Sunday, July 17, 2011

Understand the Times: More on Boykin

More on Boykin

Recently, UTT published a commentary called Calvary Chapel and the Boykin Connection.

This commentary documents the connection retired General Boykin has with the Pope of Rome and also numerous Calvary Chapels, including Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He is the author of Never Surrender.

While many took our commentary seriously, contacted us, and thanked us for sharing our research, it is apparent that Calvary Distribution has decided to continue to promote Boykin’s book Never Surrender in spite of this documented information.

Please see the following as evidence:

On the link, UTI put up one copy of the cover. This book seems to have two different cover designs...[I saw both doing an images search]

I saw the other one earlier today...

Click on picture to enlarge...

Notice something? See that the reflections of all three stars makes a PENTAGRAM?

Calvary Chapel in promoting a book like this definitely outs itself as part of the apostate military-industrial complex sold out churches, but then I remembered the endless Calvary Chapel magazine articles that advanced the 'crusades" of the Pope in the Middle East as being something akin to "holy wars".

Notice how militarism and Christianity get mixed into one toxic stew. This week as our govt threatens grandma with no more livelihood, billions still pours overseas for these useless violent wars for Pax Americana that have destroyed millions of lives. One thing that articles would make you think our soldiers operate only as glorified social workers, you see them helping kids out, and hey probably they do on occasion, but remember they are sent there for COMBAT. Do not let the nice pictures muddy your mind.

Here is an example, and another and here too.

I don't blame the soldiers, I'd rather they be led towards God and reading their bibles too, but how can they know any better when the churches and politicians lie to them and send them to sacrifice their lives, for the evil agenda of the new world order? I bet some figure it out with time, the one's who do really repent and are born again and wonder why are we even here? Our military has been exploited to the point, so much of our fighting forces are overseas, which makes Kissinger's comments of some years back about UN troops on US soil even more ominous.
So militarism married to a false "Christianity" shown in full force. That's Calvary Chapel and so many other churches.


Rick Warden said...

I agree with the collective Calvary Chapel Distinctives as a representation of solid Christian principles but Neo-con warmongering is definitely not one of the distinctives on the list. Sad to see so many in leadership have been conned by Republican politicians and a lying mass media.

The following article may be helpful to anyone interested in looking into the facts on this issue:

Christian Hugs and Handcuffs for George W. Bush

If anyone wants to challenge the facts in the article, I welcome it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the CC distinctives are very good with solid Christian principles. They teach that you can lose salvation (which is untrue and strikes right at the heart of what the Gospel is), and they teach to downplay doctrine to gain a greater audience.

Bible Believer said...

Rick Warden, I went to go read your article. I agree with a lot. I warned about Bush for years, and well Obama is just continuing the elites plan that Bush was working on too. Even as the country now sees the social security system pilfered with their years of paying into the system stolen, most even now after all this do not see through the right and left charade. Obama has continued the "Plan for the New American Century conquests. I would have left Calvary Chapel ALONE over the nauseating support of the neo-con wars that have bankrupted this nation. It's one reason I am not in a church now, the majority are joined with the evil "right" side of the NWO equation. Years ago, I had false Christians defend the use of torture to me, that showed there was absolutely no love in them whatsoever. Much evil has been done in the name of the American people with full support by the false of the world churches. Finding a church with a new world order aware pastor or one who realizes the politician system is wicked and corrupt is very rare in America. The leftist churches go with their favorite politicians of the left, and the "conservative" ones, the congregation runs after the "religious right" and never questions it. Billy Graham is a false preacher and the pied piper who was utilized to bring the churches back to Rome and the ecumenical movement, he definitely would not ask for any repentance from Bush or any of the others. Even SBC Rick Warren paraded around at Obama's inuagruation. With the Cremation of Care, most people do not realize that this country as well as many others are being deceived by out and out luciferians both in political places and also in the pulpit, and they WORK TOGETHER.

With the Calvary Chapel distinctives, I actually disagree with a lot. One is one where Chuck Smith speaks of taking a "middle ground" to avoid division, downplaying doctrine. This is the Calvary Chapel middle of the road stuff towards false Pentecostalism, where in actuality they helped to bring more acceptability to the false charismatic and pentecostal churches.

Abbey said...

It's an unholy alliance but they're basically working toward the same goal.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they all got that right...