Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creflo Dollar Says The Rapture is coming!

"The Rapture of the church is going to be the fourth rapture"?

That's a new one for me....

More and more I have realized since I wrote this article some months much the rapture teachings are deluding people, giving Christians this idea of "easy escape" and not preparing spiritually for what is coming. Remember there are a lot of saved people who believe in the rapture, this is something that took me even years to come to different conclusions about but with prayer God will show His children the truth about this.

What concerns me too is the people who believe Jesus's kingdom is coming to THIS EARTH, the millenial kingdom. I've been thinking about this more and more. How many believe Jesus Christ is going to set up shop here on THIS EARTH, instead of there being a new heaven and new earth. This seems to set up things for the Antichrist, in my opinion, I know some readers may disagree but think this one out.....

Why are so many of the preachers out there united on pre-trib? Even mid-tribbers seem to be rare, and post-tribbers as extinct as the Dodo bird. The majority of the evangelical church is united around the would be Rapture. I was planning to do an article soon on how the Rapture teachings came from the Jesuits, in more detail but need to do more study on that. Sometimes there are topics I have to get back too.

The Rapture is delusion especially geared for Americans, Christians know that persecution is coming to America that is already hitting other countries.

As for Creflo Dollar....check this out...


Anonymous said...

Hey, we post tribbers are not all extinct! Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

LOL, glad to hear it...:)

michelle said...

I'm a post-tribber and I have yet to personally meet another. I guess we are rare.

William Saunders said...

"The Rapture is delusion especially geared for Americans"

That statement is succinct and well put.

America is Satan's prison for Christians that keep them in a state of lukewarmness.

The "pre before anything bad happens" Rapture is non-existent in countries where Christians are killed for their faith.

The "pre before anything bad happens" Rapture is a clever tool that keeps the hope of sinful flesh indulging Christians to be hoping in a sinful flesh appealing escape event rather than a flesh mortifying preparation that bears the fruit of holiness.

"Pre before anything bad happens" Rapture Christians are some of the most worldly, could care less about evil "because we are all leaving anyway" Christians I know.

Frankly, I don't take a position. I believe the church in America is apostate so all these "prophecy" teachers are apostate too.

If there is a Rapture, I'm out of the fight to win souls? If there isn't, I'm taking a stand, trying to win souls, exposing evil, and preparing to be overcome all the way to the end. Either way I win.

The American sinful flesh indulgent lifestyle is a difficult thing to depart from and it has made it difficult for Christians to even comprehend "being slain for the word of God", it's not even showing up on the radar.

Bible Believer said...

Thank you William, welcome to the blog.

Yes The Rapture has led as a way to lure American "Christians" into support for the NWO political agenda too, now coming down the pike via Dominionists and it's supporters. Recycled "church militantism' via Rome, after basically the same model and under the mantle of the harlot.

Yes in those countries they do not look for a Rapture as their persecution and martyrship is present day! Thanks for pointing that out.

I've met the Christians who have told me when I have warned them about things, "Why look for those things, we are safe from being deceived, we are safe from war and trouble, the Rapture will be here", it has lulled them to sleep.

Good points in the rest of your post.