Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Republican Party: A New Religion?

Saw this article doing other research's a secular article but brings up good points. Read between the lines filtering out academia's politics:

"Republicanity: The GOP Transformation is Nearly Complete"?

Republicanity’s myths are being manufactured by the mythbuilders over at Wallbuilders. [snip].”

The myths of Republicanity are fairly obvious and easy to identify when uttered by the faithful: glorifying the Founding Fathers as saints, inserting God into the nation’s origins, and demonizing the US government when policy disagreements occur.


"Likewise, Republicanity is rife with ritual acts of the sacred variety. One of the most recent examples is the signing of yet another pledge, “The Marriage Vow—A Declaration of Dependence on Marriage and Family,” drafted by The Family Leader, an Iowa-based organization. Signing pledges (against raising taxes, for lowering the debt, agreeing that this is a “Christian nation”) is all the rage these days, with adherents of Republicanity understanding the public ritual act of participating as a demonstration of their own fidelity to certain core principles."

"Obedience to authority—at the moment embodied in prominent charismatic leaders like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum (okay, this last one is short on charisma but people still seem to listen anyway)—is critical to the success of this religious movement, with the primary sacred textual sources legitimating the moral universe drawn from the Declaration of Independence and Constitution

While the author has some liberal rhetoric thrown in especially at the end, I think he is on to something here. Of course the left has it's own religion too, glorifying things from that end.

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