Sunday, July 3, 2011

Iceland Separates From International Bankers

Iceland Separates From International Bankers.

This is something I've been watching with interest. Pray for Iceland!


Anonymous said...

Good for them. It may only be band-aid relief however. The EU is an out-of-man's-control monster now. But the EU has its comeuppance coming which they also cannot control--the Moslems will be completely taking over Europe and its parlaments and every level of government in every EU nation not too long from now. Whatever will Rome do then, eh? She created a monster that she now cannot control--which is why she's trying to kiss up to them now. She sees her doom on the horizon and it is terrifying her. Give unto her double what she has poured out! Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Yes we know biblically what happens to the harlot and the BEAST they helped to create.

I agree the EU is out of control in conjunction with the UN and Brussels, and Muslims even by demographics [population and the lowering birth rate among Europeans] definitely will be taking over. I believe Rome and Islam works together hand in hand, but they can lose power over things of their own making, it has happened before.