce others. Ie the deceivers always expose a few others, but then notice what is missing. It's like when I heard Prasch talk about Rick Warren and give many true warnings but then praise Billy Graham in the same sermon at a conference So much has been exposed about Billy Graham how could he NOT know?

E. Polly Boehme said...

Well Brethern, I am a born again spirit filled Christian. I walk closer than ever to the Lord Jesus after I died in Sept. 1980. I can promise you..This...you had better know who Jesus it and be committed to him 100% or you are not going to make it. I know what it's like to be lost with no hope of contact with my Lord. And I can tell you the the Catholic church has things more right than we Protestants want to believe. I can't go along with some of their teachings but for the most part they are right on and you'll have to die first before you see where you missed it like I did. Thank God HE allowed me to come back and tell my story.
If you think that God is going to understand you and allow you through into His heaven...guess again...On this side He is our gentle Shepherd on that side He become our judge. And He is not messing with anybody and sure can't be conned.

E. Polly Boehme said...

I read the post written about Jack Van Impe. And I sense real dislike and maybe close to hatred for the Catholic Church. I'm almost 80 and so is Jack. Jesus said of us that he wanted us to one day become one. Catholics and Protestants are called Christians. If you have not read the catechism yourself, don't knock it. Your going to find anything in it that as a believer in Jesus Christ you must agree with. I am a born again spirit filled Believer. I found out that the Catholic Church has things more right than what they have been given credit for. I just happen to die in a auto accident and what happened changed the way I lived and my walk with the Lord is much more intense. I can tell you that are teaching in protestant churches that when not fully understood by a believe will send them to a devils hell. Like it or Not. I found myself lost. And here on earth I thought I was saved. On this side Jesus is our gentle shepherd but on that side He becomes are judge. And you will never find a more hard-nose judge. He knows all about us from our first breath, He gave us HIS book to read and He opens the way for us to accept and follow Him. On that side he can't be conned or sweet talked to. You either accept His way or your out. No excuses. And I found myself 'out'. I was very bitter toward three people. And guess what? I saw clearly on that side that I could love them in spite of what they said about me or did to me. He commands us to love one another. And if we don't want to do it. Fine...your out.
As you read this, you can dislike and hate anyone you want to even Jac Van Impe...but that's your problem. We don't have any business judging if or not a person is saved. If you don't spend time in fellowship with Jesus daily in prayer and reading His letter to us. You in no shape to think for a minute that God is going to move over and allow you or me to sit on His throne. This is very serious business. Everyone will give an account for themselves and if you don't think you will...you'll see. I love you all and don't want you to mess up just because of what a brother or sister says. Walk with Jesus and practice His presence in your life daily. Know what His hand feels like on you. You can you know. God Bless all who read this. If I've been hard, it's only because I know what you are faceing in the future. Keep short account with our God. Right now your only a heartbeat away from Him. And OH you want to see Him..when He look at you with those dark eyes, you will be consumed with his love and compassion for you. It's real..It's real.

Bible Believer said...

The Catholic church is evil and the harlot. I am an ex-Catholic and know how they almost succeeded in leading me to the pit of hell. So I am not going to lie to you, I am going to tell you what Rome is, and the Bible warns of it too.

I have read the Catholic Catechism and studied Catholicism probably far more then others. There are 65 plus articles regarding Catholicism on this blog. The Catholic church right now is pushing the one world religion. So wake up and COME OUT OF HER and if you are in a Protestant church that teaches the Catholic church with its false gospel is Christian, you are in a false daughter church.

I have done articles where I compare the Catholic catechism with God's Word and the Catholic Catechism is evil and against His Word.


The Catholic church does not do anything "right", they preach a false gospel of works that leads right to hell.

One way of deception is false experiences during near death experiences. I know someone in hell now who died to the very end in wickedness, who refused the true gospel and who had a "death experience" where they visited a place and were told all religions lead to God. This person told me I didn't have to worry about what I believed. Many of these near death experiences are false and Satan uses them to deceive.

Do you think you will die and be judged, or do you want to trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and depend on HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS for heaven and not your own.

John 12:47-49

King James Version (KJV)

47 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.

48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

Actually Christians can judge. Especially a false preacher. That is a misnomer. Don't twist one verse in to making it so no one is never allowed to call out any evil.


I saw VAN IMPE myself personally praising Catholic purgatory. Purgatory is blasphemy against the blood of Jesus Christ, because Catholics believe that is what cleanses them. I have no problem judging Van Impe's false doctrines and words according to God's Word, and I am fine in facing God one day, and telling God directly, I warned others about Van Impe he was a false teacher Lord. No problem whatsoever.