Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama Threatens Social Security

I don't want to argue the goodness of social security or not, I think the ideal was when families and churches did take care of their ill or elderly loved ones, but I know people personally who if this check was removed would be in the streets. Some may be fortunate and have family, friends or spouse who can take care of them but some do not. Some people have paid into this system for decades. Our economy is getting scary, I want to ask readers to realize anything could happen and spiritually prepare for it, and gather your family close including elderly and sick members, because one day they may need you.

It is interesting how Obama chooses to pick on the disabled and elderly, the vulnerable of society even if it's what some claim is a tactic to bring the Republicans into submission. Both parties are failing us, as I have written many times. He of course did not threaten removing funds from all the rich bankers, corporate welfare, several wars and 170 military bases. He choose to threaten grandma, elderly and sick people instead. By the way vets were included as well.

"Obama Threatens To Withhold Social Security Checks"

Hey maybe they have more bankers like Goldman Sachs and Soros they want to give the money to instead.


Abbey said...

Of course he/they would threaten the elderly, disabled, sick and veterans. They're not useful. What does an elderly, disabled or sick person have to give to the government? Most of them probably don't have enough income to pay taxes. Veterans have put their lives on the line everyday and experienced horrors they'll never forget. What thanks do they get? Many are now injured, have a disability or have PTSD. They're not useful to the war machine anymore.
It's truly inhumane. Sure there are people out there who are dishonest and milk the system, but most do not.

Other cultures, especially in some Asian countries, respect their elders their whole life and take care of them.

We also know the two party system is a show for the most part.

Ditto. We are in for some really bad times ahead. :(

Bible Believer said...

Yes the two party system is a show, definitely and most are fooled. They are basically throwing people away. We already will have backdoor euthansia from Obamacare when they tell people they can certain procedures or not.
They do not see the elderly, disabled, sick and veterans as "useful" anymore. The poor veterans, all they get is their care cut back and used exploited as cogs in the wheel for the never-ending war machine. We are always at war with Oceania, like in 1984....wars without end, and wars without purpose except that of the Pope's and more power and control they desire over the world. There was little outcry, and now whatever deal they have made, it doesn't matter. They are already cutting the checks down by no cost of living increases and are planning to "redefine" inflation [which is skyrocketing] to keep them even lower. Not one of those politicians said what about the trillions for these wars or the bail-outs, they always go after the "little people" they know have less chance of being able to stand up against these things. This country does not respect its elders, and yes in Asia they do take care of them. Here they are put away into a home, often left alone and neglected. There are a lot of elderly and disabled where that check is their only income.