Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unitarian Universalists Losing Members

"At 50 Unitarian Universalists Examine Mission"

"Welcome to a typical Sunday in the anything-but-typical Unitarian Universalist Association, a liberal religious movement with a proud history of welcoming all seekers of truth — as long as it’s spelled with a lowercase “t.”

Dramatic readings from the biography of 20th-century labor leader John L. Lewis? Sure. An altar crowded with Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and Jewish symbols? Absolutely. God-talk? Umm, well . . .

For 50 years, the UUA has conducted a virtually unprecedented experiment: advancing a religion without doctrine and hoping that welcoming communities and shared political causes, not creeds, will draw people to its pews.

Leaders say its no-religious-questions-asked style positions the UUA to capitalize on liberalizing trends in American religion. But as the UUA turns 50 this year, some members say a “midlife” identity crisis — trying to be all things to everyone — is hampering outreach and hindering growth."

I laughed to see this quip:

"Why is it bad to get the Unitarians mad at you?

They could burn a question mark on your lawn."

Course I find myself thinking what need for the Unitarian Universalist Association when people can go down to the local Emergent evangelical church and get their labyrinths, and Buddhist readings down there?

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